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Four Views of Art


Table of Contents
Contributors..page 3
Long Forms Essays
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words..page 6
The Black Dress...page 10
The Kick to My Journey..page 14
Learning from the Past ..page 18

My Grandmothers Interview.. page 24
Dad's Interview About the Black Dresspage 27
The Helping Hand...page 30

Analysis of Work of Art
Murphy Ranch Trail..page 34
Not Your Typical Work of Art.page 36
Transport Through Time and Placepage 38

My Second Home..page 42
Happiest Place on Earth.page 44
My Second Home..page 46
My Easepage 48

Theory of Art and Reproduction
A Song That Politically Changed the 80spage 51

Across the Universe.page 56
Narco Corridos Perspective Beyond Borderpage 61
2 in 1 Effect.page 65

Group Critical Essay
Two Main Points: Aura and Authenticity..............................page 69
Editorialspage 73


Paulina Negrete
Paulina attends California State University,
Northridge. She is apart of Alpha Phi and
loves all of her sisters. She is majoring
journalism and wants to become a broadcast
journalist. Paulina has a passion for writing.
She also enjoys snowboarding, eating
everything in sight and shopping. Paulinas
pride & joy is her adorable dog, Abby.

Xiomara Arnao
Xiomara is currently a student at California
State University, Northridge. She aspires to
one day become a nurse and help those in
need. What keeps her motivated in life is her
family and friends. She loves to spend time
with her loved ones and create wonderful
memories with them. Xiomara lives to the
fullest and enjoys the everyday adventures that
cross her path.


Elias Leon
Elias currently attends Cal State University, Northridge and is majoring
in business management. He loves to play soccer and is very competitive
when it comes to playing the sport. Elias enjoys music a lot. He listens
to all types of music, mostly all types of music. There is one specific
genre he loves to listen to, Mexican regional music, narco corridos. His
favorite band to hear is Grupo 360, Javier Rosas, Remmy Valenzuela
and Gerardo Ortiz. Elias likes going clubbing a lot specially when his
favorite artist come and perform which are the previous artist he just

"Those who say impossible, accomplish nothing."

Eric Salgado
Eric is a student with a job that works
and study's on his free time. He comes
from a small town and gets along with
people just great. Erics experience as a
college student have just began and is
looking forward to putting his
knowledge and experiences to good use
for future references. Hes just a young
man trying to build his own path in life.


Long Form Essays


A Picture is Worth A Thousand
Paulina Negrete
I wrote this essay because it always reminds me of my grandfather. He
was the best person on the planet and he deserves to be recognized for
this kind soul. My grandfather knew how to love even when everyone
thought that love wasn't the answer. I decided to write my essay on him
because he wasn't like anyone else. He was his own person and I
admired him.
I pass by an old, black and white picture taken by a photo booth
every day. It hangs by a folded piece of tape on the wall right next to the
light switch in my bedroom. Its a simple four-stripped photo of my
grandfather and I that was taken in a Las Vegas mall about 10 years ago.
Every time I stare at this photo, it takes me back to that hot summer day.
His silver, shiny hair was always slicked back and his face was always
nice and smooth He always smelled like the cologne I got him one year
for Christmas. I see the picture and its like I can smell his cologne and
hear his voice and his laugh. He had such a good laugh. This photo is so
dear to my heart and I will keep it for the rest of my life. It reminds me
of his huge arms squeezing me until I couldnt breathe. It reminds me of
how hard he could make me laugh about anything. It simply reminds me
of him and I would do anything to get him back.
Did you know that an ordinary mail artist created photo booths in
1888? He was an excellent photographer who took pictures of the beauty
of life. He didnt enjoy the beauty of world until he was diagnosed with
AIDs, which eventually killed him. Before his death, he would admire
peoples happiness, which is why he created the photo booth. Everyone
taking a picture in a photo booth is always happy. Its actually a cute

story. Its a reminder to always enjoy the little things and thats exactly
what my grandfather did.
My grandfather grew up in a small town in Mexico and did not live
a luxurious life. Lucky for him, he met my grandmother in that same
town when they were 19 and got married. Together they had 8 children
and lived a beautiful life full of love. My grandfather never wanted to
retire. He used to always say, Ill rest when Im dead. I need to live my
life to the fullest. He sold buttons all of his life. He would sell them to
art supply stores and eventually he opened up his own factory. He
traveled all over Mexico for months at a time. My mom told me a story
about one of his trips. She gets a little teary-eyed every time she talks
about her dad. She said that she used to love to go with him because it
was like a mini vacation. They would stay in the nicest hotel and go
swimming in the pool. These trips are one of my moms best memories
with her dad because it was just them two.
Everyone loved my grandfather. He was a man who was admired
by most and rarely had enemies. He was such a role model to his
children and his grandchildren. He enjoyed having a good time and liked
to celebrate life and the people in it. Everyone looked up to him because
he was not like anyone else. He was his own person who had his own
beliefs and own opinions. I admire the fact that he didnt let anyone get
in the way of what he wanted. My grandfather would learn from his
mistakes and learn from other
peoples mistakes to make
himself a better person. He was
a great, hard worker and an
excellent father and grandfather.
He went above and beyond for
his family. Ive always looked
up to him and I always will. My
grandfather has seen me at my
By: Conor Wthonen

best and at my worst but thats what they are there for. They are there to
comfort you when youre down and love you no matter what you say or
do. Im lucky enough to have actually spent some time with my
wonderful grandfather because he had such a huge heart. I dont know
what Id do without him by my side; there or in spirit. He has shaped me
into the woman I am today. Ive been lucky throughout my life because I
have always had two loving parents and four loving grandparents who
would do anything for me. He was the person that would be on the first
flight to Los Angeles if he heard I was sick. My grandfather has taught
me how drive a car and taught me how to play the guitar. I wish that I
visited more when I could of. He lived so far away but we still had such
a strong bond. He was one of the people that I admired so much.
One of the best memories I have of us is of him letting me sit on
his lap while we drove around in a golf cart. I was six when he finally
let me in the drivers seat and I would feel so cool steering the wheel
while my feet would dangle and hit his shins while he operated the gas
and break. He wouldnt mind though. He loved seeing me happy. We
would drive around the country club by his house and would people
watch and make f un of everyone in their goofy golf outfits. He would
always bring a loaf of bread and drive us down to the pond, which was
always filled of ducks. I remember him making me laugh and saying,
Te amo con todo mi corazon which means I love you with all my heart
in Spanish. My yearly trips to Mexico were always so much fun Because
I got to spend every waking moment with him by my side. I remember
him always taking the grandkids from my aunts and uncles so he could
take us to buy new toys and go get us ice cream. He used to say, if I
always knew how much joy it was to have grandchildren, I would have
had them first. He loved us and we loved him so much. I wish everyone
knew my grandfather because this man was so loving and had such a
kind soul.

My grandfather loved to golf so every year I would send him
pictures of myself golfing with my dad even though I had no idea how to
golf. Over the years I stopped doing it but I know that it meant a lot to
him just knowing that I thought about him from time to time.
Surprisingly, he was always on my mind. When I did something wrong,
he would be the first Id call. We would send each other letters all the
time just to see how we were doing. Pictures and letters were one of the
ways we would always communicate.
The night he died. I remember sitting next to him on his bed with
the tubes in his nose and the machines being so loud that it was making
everyone impatient. He told me that he promised that we would go feed
the ducks tomorrow and he would let me drive the golf cart all by
myself. He promised that we would go explore and walk the dog and
find deer climbing the hills on the mountain. I laughed because I wasnt
a little girl anymore but I was more excited than I have ever been
because I knew that it would be one of the last times with him. I never
got to go feed the ducks with my grandfather because he passed away
that night around 3 in the morning. My aunts and uncles were crowding
around the bed with tears slowing dripping down their cheeks. I didnt
cry. I just stood there, thinking. I was in shock and I really didnt know
how to react. I was sad because he left us but I was happy because he
wasnt sick anymore. Was it selfish of us to still want him here with the
family? He was gone and there was nothing we could do about it. I know
that he watches over us. He was a great person and I will cherish his gift
for the rest of my life; the photo booth picture and a priceless gift of all
our memories together. I smile every time I walk by and sometimes cry
a little. It always will remind me of our Vegas trip that one summer.
That trip was a great beginning to our friendship. I do not just see him as
family but I see him as one of my best friends and I always will even
though hes not here anymore. He will always be my hero and I will
always love him.

The Black Dress
Xiomara Arnao

I have told my pain and struggle with my mother's death in different
ways. In this case my story is unique by including two special events in
my life, my quinceniera and my mother's funeral. I have always told this
story with very dark words but this time I was able to talk about the
happiness and joy I experienced before my traumatic tragedy. Telling
this story helps me cope with my pain and I hope will help others realize
that they are not alone.

A quinceaera is every young hispanic girls dream. Quinceaeras
are the celebration of a young girls crossover into woman hood. The
quinceaera celebration roots are believed to come from the Aztec
society. At the age of fifteen Aztec girls were prepared to become and
take the roles of women. Today, these celebrations have extended
through out all hispanic cultures. Each quinceaera festivity is portrayed
in a unique way. Each girl decides on the colors they want to use. This
night is also consisted of many traditional practices. For example, the
quinceaera wears flat shoes through out the night and then has her
father replace those shoes with high heels. Her mother also gives her last
doll as a symbol of her innocence. This symbolizes the passage of the
young girls childhood into becoming a woman.
April 3, 2010 my day had finally arrived. All the planning and hard
work has paid off for this special day. Today was the day that I would

become a woman. My day started bright and
early. All the finishing touches had to be done
before we could begin to prepare ourselves.
Metal trees with purple flowers and butterflies
were placed at the center of each table. White
sheets placed over the chairs topped with a
lilac tool bow. Tied around the back. The
cake had violet ribbon wrapped around all
three tiers and silver pearls that covered each
side. Purple flowers petals surrounded the
cake as well as the precious moments doll my
mother had made for me to be given to me as
my last doll. After placing all the last minute
decorations my family and I started to get ready. My first stop was the
beauty salon. I had my hair and make-up done. My hair was done in
half-up half-down hairstyle with curls and make-up consisted of soft
lilac eye shadow. My last step was to finally put my dress on. My dress
was huge ball gown with a purple rhinestone and beaded corset. I truly
did feel like a princess. As guest arrived, I greeted each person with a
tight huge, kiss on the cheek and thanked him or her for sharing this
special day with me. You look Beautiful they would say as I smiled
with my big ruby red cheeks. All the people that I had invited attended.
My best friends from my middle school and high school, each and every
one of my close relatives, and all the family friends that have always
been there for us. All ten tables were taken with exactly ten guests. My
night had just begun.
The moment I danced with my father was magical and memorable.
We danced the waltz to a song in Spanish called Quinceaera. My
mom and dad specifically chose that song for the father and daughter
dance. The song is about a father who sings the song to his daughter who
is turning fifteen. The meaning of the song fit perfect with the dance we
shared. But the best part was hearing my father sing the song in my ear
By: Xiomara Arnao

