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Ashley N. Sack
47210 Tilch Rd.
Macomb, MI 48044

Certified to teach:
Special Education-Learning Disabilities K-12
Elementary Education K-6
Language Arts 6-8
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) K-8

Highly qualified in:
All content area subjects for Special Education and K-5
Language Arts General Education and Special Education 6-8
Special Education Language Arts 9-12
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

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To obtain a lead position as a Special Education teacher for students with exceptionalities in an environment in which
educators collaborate to support differentiated and individualized instruction through a student-centered approach to
meet all students needs in Rockford Public Schools.
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI Fall 2013-Present
Master of Arts: Special Education-Learning Disabilities
(Will obtain endorsement in Autism Spectrum Disorders upon completion of MA Program July 2015)
GPA: 4.0/4.0

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI Fall 2009-Spring 2013
Bachelor of Arts: Special Education-Learning Disabilities
GPA: 3.75/4.0
Classroom Teaching Experience
Richard J. Duncan Elementary in Utica, MI

Third Grade Inclusive General Education Classroom April 2014-Current

Intern in K-3 Resource Room January 2014-April 2014

o Implemented research-based reading and writing interventions for second and third graders and piloted two
new second grade reading programs.
o Assisted in decision making and implementation of tier 2 and tier 3 interventions for an RTI-based program for
kindergarten through third graders
o Collaborated with general education classroom teachers to modify curriculums and/or provide
accommodations for students with special needs
o As a lead teacher for seven weeks, planned and implemented direct instruction through differentiated lessons
for students with special needs to achieve IEP goals and objectives aligned to the common core
o Tracked, analyzed, and created organizational systems for progress monitoring data of student achievement
with DIBELS, Rigby Reading Assessments, MLPP, NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) skills
checklists, and classroom based assessments
o Studied and actively participated in weekly team meetings regarding student referrals, annual IEPs, SNACs,
Behavior Intervention Plans, Functional Behavior Assessments, and tri-annual IEPs
o Independently formulated individualized education plans and student assessment reports and collaborated
with the IEP team to create a functional behavior assessment and a behavior intervention plan
o Administered and analyzed assessments for student eligibility in special education and collected data for
monthly progress monitoring of student IEP goals.
o Collaborated to create school-wide forms for NWEA and Rigby data collection system.
o Prepared and led an after school Literacy Support Program for second graders (February 2014- March 2014)
o Co-facilitated an afterschool Homework Club offered to 1
graders (October 2013March 2014)

Richard J. Duncan Elementary in Utica, MI August 2013-December 2013
Intern in Kindergarten General Education
o Implemented research based strategies to plan and provide developmentally appropriate lessons rooted in
the Common Core Standards for mathematics, reading, writing, science, and social studies
o Integrated the Blended Learning Model to enhance student learning and incorporated laptops and i-pads into
this model for daily mathematics and literacy instruction.
o Collected and provided data for and participated in a kindergarteners annual IEP meeting
o Planned and executed differentiated lessons, implemented accommodations, and modified curriculums to
reach advanced, average, and at-risk students
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o Co-organized and led daily small group and individual interventions for reading, writing, and mathematics
o Co-led parent-teacher conferences, curriculum night, and holiday party meetings for parents
o Initiated and developed a visual schedule to illustrate students daily classroom routines
o Individually recorded data and devised interventions for an individualized behavior plan
o Organized, collected, analyzed, and made education decisions based on data from weekly progress
monitoring assessments in reading, writing, and mathematics
o Incorporated QR codes into students portfolios and trained staff and parents on QR code use
o After administering MLPP and the NWEA, documented, analyzed, and applied data from assessments to
inform instruction and interventions aligned to the common core standards
o Re-organized activity accountability program for Daily Five using a colored folder and binder system.
o Co-presented at a classroom technology training night for kindergarten parents and volunteers
Sheridan Road Elementary School in Lansing, MI September 2012-May 2013
6th Grade
o Designed, headed, and progress monitored fluency and comprehension interventions for special education
students and English language learners
o Conducted, evaluated, and implemented a functional behavior assessment and a behavior intervention plan
as well as collaborated with the principal and grade level team to implement plans.