as we shared our magical dance together. Hoy es un dia muy especial
para ti mi nia.""Today is a very special day for you my daughter. My
quinceaera was the best night of my life. I was able to share this huge
celebration with the people I loved. My night was filled with nothing but
joy and happiness. I thank my family for really making my night special.
They wanted me to have the best time of my life as much I did too. My
dream as a young girl had come true. I finally had the opportunity to
pick the colors I wanted, the beautiful dress I fell in love with, arriving
on a blue BMW convertible. As the singer Selena Quintanilla (Famous
Hispanic Texan singer) did at her last concert in Texas, the opportunity
to dance with my father as I always wished for and most of all it was the
last night I truly got to spend an unforgettable with my family and
The one thing that has always reminded me of that magical night
was the black dress my mom wore. She wore a long elegant black dress
with a hot pink satin material at the waist. The one person who shared
the same happiness as me on the night of my quince was my mother.
The whole night she had a huge smile on her face and enjoyed herself to
the fullest. I can remember the day we went to buy her dress. We drove
to Downtown Los Angeles to visit all the dress shops. We spent the
whole day there and she narrowed her choices to two dresses. A black
satin dress with a low cut in the front or the black dress with hot pink on
the waist. I told her But Im wearing a strapless dress, do you want to
wear one too? From the moment that she put it on I could see how
much loved the dress. It choice became easier and easier the more she
stared at herself in the black dress. From that moment on I didnt realize
how much simple black dress would affect me through out my life. As I
walk by the black dress hung in my moms closet I smile and reminisce
the wonderful unforgettable memories of my quince. The dress
reminded me of the joyful night I shared with my mom. Her dress placed
me in that night of all dancing, all the joyful tears, and the unforgettable
moments. That simple dress reminded me of the best night of my life.

Without knowing her life was coming to an end. No one had
expected such tragic news. How could this happen to her? My life
became incomplete. We just had and unforgettable night and now we
had to suffer with this pain. I have never seen my family suffer so much.
We werent ready to let go. It was too soon to say good-bye. I wasnt
ready to let go of the most important person in my life. At 7:05 pm of
November 18, 2010 I saw my mom take her last breath. My mom laid on
her rest bed surrounded by family and me. More than twenty people
crammed the small bedroom. The room was filled with tears and pain.
No words were said. Eight months after my quinceaera I lost my
mother to stage four stomach cancer. We were told of her diagnosis two
days after my celebration. For eight long months my mom suffered this
horrify disease. Each day she fought more and more to remain with us
for a little bit longer. About two days later the funeral planning began.
My aunt and uncle began to notify everyone when the burial would be
held. The day before thanksgiving the burial was going to be held. The
one important question I was asked was, What will she wear? And of
course it was the elegant black dress that reminded me of wonderful
memories. We all knew that, that black dress would have been her
choice. The day of her viewing was the last time I ever saw her and the
black dress. I dont see that black dress hung in moms closet anymore.
That dress doesnt bring anything but horrific memories. Now that dress
only reminds me of her death and the last time I saw her. All the
wonderful memories were taken away. That Black dress has shown me
the beauty of life and the pain of death. I saw my moms beauty and
rejoice in that dress as well as the sufferings she faced. The same dress
that brought happiness now brings me sadness. That black dress
followed me to my good times and my bad times. As I have learned to
cope with my mothers death Ive tried to restore the beauty in the dress.
The dress has only been seen as painful but without that dress I wouldnt
be reminded of the wonderful night I had spent with my mom.

The Kick To My Journey
Elias Leon

The kick to my journey, summarizes my soccer experience during high
school and correlates with life. I chose to write about this topic because
I have a passion for soccer and describes how soccer has helped me
achieve many things in life that I consider important. It has helped me
overcome many obstacles and every event or obstacle in my life I see it
as a soccer game, intense, but at the end of the day it can be rewarding
and might end up winning!

Soccer is one word that describes me as a person. Soccer is my
passion, my love and my life! Ever since I arrived as a freshman at
Heritage College Ready Academy High School I knew I had a goal in
mind and I was eager to accomplish it! Beside from earning good grades
in school, I knew I wanted to be part of the Heritage High School soccer
team. I knew that it was going to be tough to make the team especially
as a freshman with the abundance of competition. But I was ready for
the day of the try outs to hopefully accomplish my goal. I did not do my
homework on the day of try outs, I remember this day like if it was
yesterday. I was on my way to the park and as I was close to arriving, I
suddenly felt like I had weights on my legs. I felt that my legs weighed
over one hundred pounds. I knew that this was the sensation of
nervousness. When I arrived to the park, I was astonished by the amount
of students that attended the soccer try outs it looked like a commodious
crowd of fans coming out of a stadium! With fear inside me I hurried to
put on my purple Nike cleats from Cristiano Ronaldo I bought these
cleats on August a month before soccer try outs and that is where my

journey begins. When I heard the whistle I knew that Coach Juan was
ready to begin try outs and I felt unsecure, nervous and unprepared. We
were set in teams of six. The team I was in was going to play first.
Coach Juan was ready to observe the following teams and everybody
glared at the ball like if we were dogs after a piece of meat. The ball
rolled and I was ready to take control over it. I juke players here and
there, ran through the sidelines like a cheetah and controlled the ball like
if they glued the ball to my purple cleats. The mini soccer game had
ended and Coach Juan asked me Hey, what is your name? I replied,
Elias Leon I knew right away that I had hope!
Hope; hope was exactly what Cristiano Ronaldo had when his
team Sporting Portugal played against Manchester United. At the age of
sixteen in 2001 they faced each other where Cristiano amazed the Man
U teammates and the head coach as well. At the end of the game the
Man U players told the head coach that he should do anything he can in
order to sign Cristiano Ronaldo into the team. The Man U coach
approached Cristiano and said, So you are Cristiano? Cristiano
replied, Yes sir. The coach replied, You played great out there. He
then said, Thank you. It was not before that Manchester United and
Sporting Portugal came to an agreement about Cristianos transfer to
Man U, where Manchester United paid 12 million euros for Cristianos
services. That was a big amount for a young player like Cristiano,
breaking a record fee. The following week everybody was eager to know
who had made the team. Everybody was questioning if they made the
team like if they were detectives. As soon as they announced the list was
going to be up during lunch, everybody was full of curiosity, but I felt
nervous at the same time. When lunch arrived I saw a lot of students
rushing out the classroom like rhinos. As I approached the list, I saw
happiness in many shouting yes! and in others disappointment saying
maybe next year. I perused the list and... I saw my name, Elias Leon!
After making the high school team I always wore my purple cleats, I
worked hard to get on the team. Now the second step was to win myself

a spot on the starting squad. It was a very cold and dark night around
8:20 p.m. with 25 minutes left on the referees watch the score was one
to one; it was a tie a game. Coach Juan tells me, start warming up really
quick, you are going to go in on the next play with nervousness and
determined I simply replied ok. As soon as I was ready, Coach Juan
called in the substitute right before going in Juan tells me, I want you to
run up and down the sidelineI need you to get them tired these last
twenty minutes. I simply nodded, touched the field, touched my purple
cleats and blessed myself. First ball I touch as soon as I step foot into the
field the first ball I lose I felt like a dog running down the streets. It did
not take me long to actually find myself inside the field, I did exactly
what the coach said, on the last five minutes of the game the players
from the opposing team were exhausted. Everybody in the crowd was
anxious to know how the game was going to finish. In the last few
minutes one of my teammates crossed the ball to the other side I ran
with full speed to the center I passed through the whole defense stopped
the ball with my chest and kicked the ball inside the goal and scored!
Throughout my high school years I did not want to let go of my purple
cleats, the cleats I scored my first goal with the high school soccer team
and stayed champion for two years with my purple cleats.
Sophomore year, this is my year, I am captain this is the year we
are named champions! I remember this game like if it was yesterday we
played one of our main rivals
College ready #11 it was a rainy day
on the month of January around 6:00
p.m. the park was full of people,
families and students eager to watch
the final. This game went all the way
to penalties, every player was
exhausted it seemed like we could
not even take a step because then we
would fall. Our first four players
By: Zanini H

scored the penalty shot then the fourth player from the opponent team
missed it looked more like a field kick like in football rather than a
penalty kick. Lastly it came down to me if I scored the penalty. We were
champions! I got the ball and kissed it then I put it right down the goalie
approached me and told me Im going to block this penalty with
confidence I responded ok its going to your left. So the referee
whistled as soon as he whistled I pointed to the goalies left and shot it
there and scored the penalty. I shouted from the bottom of my lungs and
everybody ran to me after I scored the penalty kick!
Purple cleats, what I thought were some simple cleats like any
other, now they are meaningful to me. They represent confidence and
perseverance. My cleats have represented how my life has been during a
soccer game; life can be tough like any intense soccer game you might
think that you lost everything and you cannot accomplish a goal in mind
but in the last moments if you give it your all you score! Till this day I
still have my purple cleats I accomplish a lot with them I made the high
school soccer team as a freshmen, scored my first goal with them in high
school, named captain during sophomore year and champion as well and
finally in my senior year in the final I wore my purple cleats just for that
final and was named champion once again! This built confidence in me
because when I first arrived at the park I doubted my talent and myself.
This made me reflect that whatever I put my mind into I know that I can
accomplish it. There would be a time where I know that at a certain
point, I would doubt myself, but all I can do is not let insecurity get in
the way of what could be a talent, an accomplishment or in my case
The Goal!


Learning From The Past
Eric Salgado

When I decided to write my long form essay I thought it would be best to
talk about my childhood. My experiences I lived through growing up
with a strict father. I reflect my views upon my emotions and physical
pain I dealt with as a kid. This essay brought out a hidden part of my
As everyone walks into my room they have all asked me the same
question. What is happening in the poster? It looks like a picture of
something thats just there. They call my poster boring but I know what
makes it exciting. The memory that is holds is extremely dear to me. My
dad and I hardly past good times when I was younger. He was a strict
man, at times stubborn, that always punished me for the smallest things.
The way I was punished was by getting hit. I would always have a bruise
on my body every week in a new place. I dont remember a time where I
lifted my shirt up and didnt see purple on me. As I would get home
from school each day I would come home to my dad waiting for me on
the couch sitting down watching old movies that where still black and
white. Eric ponte hacer la tarea, he would tell me as he saw me
walking in. He made me do my homework every day after school.
Without a look to his face I walked into my room and began my
homework but I wouldnt always understand it but I would never ask for
help when he was around. I asked him for help one time and as I
bothered him from his daily movie watching he turned off the television
looked at me with his eyes getting smaller the more he frowned. Then
with his angry face he yelled Necesitas ayuda! As I began to regret
asking him for help he stood up walked to me and grabbed me by my

hair dragged me to the door of my room then pushed my head against
the door while I felt a cold wood feeling on my cheek I would felt a
much stronger feeling on my back that was from his belt that made a
smacking sound every time it hit me.
As I cried Apa por favor no me peges nadamas necesitaba ayuda
con mi tarea! He would yell at me No te portes como un menso con
migo tu vas a la escuela pa que aprendas no pa pedir mi ayuda! After
yelling that at me he hit me more and harder every time. As I fell to the
ground not being able to breath I would scream for my mom to please
come home to protect me Please mom come for me please help me! I
was nine years old when this happened and till this day I remember the
pain that was making my back and ass throb so much that I could not
move without my body aching for almost an hour. I remained on that
same spot with tears coming out of my eyes slowing after every blink I
had staining the rug with a puddle of tears that gently rolled off my
cheek. Once I was able to struggle onto my bed my back was so bad that
I wasnt able to attend school the next day and my homework was due
the next day but my dad was sure to let the school know that I wasnt
going to make it because of illness issues. This is just one of the many
bad experiences I had as a little kid with my dad. I dont have that many
good memories with my dad as a child. The good memories were all the
same. Whenever we went out to a party or to someone elses house he
would tell people how masculine I was and how much of a man I was,
even as a little kid always trying to show me off. That was the only time
he would talk good about me even though none of it was true. I would
always pretend that he would say I love him in one of his remarks about
me. It made me feel like what he said was true that I am the boy that he
always wanted.
Over the years my dad began to realize how bad he treated me so
one day out of the blue he tells me to get dressed, Eric ya vistete te voy
ah llevar a la escuela. Thought it was weird because my mom always

took me to school. Ok ya voy, I replied. I put on my blue shirt that had
a car in the front and racing flags on the back. My pants were black
Dickies that were a little loose so I grabbed my black belt that had a
rolling dice pattern all around it. As we headed out I was still in shock
that my dad was taking me to school. That morning was grey and
gloomy that actually put me into a lazy mood. Once I saw that we
headed towards the freeway I knew I wasnt going to school because my
school was literally down the street about five blocks away. I had the
curiosity to ask him where we were going. All he told me was Its a
good thing there is a car on your shirt. I still didnt know what he was
planning, then we arrived to my cousins house and picked him and his
dad up. My cousin and I looked at each other with surprised faces. It
wasnt too long before we knew we were going somewhere far because
we bought McDonalds and every time we buy McDonalds we travel far.
So eventually we arrived to L.A. and ended up getting lost so we
stopped for directions. Our dads took us to the annual Los Angeles Car
Show. My cousin and I were stoked and we began to get hyper in our
seats. My dad gave me his signature look that meant if I was getting out
of hand. Something bad was going to happen to me. So I calmed myself
fast because I didnt want to ruin the day by getting hit by my dad. We
arrived to the location of the car show and as excited as I was I jumped
out of the car and onto the not so empty parking lot just around the
corner of the building we were heading to. As we got closer to the
entrance I couldnt help but run to it and yell, Heres my ticket can I go
in now?! The nice lady smiled and said,
Why sure, I just need to stamp your hand
and you will be on your way. My dad told
me, Calm down your making us look like
As we wondered around I was
collecting posters and free items at stands
from each manufacturer. Eventually we
By: Frankie Hernandez

entered the Underground Zone as they called it. The underground floor
was full of custom cars and really beautiful girls that modeled for nice
looking cars. Thats where I came across the poster that caught both my
eyes and my dads. It was the poster with the old road and white bold
lines. As we picked ours up a lady passed right by me and smiled at me
then said, You like that poster? Let me sign that for you, then gave me
a kiss on my cheek with her bright red lipstick and beautiful long
eyelashes closing as she approached my cheek. I was in total shock, I
saw all the guys around me looking at me with envy and my dad with
the biggest smile I have ever seen him show. As she left walking with
her long tan soft looking legs into a tent she was followed by a lot of
paparazzis. I was going to ask my dad who she was before he grabbed
and said with an excited face, Thats Natasha from the movie! It
turned out that she was the main actress in the racing movie
REDLINE. And I always look at my poster and remember how lucky I
w as to meet a famous person because of the attraction my poster gave
My dad and I actually made a memory that day. I was so happy but
not because I met the actress but because my dad gave me the biggest
smile from the joy he had with me. We had fun that day and after that he
never treated the same, he gave me the respect I deserved for always
putting up with his anger issues towards me and now till this day he still
cries every time we talk about the past. He regrets doing the thing he did
to me. He tells me No puedo dsirte que me perdones por que lo que
hice no se puede perdonar, so he told me he cant ask me for
forgiveness because his actions were so bad that he cannot be forgiven.
Well I am proud to say that I forgive him because it takes a man to say
Im sorry but takes a bigger man to say its ok. Especially after what he
put me through as a child. So I became the big man he always told
people I was in the end. I love my dad I forgave him for all he has done

though I will never forget the things he did to me but what can I do, at
the end of the day he is my dad and the person that is most important to
me in my life. Eric why do you still have that poster its so old and
lifeless, my mom say. If only you knew, I tell her.




My Grandmothers Interview
Paulina Negrete
My grandfather passed away passed away a
couple years ago but the memories that I have
of him still live. They especially live in photos.
I interviewed my grandmother who was closest
to my grandfather. Here were her answers.
I wrote my long form essay about my
amazing grandfather but my grandmother is
just as amazing. I decided to interview her
because she was the one who knew my
grandfather best. She told me how much she
loved him & how much she will always love
him. True love is so beautiful & I want a
relationship just like there's.

Q: When did you realize that my grandfather was the one you were
going to spend the rest of your life with?

A: We fell in love the moment we laid eyes on each other. Well at least
he did. We were both attractive young kids who wanted adventure in our
lives so I think thats when I realized that he was the one. I always
wanted a romantic love story.

Q: You got married and had your first out of eight children pretty
young. Did you and my grandfather always want a big family?

A: Your grandfather and I always wanted a huge family because we
never had one growing up. Your grandfather always moved around and I
was adopted. We both wanted a family of our own to love and cherish.
By: Raphael Labbe

Q: What was my grandfathers proudest moment?

A: He had many proud moments because he had so many kids and
grandkids. He was proud of you when you first learned how to ride your
bike and proud of our first son when he got married. He had so many
proud moments. I cant even keep count!

Q: My grandfather had such a kind soul. What is something that
everyone always remembers him by?

A: Everyone always remembers him because he had a big heart. He
loved helping others and learning from his mistakes and someone elses.
He would always put others first. He was never selfish.

Q: What was one of your favorite hobbies to do with him?

A: We always liked to go to the country club and watch the kids swim in
the pool and run around the grass. Your grandfather would always go
golfing and I would take care of the kids. I would always bring my
camera and take pictures of everyone with a smile on their faces. We
always had fun and that made us the happiest parents in the world.

Q: Out of all the things you learned from your kids, which was the
most valuable?

A: We learned to always love. We learned that is was okay to mess up
and not want to grow up. Kids will be kids and we had to cherish every
waking moment with them because sooner or later they all leave you.

Q: What are my grandfathers expectations for his grandchildren?

A: He wanted you to go to school and receive higher education. He
wanted all of you to fall in love someone you care deeply about. He

wanted you to succeed in a career youre passionate about and not need
to rely on someone else.

Q: Did you ever want to leave Mexico and spontaneously live in
another country and live another life?

A: No we didnt. We loved to travel but we loved our community more.
All of my kids grew up there and we didnt want them to live another
life because they lived a great life. Your grandfather worked so hard to
get us everything we wanted.

Q: What was one thing that you both loved watching me do?

A: Oh! There were so many things you used to do as a kid. You were so
funny so we loved hearing your jokes. We loved going to your dance
recitals and see you do something you were passionate about. What we
loved most about you was that you never gave up. You would always
stand just back up and continue whatever you needed to accomplish.

Q: What were your emotions when you found out my grandfather
was dying and how did he feel?

A: I honestly dropped to the floor. I was speechless and couldnt speak.
Surprisingly, your grandfather was totally ok. We accepted it. He knew
that he had only a certain amount of time to live so he lived his life. I
hated every minute of it but I couldnt say anything or show it. I was
strong because he was strong. He was always strong.


Dad's Interview about the Black
Xiomara Arnao

In this piece I was able to learn
more what the dress not only
meant to me but my father as
well. My fathers answers helped
tell my story in a very personal

At the day of my fifteen my mom wore a beautiful black dress.
After losing the battle with cancer she wore the same exact dress for her
funeral. My goal was to know somebody elses perspective on the dress.
I wanted to know if it meant the same to me and another person in the
same way. The person I decided to interview was my father. I chose him
because I felt that he had a similar connection to my mother as I did. We
both loved her unconditionally. The dress symbolized my happy times in
life and my worst times in life. My father shares his feelings towards the
dress in this interview.

Q. What was the dress like?

A. It was a strap-less long black dress with a hot pink bow on the side of
her waist.

Q. What was your 1st impression of the dress?
By: Xiomara Arnao

A. I really liked and it was even better when she had the dress on. The
pink bow really caught my attention it brought out her lip color of the
night, which was a light pink.

Q. What stood out to you the most about the dress and why?

A. Besides the fact that it was a pretty dress she looked beautiful in it.
Her happiness shined when she wore that dress.

Q. Do you remember where she got the dress?

A. I dont really remember the day she bought it. I just remember you
girls had left the whole day and came back with it.

Q. What does the dress symbolize to you and why?

A. At first it was symbolization of happiness and the realization of a
dream (my mom had made my dream come true by having my
quincenera). It is also sadness because who would of thought that the
same dress would have been used for both occasions.

Q. Has the dress made an effect on you and why?

A. When I see a picture of the dress I remember the party. When I see a
similar dress it reminds me of her and her happiness. It has made an
effect on because it is a nostalgic piece of her life.

Q. How did you feel when you saw the dress on her at the funeral?

A. Besides seeing her in her coffin she still looked beautiful to me. I
told her that day when she lied in the coffin that she was still beautiful.

Q. Who was my mom to you?

A. She was my world. She was my right hand. She was the one who

was always there for me. She was the one who gave me the gift of two
wonderful kids. Now she is the angel who watches me from heaven.

Q. Do you still believe we made the right choice to have her wear the
dress at her funeral?

A. Yes of course, I believe we still made the right choice because we all
knew she looked beautiful in that dress and simply because we knew she
loved it.

Q. What connection you make between the dress, my fifteen and her

A. Happiness and sadness. The dress will always remind me of the fun
and happiness we shared at your celebration. It will remind me of her
beauty. And it will always remind me of the day of her funeral. The way
she looked so beautiful and peaceful in her coffin.


The Helping Hand
Eric Salgado

As I grew up in my house I
never understood my father. He
as always working on the house
and fixing things that needed to
be fixed. Well I walked up to
him and asked him if I can
speak to him. He agreed so I
asked him if he wanted to go to
a quiet place and talk. As we
began walking to the back yard
where we have our wood table
and cushioned chair I was the first to sit down. As we seated ourselves I
told him I was going to ask him a few questions about him and his life.