McDonald Middle School in East Lansing, MI September 2012-December 2012
and 8
Grade ELL Support Room
o Tutored English language learners individually and in small groups with evidence based interventions to
improve speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the target language
o Assisted in coordinating classroom interventions for a student with emotional needs and provided direct
instruction for students with beginning English language skills

Willow Elementary School in Lansing, MI January 2010- May 2011
3rd Grade
o Observed and provided Tier 1 and Tier 2 research based literacy interventions in small groups
Achievements and Affiliations
! Presented at Duncan Kindergarten Round-up March 2014
! MISD Guided Highlight Training February 2014
! Utica Community Schools Professional Development Trainings August 2013-Present
! Member of e-Spark Professional Learning Committee August 2013-December 2013
! Member of Michigan Reading Association (MRA) January 2014-Present
! Michigan Reading Association Conference March 2014
! Member of Autism Society of America February 2014-Present
! Certified in Evidence Based Interventions through Michigan State University Fall 2013-Present
! Member of the Council for Exceptional Children Student Chapter (CEC) September 2012-Present
! Attended training for RTI, PBIS, and School-wide Behavior Support Systems March 2012
! Read to Succeed Literacy Tutor January-May 2010
Community Involvement
Volunteer at ARC of Shiawassee Winter Prom Dance February 2013, 2014
o Assisted in dance for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities ranging in age from 15-60 years
Volunteer at Lansing Community Center After-School Program August-December 2009
o Assisted with homework, played games, made snacks, planned art projects, and read books.
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Missions Trip to Mexico City, Mexico March 2008 & March 2009
o Provided medical care, hygiene care, and education to residents of landfills in Mexico, City Mexico.
Additional Related Experience
Substitute Teacher with PESG September 2011-present
o Educated students when host teacher was unavailable to attend classroom.
MTRC Camp Instructor and Daycare Provider in Macomb, MI May 2010- August 2010
o Independently planned and taught themed programs for 15-30 children ranging from 5-12 years of age.
Caregiver for Children with Autism in Macomb, MI June-September 2009-present
o Collaborated with CLS and Respite Care Teams to implement behavior intervention plans, teach social and
behavioral self-management, self-care, and independent living skills.
Technology Experience and Additional Trainings/Certifications
! Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Prezi, Google Docs, iPad, Skype, Blogs, Wiki, Weebly, ipad, Document
Camera, TieNet (Online IEP program), DataDirector, PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, NWEA (Online Assessment
set-up and administration), I-move, SmartBoard, Book Builder, Evernote, and QR Codes, Child and Adult CPR
and First AID, Cognitive Behavior Management, Functional Behavior Analysis, Behavior Intervention Plans, Blood
borne Pathogens, Recipients Rights, ADAAA Training, AED Training, Allergy Management Training, Bullying,
Child abuse
Lorri Zieleniewski
Special Educator at Duncan Elementary, Utica Community Schools, Utica, MI
Home/Cell: (586) 980-8992
Email: Lorri.Zieleniewski@UticaK12.org
Kathy McCurdy
Field Instructor at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Home/Cell: (248)-877-3299
Email: Kathy.mccurdy@sbcglobal.net
Nathan Stevenson
Data and Systems Support Coach in Ingham Intermediate School District & MSU Course Instructor
Home/Cell: (616)-322-3105/Office:(517)-244-4523
E-mail: nstevenson@inghamisd.org
Sharon Coil
Principal at Duncan Elementary, Utica Community Schools, Utica, MI
Work: (586) 797-4600
Email: Sharon.Coil@UticaK12.org
Janet Rhodes
Kindergarten General Educator at Duncan Elementary, Utica Community Schools, Utica, MI
Home/Cell: (586)-855-8168
Email: janet.rhodes@uticak12.org