Before beginning my interview I was nervous about asking
someone questions about themselves. After deciding to interview my
father I knew it would take my mind off the awkwardness. As soon as I
finished the questions it became clear to me that interviews are helpful
to both sides.

Q: Are you ready?

A: Yes I am.

Q: How did you grow up as a child? Were you poor or stable on

A: Well as a child I was a kid who always wanted to find out how to
build things. As for money wise I was a very poor child. Your
By: Leo Grubler

grandmother was a stay at home wife while your grandfather worked all
Q: Wow I never knew that. Well what made you so interested in
building things?

A: Your grandfather was a carpenter and sometimes he would take me
along to help and I enjoyed building things ever since.

Q: Have you ever thought about working as a handy man?

A: I actually was a handy man I would go around the community fixing
things like benches at parks or fixing water fountains. I was always
fixing things that were offered to the public.

Q: How are you such a hard worker?

A: In Mexico before I crossed the border I was taught that you need to
do things yourself to survive and it stuck with me so I always try to do
things myself and with enough years of actually fixing everything I can
Im able to fix mostly everything because I learned that they all fall
under the similar structure.

Q: Now lets get to the more modern questions. Did you become the
person you envisioned yourself as a child?

A: Well not yet but I am getting there I have come a long way to almost
reach my goal of becoming the best dad I can be to my children.

Q: So you didnt envision yourself to become a wealthy person in

A: I didnt really have high expectations because I knew what I wanted
and I knew how to get it. I only wanted to be a person that helped other
people that are like me when I was a child. I never dreamed of becoming
something I dot like. People want to be lawyers or presidents but I

always wanted to be someone who helped the need and till this day I
have not stepped back from becoming that man.
Q: So do you think you would have become that person you envision
if you would have stayed in Mexico?

A: I dont because it was till I arrived here that I began to think about
helping people. I wanted to become a better person after have been
giving the opportunities that I got because I actually finished my
education and I know I would not be able to do so if I had stayed in

Q: Thats very admiring. Well thank you dad you have helped me
out a lot and its ironic because thats what you like to do. Thank
you again for your time.
A: No problem son just let me know if you need anything else Im glad I
was able to help.


Analysis of Art

Murphy Ranch Trail
Paulina Negrete

My friend Amy & I go on
hikes almost every weekend. We
enjoy adventure and like to go on
different trails each time. We came
across this trail in Brentwood a
couple weeks ago and now its one
of our favorite trails. We never
noticed the history behind the trail
until after we researched it. There
were abandoned power houses,
water towers and thousands of stairs
that wrapped around the mountain. I
found it so strange that they were there.
There is graffiti everywhere on this hike and that is one of the best
parts. Looking at the different colors and pictures drawn by random
people in a random place is so fascinating. They express their feelings
and views on the world within words and pictures. We both try to go
back monthly because of its unique colors and its interesting history.

There are so many different types of artwork and I believe that
graffiti should be considered as one as well. Graffiti is known as
vandalism, which is a punishable crime but it also expresses social and
political messages. It has grown within hip hop culture and gangs. Art is
an expression of how you feel and its a way of showing your
emotions. Graffiti covers the walls of freeways, bridges and buildings,
showing the talent of those who create the beautiful images. The graffiti
at Murphy Ranch covers acres of the mountain and its beautiful in its
own way. Theres graffiti on the floor, the walls, the ceilings of the
By: Paulina Negrete

buildings and even the trees. Its one of the most unique and colorful
trails I have ever hiked.

Surprisingly, this hiking trail is not only a hotspot for graffiti but it
also has a bit of history. Murphy Ranch Trail is now located where a
Nazi Compound once was. That is why there are abandoned houses and
artifacts there. This was one of the places that kept them safe during
Pearl Harbor. The people here made a power station, machine shed,
raised gardens, a hillside for growing food, a water tank and a place to
store fuel.

The entire trail has an aura of mystery. As you walk alongside the
trail, you feel positive and negative vibes. I didnt know why there were
abounded buildings and why so many people hung out on this 5-mile
trail. There are people everywhere sharing their stories through their art.
It has an aura of authenticity. Theres no place exactly like this in the
world. In time, this place will create another aura of its own. Its
constantly changing and expanding. People need to realize that artwork
isnt only framed in a museum or glamorized online from a famous
artist. Art is everywhere. Theres art on the Northridge campus and even
on abandoned hikes in the middle of nowhere. I like what John Berger
said about not giving a certain art piece the same attention as another
because youre not face to face with it.


Not Your Typical Work of
Xiomara Arnao

Like the title says this not your
typical work of art, I felt that I wrote
about something unique. I was able to
express what I see as true art.

Anything in this world can be
labeled as a work of art. Art will never
be described as one particular item,
place, or person. I believe that ones
perceptive on things depicts if it is
consisted of artistic material or not.
With that in mind, I chose to write on
my mothers memorial stone. A
memorial stone?

Yes, a memorial stone. Although it
might not be your typical work of art
like a painting, sculptor or mural; I truly
see her resting place as the most beautiful piece of art. Her resting place
means a lot to my family and me.
On Sunday morning, I visited my mother at the Forest Lawn
Cemetery in Hollywood. The cemetery contains amazing views of the
hills all around. Her memorial stone is a copper color inscribed with her
name and several meaningful words. Big copper flowers that look like
lilies border it. At the center it contains an engraved picture of my mom.
On this particular day I was trying to pay attention to my surroundings to
By: Xiomara Arnao

find a potential work of art. As we finished decorating my mothers
place for Easter I took a step back and realized that I had a work of art in
front of me all this time. I began to think back to my previous visits and
realize that each time consists of completely new artistic material even if
it was just flowers. For the last three years my family and I decorate her
memorial stone for any special occasion.

My family and I are the artists. We all come together and agree
what should be used for this years Valentines decoration or this years
Easter decoration. All twelve artists contribute by adding their personal
touch that enhances the expression of love felt as we admire our work.
We always decorate in hopes that she loves it as much as we do. You
think she will like it?

Each and every single time we decorate we create a new work of art.
We may not be painting a picture or creating a figure out of clay but we
do put lots of hard work and dedication into making every single detail
perfect. We make sure the stone is clean and shiny, each decoration
placed is straight and secure, or just making sure her space is never
empty. As I mentioned before it is not a clich work of art as a painting
or a sculpture. As Walter Benjamin states in his text The Work of Art
in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction that aura is an abstract feeling
that can be expressed when witnessing the true authenticity of a work of
art. I have experienced aura every single time I visit my mother because
everything that we place with her carries its own type of authenticity.
Nobody else can duplicate the same hard work, dedication, or love that
we put into decorating for her.

Sadly, many people are not as fortunate as my mother who has her
family decorate. Many peoples memorial place has had no flowers for
many years. This is how I believe authenticity is lost. Empty stones
become the same as all the other empty stones. They contain no
significant difference or any sort of originality. One simple flower
allows the stone to create its own work of art everything placed by the
stone has purpose and a different meaning to each individual.

I believe anybody can name anything in the world art, but what truly
makes art is the hard work and compassion felt as the art is viewed. It is
hard to believe that something so saddening like a memorial stone would
be seen as art, but if you witness these works of art you will always see
the familys hard work and compassion. Next time you visit a loved one
at the cemetery look at the works of art created all around you.

Transport through Time and
Eric Salgado

After going around
my home town searching
for a good mural to write
about I finally found the
perfect one for my writing
assignment. Its a painting
on the side of a building
near the train station. The
masterpiece is named
Vendell Dovling and was
created by Lynne Dovling.
The mural was painted in
2001. I find it very
interesting because its an
exact painting of how the
railroads and train station
By: Eric Salgado

looks like. Its extremely detailed and once you stand in front of it you
can feel the aura. As I arrived to the mural I parked my car at the park
thats located about 100 feet or so away. The mural is on the side of a
building that I separated from the housing by a narrow street. I actually
sat on one of the benches the street had. The rush of the runners and dog
walkers made it feel like a movie where there is a person in the middle
of life and seeing everyone being so active and happy I felt like that
person. The setting and the view helped me feel like I can stop and take
a breather from everything thats going on around me and let me feel
happy too.

The setting of the painting was around the 50s and by the vehicles in
the painting the aura I perceived was the sense of an older less modern
society. The guy on the motorcycle looks like a greaser to me and the
girls on the right side on their beach cruisers look like the good girls
from the movie Grease. The cars on the left seem ancient, I dont think I
see them around anymore unless I go to a car show where they are fully
restored. The reason I am very interested in this city mural is because it
tells so much about my town that it makes me feel great becoming a part
of its history. The big tree on the far left is still around and looks exactly
the same as it does in the painting. That tree is such an important part of
history that you will not find a caring or vandalism on it. Like the tree
the two buildings on the right are a part of this citys history I remember
when the red building was an art museum then it became a rental place
for large parties like quinceneras for about six or seven years. But now it
has become a Christian church and is still running smooth, every other
day people in suits and dresses enter the building for their daily prayers.

This mural helps me understand the history of the town I live in I
cannot imagine that busy street without the tree and red buildings. Its a
mural that touches a lot of hearts. My dad says that for every individual
part of the mural has a story behind it. He believes that I must have had a
great story to tell if it made it up in the mural. I have heard that this was
a painting of an old picture that was saved in our city historical museum.
My Grandmother says that the mural has always been there but ever

twenty or thirty years it gets its touch-ups. After my grandmother said
that I was puzzled. Knowing that made me see it differently because its
not original anymore. Like the video we saw in class explained we copy
masterpieces but it cant ever be the same originality. I was told that the
only people that are eligible to repaint it have to be in the family line of
the original painter. That makes the aura seem original because the
legacy it left is passed on to future generation of the same family which
is cool because its not just a stranger coming and painting here and
there. The family members keep the aura of the old setting it was first

This mural is a story of the city, the audience of this masterpiece can
definitely see it as original if they are aware of the history of it. People
who are unaware just see an old school painting that was made about
fifteen years ago.Since I am a local here Im happy to play a part of my
home towns history by letting my peers and siblings know about the
history of murals and painting and monuments this town as. The
building that the mural is on is actually in the mural itself, its the far
back building behind the train cars that is only revealing the roof and
right back side of itself. Like I said before everything in this mural is
said to have a significance that made it on the painting.




My Second Home
Paulina Negrete

Snowboarding is a passion of mine. I always
feel like I'm at a second home when I'm on
the mountain especially when I'm with
friends. My best friend & I have been
snowboarding since we were little girls. I
decided to write about snowboarding
because it makes me feel carefree & not
have a worry in the world.

I know its cheesy but being on the
mountain is my second home. I feel so free
andalive as I race down the slopes carving
the powdery, white snow. I feel very
competitive when Im snowboarding with
my best friend because we always try
torace each other and we will do anything to win. Snowboarding with
her is one ofmy favorite hobbies because Im with someone I love doing
something I love.

Snowboarding is such a thrill. I love my 2013 Roxy board because
of its sharp edges and its colorful pattern. I always jump out of bed
around seven in the morning, grab my leggings, sweatshirt, snow pants,
and my equipment and Im out the door. I am so lucky that I live so
close to the slopes because I basically live there when Im not in school.

I drive up the mountain, park my car and sit on the tailgate. I love
people watching and watching people of all ages gearing up, ready to hit
the slopes. As I step onto the white snow, the bottom of boots start to
By: Paulina Negrete

squeak and my skin soaks up the burning sun. I move my pink and white
Oakley goggles from my forehead and strap in my white thirty-two
boots into my black Burton binding. I can always hear the snow
swooshing underneath my board. Through the gates I go and Im on my
way up a double black diamond hill. On my way up the mountain, I can
see the colossal pine trees covered in the newest fallen snow. You can
see riders carving down the mountain in their obnoxious neon outfits.
Some of the riders land the jumps and others definitely dont. Most
usually land right on their faces and it always makes me feel a little
more confident. You can see people of all ages. Ive seen three year olds
who are better than I am. I still dont understand.

I hit the top of the mountain, slide down and go sit on those ugly,
rustic, red benches. Thats where I strap in my other boot and adjust the
bindings so they are nice and tight. I hit my board against the ground to
brush off the snow I collected from the time I got onto the ski lift. Im a
goofy rider so my right foot is always in front of my left. I love going
to the top of the mountain because you feel the fresh air and you can
smell the hundreds of pine trees surrounding you. As you go down the
hill, you have multiple emotions such as anxiety, adrenalin, and
happiness. You are simply happy and I feel pretty cool too because not
many girls are into extreme sports. I enjoy the cool air brushing against
my face and when its warm enough to just wear a tank top; yeah I
know, Im crazy. I love learning new tricks and discovering more
challenging paths.

Im pretty good but Im not perfect. I do fall a lot and that sucks.
Every time I go to Mt. High, I remember this one time where I was
trying to impress this guy and I carved a little too hard and I tumbled
down the hill and didnt stop. I just rolled and rolled. I looked up and
there was snow inside my goggles, inside my shirt, inside my pants. It
was everywhere! I was basically a walking snowman. Beside the point, I
enjoy snowboarding. I wish it would snow all year long because
snowboarding is such a passion and it has made me so motivated to learn
new things because its something that I genuinely love to do. Good

thing that there is surfing or else I would not know what to do in the
summer, but thats a different story.

Happiest Place on Earth
Xiomara Arnao

Fortunately, for this
ethnography I was able to
write on the happiest place on
earth. I enjoyed using sensory
details in my writing to allow
the reader to experience the
scene with me.

As I sat on a bench located in front of the Ferris wheel at
Disneyland California Adventure Park I began to feel the hot sunrays
abandoning my newly tanned skin. Distracted from the world around
me, I was intensely mesmerized by the beautiful scene that stood in front
of me. The only thing separating myself from the scene was a large body
of water.

The enormous Ferris wheel stands on the large pier alongside the
only roller coaster in the park. The wheel slowly turns with some carts
remaining still and some carts swinging side to side. Bright lights
illuminated the Ferris wheel. Placed right in the center was the one and
only Mickey Mouse. The lights would flash in unique sequences
By: Xiomara Arnao

containing all different colors. Sometimes the whole wheel was purple,
blue, red or a combination of all the colors. As the sun began to set more
and more people crowded the bench where I was siting. The location
where I was was the perfect place to get the entire scenery in the
background. Couple after couple would stop and pose in front of the
beautiful scenery. Small to large families posed in front of the view and
most of them had trouble getting the perfect picture. Some were
distracted, kids made funny faces, or they couldnt find anyone to take
the picture for them.

The night was becoming cold. The smell of churros and coffee
roamed the night sky. The sound of laughter and joy was heard from
across the pier. I remained sitting on the bench watching the Ferris
wheel spin round and round. I could clearly hear the screams from the
riders on the roller coaster. The preparation for the night show World of
Color began as soon I was asked to leave the scene. Vendors began to
sell toys that contained lights. As it darkened people began to leave.
Great amounts of people walked towards the front of the park leaving
paradise pier nearly empty.

My fascination for the scene remained the same throughout the
whole day. Even as I walked away I still turned back to see it one more
time. By observing my surroundings I become aware of how this one
place brings so many individuals together. Many people travel across the
world for hours or even days to come to this one magical place. People
walked along side one another. Children played and smiled with each
other. All ethnicities, genders, and ages are united to the one place they
call the happiest place on earth. Not only does it bring people together
but it also makes dreams come true. Coming to visit the park is every
little kids dream. Many are fortunate to visit the park at least once. Some
sadly will never visit the famous park. Everybody should have the
opportunity to experience this beautiful environment. I decided that this
location would be an ideal place to write about in my ethnography
because not only is it beautiful but it truly is magical. Disneyland really
is the happiest place on earth.

My Second Home
Elias Leon

The soccer field is my second
home and it has always been since
I was a little kid. I decided to write
about the soccer field because I
have had amazing moments that I
would never forget when I was a
child. Those are times that I
cherish with my dad because every
time I went to a soccer game it
would be a father and son day
Saturdays and Sundays was time between me and my dad only.

Every time I want to get my mind off of things or I just want to
release my stress I always go to the same place that I was introduce to as
a young boy. My second home and the place I envision where I go see
my psychologist. The soccer field; its soil is very dry in the times of
summer you have twenty two players running back and forth the soccer
field. Every player gives it their all in this big outlined white box. The
grass is short and there are many players that fall during the game and
get bruises, or many, get scratches on their body. There are people that
work on the field to keep the grass green and in good conditions. There
are happy, sad, angry and different types of other moods on the field as
soon as the game ends. You can feel the tension on the field and the
passion for the sport when all the people and their families surround the
white outlined soccer field. Many players have kicked the dirt or the
grass on the field when they miss a shot.

By: Elias Leon

The soccer field to me is like a sponge because it has absorbed all
types of mood when it comes to an intense game or a final. The soccer
field has always been there when there is a final and when a team loses
there has been tears of players left behind, there has been arguments left
behind and many other unsatisfactory moments. On the other hand there
has been exciting moments and many happy moments left behind that
would stay at the field. The soccer field is like the office where I go see
my psychologist because there are times where I am angry, disappointed
or if I just feel stressed out. Well if I feel in any unpleasant mood I
would always be found in this place full of dirt, grass, dry or muddy
place depending on the conditions of the field. I would step on to the
field and let my feelings out while playing soccer.

Now as I pass by some of these soccer fields I see many toddlers
and children of different ages getting in the field and now they are going
to experience similar experiences like I did. To some of these kids the
soccer field is going to be like their second home or the office to see
their psychologist. Other people might see the soccer field as an
insignificant place, but I see it as a second home and the office where I
go see my psychologist. As a young adult I still and I will always go
back to the soccer fields where the dirt is moist or dry and whether there
is grass or dirt because it has memorable events that I would cherish for
a long time. The soccer field has the beautiful sport of soccer, where
soccer is the only love that does not let you down.


My Ease
Eric Salgado

Sometimes when life
applies too much pressure on
a person the gravity of his or
her situation becomes dense
and difficult to climb out of.
When I feel stressed or upset I
like walking out onto my street
and sit on the grass and begin
to wonder about the things
surrounding me. My views
may change on certain things
or people when I try to place myself in their shoes. I try my best to relax
and enjoy my life.

As I view my street I can come to a conclusion that my neighbors
are looking at me with a confused face. I think it's funny because I stare
back at them with the exact same face. As they approach their cars I hear
them sound the alarm off indicating that their car has opened. The wife
is getting into her Mustang and the husband is getting into his Camaro.

As the parents begin to leave I see the kids come out to give them
their last good-bye. They woke up the dog that was sleeping on their
front lawn, he looks grumpy and just as I predicted he walked to the side
of their house to lay down. I don't see their cat that is usually out its
always hissing at people walking by oh there he is under their boat he
seems very lazy today because he is usually on top of their cars making
a mess of dirty paw prints.

The people walking by just stare at me and its getting annoying. The
By: Eric Salgado

man walking his bike got a flat tire. I saw him hit the edge of the
sidewalk and his tire exploded. It gave me a good laugh for a bit, the
cars in front of me seem very dirty from the wheel fenders. The tires are
Goodyear and the rims are just stock Chevrolet caps. My dad just got
home I pretended like I didn't see him so that he wont bother me. I hear
the noises of the muscle cars that always rev their motors to make all the
cars in the street beep. I find that noise soothing because I like the way it

My street actually calms me down when I'm stressing over things.
The noises and views I catch with my vision are beautiful. My car is
where my seat is at and I love coming inside to get away from
everything. My street has so many close memories of mine and as I see
all these little kids everywhere I just hope they get the same childhood as
me. A childhood that shapes them into good intelligent people that will
hopefully make it out of this little street. I thank my street for always
calming me down at night as I watch the stars and bright moon. My
street holds so much of me that it became a common place for me to
always go to.


Theory of Art and


A Song That Politically
Changed the 80s
Paulina Negrete

I wrote this essay on U2 because they are a band and a band that was
admired by so many people around the world. They were not afraid of
standing up for what they believed in and that's why I enjoyed writing
about them so much. I believe that self expression is very important in
our lives and you need represent yourself and the people are you in a
good way.
Sunday Bloody Sunday rocked the United Kingdom charts for
weeks and will always be remembered as a song that will never die
because war never dies. Walter Benjamins theory relates to this song
because he believed that war is beautiful. It is a time that cannot be
relived. War is artistic and a clich piece of art is nowhere near the
original. I will be analyzing the song Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2
and referencing it back to Benjamins theory. The art of war is a
beautiful thing but a battle is not. This song is a model of Benjamins
theory that lets you become involved with its aura and political
Sunday Bloody Sunday is a song by a rock band called U2. It is
the opening track from their 1983 album War. It is famous for its
aggressive drumbeat, severe guitar, but pleasant-sounding harmonies. It
is a super political song that spread fear over Europe but this helped the
band get a wider listening audience. A lot of people considered Sunday
Bloody Sunday as a rebel song but the singer, Bono, disagrees. Bono
started writing this with political lyrics talking about the Irish

Republican Army, the IRA, a military group dedicated to getting British
troops of Northern Ireland. He changed them to point out the massacres
of war without taking sides. The title of the song is in no way
metaphorical. This song is a call for peace and not for tears.
Benjamin explains his own view of aura in his most famous essay
Work of Art in the Ages of Mechanical Reproduction. The songs aura
is very unique. It has a past that cannot be relived. There are certain
lyrics that are repeated throughout the song such as how long must be
sing this song, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and wipe your tears away.
These all send a message to
the audience because it is
helping you relive the days
on the Irish bloody massacre
back in 1972. On January 30,
1972, there was a Civil
Rights March where
protestors were killed by
British troops who posed no
threat. Bono was disgusted
by the acts that were going on in his country and finally was not fearful
of writing a political song that could damage the bands image. He
understood that war was a harsh subject to talk freely about but U2 made
the risk and it became one of the best rock & roll songs ever created.
When writing the song, they wanted to have a special aura so all
audiences could picture what happened so long ago. U2 kept repeating
the lyric how long must we sing this song because we all know that
war is never going to end. Its an ongoing battle from decade to decade.
People have different experiences to songs based on their
surroundings. The experience you should have when listening to
Sunday Bloody Sunday in the quiet should make you feel concerned
about the war but the experience during a concert would make you
By: Eddy Thompson

become upset and sad. You are surrounded by thousands of people who
politically believe that the massacre was wrong. You get different vibes
from each place. This song is very emotional. The band got emotional as
well when they were writing the lyrics because it is an uncomfortable
subject to sing about because everyone might not feel the same way. U2
had a non-partisan intention. U2 never released a music video for
Sunday Bloody Sunday. I think that it is because it would be way too
violent and disturbing to try to make your widespread audience relive an
event that the band dreads. The band made a concert during their tour,
War in 1983, the music video instead. During the concert, you see
thousands peoples joined together. A thing that was brought to my
attention was that Bono waves a white flag during the song and say no
more! Bono asks where is the glory in bombing the Remembrance
Day parade of old age pensioners, their medals taken outs and polished
up for a day. Where is the glory in leaving people dead or struggling for
their lives under the wreckage of the revolution? No one in the country
wanted that. This is why Bono repeats, No more!

The album War was released on February 28, 1983. The album
cover has a little 8-year boy on the front. Bono explained to why they all
chose this cover and it was because war is not just about the battle, but it
is about love. He specifically said, Instead of putting tanks and guns on
the cover, we have put a child's face. War can also be a mental thing, an
emotional thing between loves. It does not have to be a physical thing."
There are ten songs on the album all sending the same message to the
reader. Sunday Bloody Sunday is the first song on the album because
of its strong significance. The rest of album follows it with the same
political meaning, sharing a story. The songs are about war and love.

Several artists, because of its powerful meaning and value, have
reduplicated Sunday Bloody Sunday. Different rock artists have

changed the tempo of the song but have not changed the words. Younger
artists still want this song to live on and want to share this story with the
newer generation. For example, Paramore covered the song and changed
the tempo to acoustic. They did this to be a little more dramatic and try
to draw in more emotions to an extremely emotional song. Younger
adolescences may not know of U2s famous song to begin with so these
newer artists are expanding the music world.
Like I said before, U2 uses repetition throughout the song Sunday
Bloody Sunday. The first line of the song is I cant believe the news
today. I cant close my eyes and make it go away which is just the
introduction to the song explaining the fear spread through Europe when
the Civil Rights movement started. How long. How long must we sing
this song follows. This line is repeated throughout the entire song. It is
basically asking how long the war is going to be but there is no answer.
It is a commonly asked question. How long is any war going to last?
Broken bottles under children's feet. Bodies strewn across the dead end
street. But I won't heed the battle call. It puts my back up. Puts my back
up against the wall is the second verse of the song. This part of the song
should be very emotional to any audience. There is so much commotion
going on in the streets. This part of the song brings in a fearful aura. The
roads are bare as if there were dead bodies lying on the side of the rode.
He says that he will have no more choices in life. This is scary for the
citizens; it is scary for all of us. It is an appeal to pathos. The imagery in
this song makes these images real.
The last two versus are the most powerful. It explains that war will
never die. The last verse cries, The real battle just begun. To claim the
victory Jesus won on. This is strange to me because Bono ties in
religion to the song. The blood sacrifice will go on forever. You have
to realize that Jesus had to die in order to achieve victory. This is making
the war morally right.

Art can be found anywhere and especially in music. Walter
Benjamin says that you cannot relive a certain event but you can relive it
through a song or a piece of art. It is easier to relive a time from a music
video just like U2 did for Sunday Bloody Sunday. They wanted to
show how emotional their concert was. Sunday Bloody Sunday will
remain in the top 500 rock & roll songs of all time. People say that Bono
is the Champion of World Peace. He is known for changing the era of
the 1980s with the song he and his band made up to try to speak out to a
world wide listeners. U2 has changed a political view on war and has
influenced many famous musicians to share their thoughts and stories
about tragedies they do not approve of, such as the Beatles. All You
Need Is Love is an example of a political view. In this song, the Beatles
say that all you need is love and everything will be okay. The world
should have peace, unity, love and respect because without those then
war will never end. Benjamin shared his powerful message with the
world by expressing his thoughts in his essay. Sunday Bloody Sunday
shares multiple types of auras and can be appreciated around the world.


Across the Universe
Xiomara Arnao
This was by far my favorite essay to write. I really enjoyed writing about
the new theories I learned and incorporating them in one of my favorite
movies. I took my argument a step further by using a counter argument
instead of agreeing with the authors. This essay brought out the deeper
meaning of the film and the main points of the theorists

The musical Across the Universe applies the theories of English
critic, painter and poet John Berger in his film Ways of Seeing and
German philosopher Walter Benjamin in his text The Work of Art in the
Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Both men point out different
significant ideas of art including reproduction of art, authenticity, ones
view of the art and many more. The two main ideas that do apply to this
film are the ideas of reproduction and the idea of observing art with
music. As this is not an argumentative essay I am writing to express my
thoughts of these mens theory and acknowledge their reasonings but in
some cases their theories do not apply. In this film the use of music
provides the story a deeper meaning and the reproduction of the songs
used enhance the meaning of each track.
Across the Universe, the revolutionary rock musical is set in the
helter-skelter 1960s. The film depicts various historical events in the
60s including anti-war, civil
rights, beginning of hippie era
and Rock N Roll. The musical
travels from country to country
to illustrate the events occurring
around world all at the same
By: Sony

time. Some countries and cities include Liverpool Detroit, Manhattan,
Ohio, and Vietnam. Over thirty songs from internationally famous
English rock band, The Beatles are cleverly intertwined in the film. In
between these events is a love story taken place by main characters Jude
and Lucy. Each Adventure that they face is based on this historic year.
The film begins with Jude a dockworker, leaving liver pool to
search for his father in America. As he enters the country the beginning
of national reform is taking place. He meets a young American girl
Lucy, who becomes part of the anti-war movements when her late
military boyfriend is killed and her brother is drafted to the Vietnam
War. Political tensions rise as the world enters the mid exploration
phase also known as the hippie era. Other scenes portrayed are the 1967
Detroit riots, anti-movement protests, and the introduction to rock n roll.

One important scene in the film is when the Detroit riots take
place. The film shows a great illustration of the event. The riots began
on early Sunday morning while officers roamed the 12th street in
Detroit, Michigan. Officers raided an illegal after hours bar called the
Blind Pig. Eighty-three people were arrested. More squad cars were
called in to transport the remaining arrestees. Over an hour later the last
prisoner was taken away. By this time more than 200 protestors
spectated outside the bar. Protestors began to through bottles at the
police officer and police car. That was the commencement of one of the
worst riots in US history, the 1967 Detroit riots. At the fourth day 7,000
National Guards Army troops were present, 43 people died, 342 were
injured, and an estimate of 1,400 buildings were burned.

Let it be
When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be
-Paul McCartney

One of Walter Benjamins main points in The Work of Art in the
Age of Mechanical Reproduction is that the reproduction of art takes
away the original meaning of the piece. Although this may be true for
paintings or murals, it may not necessary apply to all art. In the musical,
one of my favorite and most meaningful scenes in the film is when the
song Let it be is sung. The song is being played as the 1967 Detroit
riots are taking place. As young African American boy hides behind a
car he is singing the track trying to escape from the dangers of the riots.
In the background African Americans are fighting with police officers,
some are being shot, beaten, running away, avoiding the burned cars and
looting. The scene then transitions to a funeral service and an African
American woman singing the song with a gospel choir. The person in
the coffin is the young boy in the previous scene.

So what does the song mean? Anybody can interpret the song in
his or her own way. Beatles member Paul McCartney explains that the
song is about his mothers death when he was fourteen. His song

signifies as the song states let it be; let things go and move on. In the
film the same meaning is portrayed but we do not have a visualization of
Pauls mother but another mourning scene as loved ones grief over the
young boys death. As I have mentioned that Benjamins reproduction
theory does not always apply to all works of art. The meaning of the
song is enhanced in this film by providing an illustration of the track.
The song is better understood by seeing a visualization of it. The song
also captures more attention to the audience by playing out what the
song means compared to just listening to the song or reading the lyrics.
Think of it as a music video, when we hear a song about death we dont
really understand the deeper meaning until we see the visualization in
the music video. Unfortunately McCartney never filmed a music video
but this film gives us a accurate idea of what the video could have been
about. In this case the remake of the song does not take any meaning
away from the original song. The way the song is illustrated not only
provides a better understanding of the song but also enhance the songs
In the video Ways of Seeing by John Berger, he talks about the
impact music has on art. He plays Italian opera music as you see a
famous painting. He states that the meaning of the paintings are
modified and changed by the sounds you hear when looking at them.
Specific pieces of art are altered by hearing music in the background but
not in other pieces like musicals, film, or plays. Across the Universe is a
musical and obviously contains numerous sounds. What would it be
without music? Not a musical obviously. It would just be a simple
classic film about the 1960s. This film is about the struggles of the 1960
portrayed through the art of music. Music is what brings this film alive.
Each sense shares significance with the song being played. As I stated
the remake of the songs used expands the meaning of the individual
record but in this case music enhances the meaning of the film in
general. The music playing as each scene is being acted out enhances the
films meaning. In the Let it Be scene with the young African

American boy would have just been a scene of someone hiding from the
riots compared to a young boy singing his fears away. The meaning of
the artwork is being modified but in an influential way. The story is not
only being played out in the film but also in the music. Each song has its
own story incorporating to the movies meaning. The songs and scenes
compliment each other to ultimately provide the deeper meaning of the
When I first watched this film I was not fully aware of the events
that occurred in the 1960s. Watching the film helped me comprehend
the struggles that individuals were facing. I had a visual picture of each
event. The music helped me even further understand the film. Each song
helped me set the mood for the scenes and the movie in general. By
hearing the song and watching the song being played out brought out the
deeper meaning to the situation. The way the songs are cleverly placed
at the perfect moments catch the audiences attention. This film is a
representation of what musicals are made for. The incorporation of
songs and film is so ingenious that it makes you watch the film over and
over again. This movie has put musical in a whole different level
surpassing grease or Mama Mia. Across the Universe brings together the
art of music, historical events and love.
Berger and Benjamins theory do apply to many pieces of art but
may not be applicable to all pieces of art. I do believe that music is on of
those pieces of art that should not be enforced these theories. Today
music is changing art in many ways by enhancing the beauty of the art.
Across the Universe can be used as an example of the revolutionary
impact that music has had on the reproduction and symbolism of art.
Music's the only thing that makes sense anymore, man. Play it loud
enough, it keeps the demons at bay. JoJo (Character from Across the


Narco Corridos Perspective
Beyond Borders
Elias Leon
Narco Corridos plays a big role in my life and that really can tell a lot
about my personality. I enjoy hearing this type of music and I love
hearing it live. Which explains why I wrote about this topic because I
consider this art, an art that defines me as a person.

John Berger stated that art changes in significance based on the
situation; therefore your perspective of the art will change depending on
your environment. I have always wanted to go up stage and play my
accordion in front of a crowd and sing corridos. Corridos is a Mexican
regional type of music that glorifies the adventures of narcs and their
narcotic events; not to mention the U.S. one of their top consumers.
Pedro Villa is the accordionist, the main singer and the composer of
Grupo TR3S60 (360). The band or grupo is from Mexico to be exact
from Culiacan, Sinaloa in the heart of where all the drug lords are born
and raise. Even though many believe this is not art from my perspective
it is it tells a story just like any other type of art. It tells how dangerous
Mexico has become due to drug trafficking and the adventures of
various narcs. Even though in most of these songs or in this type of
music the message is not the most positive, I have this music in my
blood I was raised in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico and my grandpa who
played in a
Banda in Mexico has an impact in the type of music I hear
now.That leads to the type of art I have chosen, which was a live

concert/dance hall I attended in December 7, 2013 at El Rodeo
Nightclub to go see Grupo TR3S60 live. It was their very first time
being in the U.S. and setting foot on stage here in the United States. It
was around 12:30 a.m. when they went on stage and sang their top hits
they started with their most famous song El Neto Roca a song about a
guy who is involved in drug trafficking and was shot six times one night
in Culiacan, Sinaloa and did not die and stated that he is still at the
bosss order no matter the attempted murder. Secondly, they went on to
Dos Jovenes Muchachos a song about the two sons of Joaquin
Archivaldo Guzman Loera also known as El Chapo the most wanted
drug dealer by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the
Mexican government. The names of their two sons are Alfredo and Ivan
stating in the song that they as well are in the drug dealing business.
Thirdly, they went on to El Guanito a song about the nephew of El
Chapotalking about how he as well is in the drug dealing business and
glorifying his narcotic adventures because he is only twenty years old
and he studied to become a drug leader and has a lot of people under his
command and they went on singing several other songs.
John Bergers statement about art changing significance is true. All
the songs I heard live by Grupo 360 pumped up the nightclub I was
pumped up and like everybody else I was singing along to all their
songs. As you know and as I previously mentioned in the beginning of
the essay most of these songs have a negative outcome and glorify these
drug dealers and make them
see like a heroic person. At
the time in the nightclub
nobody was thinking about
the negative outcome of the
songs. Instead we were all
singing out of the top of our
lungs and praising what they
do. The way everybody was
By: EstrellaTv

feeling had a lot to do with the environment we were in, first of all we
are in a nightclub that is the main factor that contributes to the way we
see the outcome or the message of each song. We do not see it as a bad
action or anything bad that the drug dealers are doing. We see it as a
cool and bravery thing to do because it takes a lot of guts to go into drug
trafficking. It is probably the easiest and fastest way to make money, get
cars, girls and live the high class life. Not to mention that you can have
various grupos compose a song about your bravery narcotic adventures
and therefore have many people look up to you as a hero. That is what
teenagers now in days say, I want to be a narcotrafficante like El
Chapo, El Neto Roca, El Guanito so on and so forth. Teenagers do
not think of being a doctor, a police men or a lawyer and most of it has
to do with the environment you are in and that determines the way you
think at the time it is happening and the way you view things. At the
nightclub you are drinking you have a girl here and there having a good
time with friends dressing up like the drug dealers that are in Mexico.
Nothing crosses your mind but glorifying the drug dealers and their
actions because everybody is having a good time and nobody inside that
club views nothing wrong with it.
On the other hand if you have most of the teenagers in jail or in
Sinaloa in the heart of Culiacan where the cemetery is at that is where
they have most of the drug dealers that were part of a cartel and died and
most of them died at a very young age. Listening to corridos in that type
of environment drastically changes your perspective of the drug dealers
and their lives. Now you are not thinking about the high life they are
living with an abundance of luxuries. Now you are thinking of how short
life can be when you go into drug trafficking and start thinking about the
drug war that is currently occurring in Mexico. You do not think about
all the money you are going to get out of but about how risky your life
can be and it definitely has a lot to do with the environment you are in.
All the cool things that you would think about the drug dealers would
not be so cool when you hear this type of music in their cemetery. For

instance most of these drug dealers do not get killed instantly they get
tortured to death. They get information out of them and upload it on
YouTube or on their blog. Then they tortured them which consist of
various tortures like decapitating heads, chopping their fingers off,
burning them alive and leaving notes on their bodies for the public to
Most of this music that I consider art is prohibited in some parts of
Mexico it is consider illegal. They know that corridos causes conflict
among cartels on the other hand it is not illegal at all to hear corridos in
the U.S. Not even close to being illegal here in the state of California
where this type of music is most heard. Which is where most of the drug
trafficking happens too, most of the drugs gets here in California
coincidence I think not. This is a perfect example of how Hispanics or
Mexicans view art in Mexico they view it as a deadly type of art that
should be prohibited because of the conflict it has caused and that keeps
escalating among cartels. This type of art has brought Mexico apart and
hearing corridos does not make it any better which is why it has been
prohibited to be played in many nightclubs in Mexico. In the U.S. many
Hispanics or Mexicans do not see it as deadly type of art instead they
worship the drug dealers and glorify all their actions. It is a lifestyle that
many teenagers now in days want because the media portrays them as a
successful person that has gained the respect of many people. They
worship all those drug lords and hope that they too would get worship if
they do have the same type of lifestyle as they do. The main target they
have in mind is the abundance of money they would have and driving a
truck just like the drug lord they worship.
To conclude, John Bergers statement is true depending on the
environment that you are in, changes the perspective of the art you are
either viewing or hearing. Corridos is viewed very different by the
community in Mexico they see it as a deadly type of art. The community
in the U.S. has a way different perspective from that type of art, they see

it as a lifestyle they would really like to live so they as well can be
glorified by other people just like they glorify the drug lords. You have
two neighboring countries most of their communities in those countries
listen to the same type of music but both of them have a very distinct
perspective of art they are listening to.

2 in 1 Effect
Eric Salgado
The reproduction of art will always be made by man. Its in our nature to
remake things that attract people's eye's. In my opinion I believed that
art doesn't need reproduction but just a simple appreciation.
Art may be described in a vast variety of options that mans
emotions are expressed. Art cannot be defined by any means of
category. It is to become the feeling the artist feels at the moment. Aura
is an important factor to art, the aura of a masterpiece can become seen
and felt once the art work is being envisioned by its audience. In the
sculpture I chose I felt a certain way about myself that I feel when I
begin to think of riddles or difficult math problems. Puzzled, I began
thinking about the gun why it would be tied into a knot at the end of the
barrel. The purpose of a gun is to shoot bullets and the gun I see is being
bent apart from its purpose. But that was just my first impression of the
After digging into
some research about the
bent gun sculpture I learned
that its the sculpture that
the UN has at their
headquarters in New York.
By: UN

Its a non-violence act of art. Referring back to the aura of art plays an
important role in this sculpture. Being surrounded by buildings of the
UN that is basically the world Police I believe that the importance of the
artwork is to send a message to the audience. The message being that
violence is not the solution anymore.
Violence is old news, the modern world lives in the acts of smart
decisions instead of rushed actions. This world has gone thru two world
wars. I believe our superiors learned that war is the final option of the
list of conflict resolutions. This artwork is a symbol that the UN is not
interested in solving problems by creating war with every nation that has
a different view or different opinion on a decision. Each side will try
their best to convince the opposing side to come to their senses and
agree on one single compromise that will benefit one side more than the
other. We cannot handle another war in this nation or any nation in that
matter. The bent barrel gives me the message of anti-war opinions by the
artist. Im more than positive that if I was looking at this in front of me I
would feel the same emotion and anger the artist felt when they made it.
Guns are a symbol of death, if its not used to kill animals its pointed at
In a way this sculpture speaks for itself, there is no other
explanation this gun gives its audience. The meaning if it is so great but
the message is so simple. What I mean is that it started off as a gun but
then a simple expression of a knot was added and changed the meaning
of the sculpture. How different would this have been if the knot wasnt
there, I would assume that they are pro-war and that the UN will most
likely find their interest on creating a war without hesitation.
Walter Benjamin had an issue with reproduction of an artwork or
masterpiece. He argued that once it is reproduced the copy will make the
meaning fade away as if the aura of the art will soon disappear. This is
important for artists, they cannot make this monument in front of a place
that is surrounded by lethal weapons and a pro-gun protestant area. This
form of reproduction will definitely defy its existence. The sculpture
would now become a mockery or a form of getting someone to laugh

because of its location. If this same monument was to be reproduced in
front of a political building this would make a lot more sense and the
audience would take it seriously instead of thinking about it as if was a
This sculpture could have been used as a pro-gun propaganda.
Benjamin expressed that the angle that art is being viewed changes the
masterpiece entirely. Someone could have took a picture of the
monument but cut off the bent part of the barrel to make it look like a
gun in front of the UN headquarters. The angle of the viewpoint changes
the meaning of art dramatically.
Benjamin knew that reproduction would end up creating different
meanings for art. People can see the difference it makes when they see
the real thing instead of seeing a picture. Its like seeing someone you
have not met in a picture then finally meeting the person and thinking
that he looked shorter I the picture. That is what Benjamin argued
against, the act or reproduction taking away the originality to fool the
person into believing something that wasnt the meaning of the art.


Group Analysis


Two Main Points: Aura and
Paulina Negrete, Xiomara Arnao, Elias Leon &
Eric Salgado

By: Mostafa Zamani
We came together as a group to join all our ideas in this essay. Each
point used made a similar connection to all of us regarding to art. This
essay helped us realize how significant the reproduction of art is and
how small key factors change your view of art completely. Our argument
is easily told by looking at the picture above.

As we viewed the video about art and how it changes with modern
technology, my group and I began to interpret the video with critical
analysis and thinking. We came into a conclusion of agreeing with the

video in the topic of art changing through time. The video argues
Benjamin view on aura and how he was right about technology
eventually pushing the authenticity away from an original painting. The
video argues that different perspectives of a painting can change the
entire mood setting of the tone it is trying to place on the audience.
Along with other key points Benjamins argument about aura
brought forth to my attention that the way art is viewed by television or
photographs we perceive a new form of art that is presented to us. As we
see the paintings from a setting other than its original face front we cant
see the authentic emotion it gives the viewer. Benjamins argument
became clear that technology has a large role in the misdirection of
artworks originality. Reproduction of art will always replace the real
meaning of it by allowing us to see a misdirected message that we make
up by judging art with our personal views. The message and aura a
painting is trying to show the viewer will be different by being able to
see the texture and techniques with the naked eye instead of seeing a
picture of the painting on television that seems vague and hard to
interpret. Benjamin explained the way art is changing today back during
the period of time where pictures were still black and white. His
arguments are supported by facts and statistics that prove his points on
the changing of aura in a painting. My group is convinced that his views
on art became very similar to ours after watching the video that
expressed Benjamins argument.

We recently watched a video in class, which explained multiple
things about art. The one topic that was the most interesting was when
the narrator talked about how the movement of a camera could change
the appearance of artwork. We disagree. Just because the camera is
moved or zoomed in does not mean that the meaning of the piece of art
is changed. It is just showing a zoomed in version of the original. It may
look like a different piece but it is not. Before admiring artwork, you

take a look at the artist that drew the painting and the paintings name.
The paintings name should give away what the artist was painting. For
example, it would not make sense if you saw a pink picture and it was
called, Ocean. If the painting were blue, it would make more sense.
The video explains that if the camera moves closer and focuses on a
small part of the drawing then it changes the picture completely. We
believe that each little part of a picture represents the picture as a whole.
Each small detail is there for a purpose and with that section missing, the
picture would not be complete.

Even though the authors of the articles we read had multiple ideas
and a strong argument, we consider ours better. When you look at a
painting painted by any artist, you could stand there quietly and it will
tell you a story. Each detail in art is going to tell some sort of story and
when you put them all together, you come up with a beautiful painting
and beautiful relation between the big picture and all of the small details.

One of Walter Benjamins major points was the loss of aura in
reproduced art. Benjamin explains that without aura the art works loses
it sense of authenticity and originality. Aura can be explained as the
abstract feeling that one feels as they witness the original work of art.
As mentioned the aura is something that is not tangible but felt within by
each individual. However, aura will soon become obsolete by the mass
reproduction of art we are creating due to the advancement in
technology. Extensions to all kinds of art and media have been created
as theorist Mcluhan explains in Marks Posters article The Aesthetics
of Distracting Media. The greatest extension that has extended the
eyes reach throughout the globe is television and film. All kinds of
people from all over the world are able to witness art all at the same time
as Mcluhan illustrates. We must agree that art is easily accessed and is
easily spread throughout all individuals all over the world or even at the

exact moment but the art has no meaning without aura. Restating again,
art loses complete meaning without aura. Aura is the key component of
art. No significance is shown, felt, or appreciated without the arts
authenticity. As television and film advance more and more the less we
will be able to experience aura. The true meaning of art is to
acknowledge or enjoy the great talent and dedication that is being
portrayed in the piece. Art was never meant to be unoriginal or
To conclude, we agree with John Bergers Ways of Seeing video.
There are two main reasons that were explained previously the aura and
the perspective of the camera which we did agree with John Berger.
John Berger emphasized that changing the perspective of the camera
changes the meaning of the painting, but in reality it is a small
contribution to the big meaning of the painting. The true meaning of art
is to acknowledge or enjoy the great talent and dedication that is being
portrayed in the piece. Art was never meant to be unoriginal or
meaningless. We agree that aura is the key point in every painting and it
should not lose its originality because that is what it is value for. John
Berger also explained that by zooming in or out the camera the meaning
of the painting changes in contrast we believe that each little part of a
picture represents the picture as a whole. Each small detail is there for a
purpose and with that section missing, the picture would not be
complete. Therefore no matter if you zoom in or out the painting the
meaning or the way you see the painting would not change because each
small part of the picture contributes to the meaning of it.


Paulina Negrete
Paulina believes that she has a unique way of writing. Since she
studies Journalism, she enjoys writing about the world and the problems
or lifestyles that come with it. Throughout the past couple of years, she
has taken the time to experiment with her writing to become more
diverse with her styles. She is passionate when it comes to something
that she loves or admires. Writing come easy to her and thats why she
enjoys it so much. While rereading the essay about her grandfather, she
actually felt as if he was still alive and there with her. She is very good
at imagery but can have writers block from time to time. However, when
writing things that are uninteresting she becomes dull and boring. She
prefers to write about what she thinks and her lifestyles. She blogs
constantly. Recently, she has realized that she struggles with being
unbiased. She always has an opinion about anything and everything. Its
not a bad thing because a writer should express their feelings in their
writings if its paragraph form or even poem form.
Writing is important for the soul. It makes you realize what you really
want in life and makes you imagine things that are the imaginable. It is
important because the things that you write makes you, you. Writing is
exciting and fun and people should be taking more advantage of their
creativity. She has discovered that it is better to just write your feelings
and thoughts down and then go edit your paper. Overthinking can lead to
writers block. She is someone who does not prefer to brainstorm unless
if it is a group essay and writing assignment. She thinks that her writing
style is narrative because narrative is personal. The best way to express
your thoughts and feelings is through narrative writing. She believes that
you have to risk writing what you think and not let anyone tell you that
your writing is not good enough or that you should feel embarrassed.

Embrace yourself and your creativity because being unique is the way to
Xiomara Arnao
Writing gives me the ability to express myself through words.
Sometimes the best way to tell your story is by writing it. Writing has
allowed me to tell my stories in unique ways. I might have told my story
through an essay, poem, song, or journal entry. The possibilities on how
a story is told in writing are endless. Sometimes it is hard to explain my
thoughts or emotions but with writing I have the sense of freedom to
express myself in anyway. Writing is like a friend who is there to listen,
intake all your information but will never talk back or be judgmental.
During my tough times in life I referred to writing. I felt that the
use of words would not help me alleviate my pain. Writing has become a
therapeutic method for me. I feel that if I continue to tell my story I will
be able to help others. That feeling is what helps me cope with my pain.
What I mostly enjoy about writing is using sensory details or very
specific details. I like to make the reader feel as if they were in my
shoes. I like my audience to smell what I smelled, visualize what I saw
or feel what I touched.
English has not been my strongest subject but over the years I have
been learning to take advice and suggestions in consideration, properly
express my thoughts with the write words or organize my essay in
proper format. Many have told me that the best way to write is just to
say whats on your mind. It may not be appropriate in some cases but
sometimes people just need to openly express themselves. Many things
should be left unsaid. Those things are meant to be written down.
Writing has really changed my way of expressing my feelings,
thoughts and emotions. I am artist when it comes to writing. I have a
blank canvas with endless opportunities of creations.

Elias Leon
I write to let all my thoughts out, my emotions, my memories and
my life time experience. It is psychological it helps me cool down and
for at least some minutes I can clear out my mind and just focus on my
thoughts. No one can tell me I am wrong because I write in my own
style and I write what I want to write. I do not have to follow any format
I free write. I simply get a pen and write until I have nothing in mind. I
leave no thoughts behind that is why writing is important to me it is a
way of expressing yourself without letting anyone know because the
only one that are there with you is yourself, a pen and a piece of paper.
That is the beauty of writing letting your feelings out without
mentioning it to anybody. It is the safest way to let every thought out. It
is your thoughts, your feelings, and your secrets that you share with a
pair of utensils and trust me they would not tell your secrets to anyone.
Like I previously mentioned my style of writing is free writing because I
do not have to follow any format you just get a pen or pencil and start
writing until you feel you wrote every thought you had in mind. I
honestly do not write to satisfy others the only person I satisfy is I. If I
feel that I wrote what I felt then that is good enough to me as long as my
writing came out the way I felt it should come out.
What I have noticed about my writing is that I first write every
idea I have in mind because I know that if I do not write it down I will
forget later on when I start writing my essay or any paper. After I write I
like to read what I just wrote then I read it again and that is when I start
looking for grammatical errors and I continue the process again after I
finish correcting my paper the first time. After reading it three times I go
ahead and write my paper again, but this time with all the corrections I
made to the paper. I then repeat the process I did in my first paper and
this usually minimizes my grammatical errors as I go along.

Writing can be your best friend or even the father that gives church
every Sunday the one you go to when you go confess yourself and he
cannot tell your confessions to anyone. Well writing can work the same
way you tell it all your thought on a sheet of paper and it well not let
anyone else know as well. Words can be very powerful if you know how
to use them properly. I have got in to arguments with my parents when I
was younger yea it hurt when they would tell me I was grounded I could
not go play soccer. There is always something that hurts more and that is
words for instance they would tell me you are grounded therefore we
are not going to take you to your soccer game this weekend! Yup that
hurts but like I said words are very powerful if you know how to use
them properly. For instance I have had my parents tell me, Son we
trusted and believed you, but you really disappointed me. That small
phrase is stronger that it looks. That is why I choose my words wisely.
Writing is significantly important to me it helps me clear my mind off of
things and use powerful words that can have an impact on myself and
others, as that is why I write.

Eric Salgado
Writing comes to me as I think about what my topic is based on. I
cant prepare for an essay or writing assignment. My strongest writing
skills come from the top of my head because its like my personal aura. I
enjoy writing when it comes to me. My style is unorganized and
spontaneous because its hard for me to know what Im going to write
about. So my style kicks in when Im in front of my laptop or have my
hands on a piece of paper. Writing became extremely important to me
after high school because in order to keep up with college classes I had
to learn how to write and not sound so ghetto with my words and writing
style. Learning to take writing seriously became a necessity because I

recently got a job at Wells Fargo. The professional atmosphere they
preserve was intimidating to me. After learning what Mrs. Marcelo
taught us in class about knowing who the audience is and the rhetoric
that is being demanded by the jobs standards I knew how to approach
writing my resume for the job. I was told by the branch store manager
that my resume made him think I was an experienced individual and that
he did not expect to see an eighteen year old young man when he
interviewed me for the job position. I would like to thank you Professor
because if it was not for your teaching technique I would have not been
able to write such a strong resume. I write because it helps me improve
my skills and knowledge. The reason I enjoyed my English class this
semester was because I was exposed to a completely different writing
style that I was used to. I liked blogging about our essays. I can proudly
say that I have mastered uploading files on the internet now. Things I
learned this semester was that I cannot sit on computer for more than
three days constantly writing essays. I have found my writing style as an
unorganized writer. That might sound sloppy but it works for me and
helps me better my writing standards by exposing me to my comfort
zone. In high school I was taught to write a certain style that I did not
enjoy. But entering college Im being taught to write how I want to
express myself instead of following the instructors guidelines. Freedom
was given to me to enjoy what Im writing about. I discovered that I
cant be limited to writing myself a strong essay. If I put effort and a lot
of ideas into my writing I can create something that expresses who I am
as a writer instead of someone writing because they have to. I like to cut
to the chase and be direct into whatever it is Im trying to explain. I
enjoyed my English class this semester and I hope I get into more
classes like this one because I want to know exactly what Im capable of
so I may master my styles to become the best I can be as a writer and as
a person.