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Mentor Mentee Form

The form needs to be filled in by the allotted mentor and his/her friends.
All the questions are compulsory
The complete form needs to be signed by the mentor and submitted latest by 15/07/2013
The mentee also needs to submit a photograph (in hard or soft copy) of themselves with
their mentor, clicked outside the college premises.
There are few tasks to be completed. Please refer Question no. 11.
Top three Mentor-Mentees will be awarded on freshers.

Q1 a) Name of Mentor
b) Date of Birth
c) Specialization
d) Hobbies

Q2. School & Under Grad. College

Q3. Work Ex. (If Any)

Q4. Nick Name of your Mentor

Q5. Most crazy/funny moment for your Mentor

Q6. Your mentors crush in college

Q7. Strengths of your Mentor

Q8. Weaknesses of your Mentor

Q10. Tag line to describe your Mentor (To be filled by his/her best friend)

Q11. Tick once completed (Points will be allotted for each completed task)
o Liked FORE Alumni Networks official Facebook page
o Identified names of all FAN Committee Members (Name All)

o Met at least 5 of my Mentors friends (Signatures of all)

o Hung Out with my Mentor (attach picture)

To be filled in by the Mentee

Date of Birth:

Q1. Hobbies/Interests

Q2. Describe yourself; mention your strengths & weakness

Q3. Craziest thing that you have ever done

Q4. Preferred Specialization

Q5. Describe your interaction with the mentor.

Q6. Expectations from Mentor

Note: In return for becoming acquainted with your seniors personal details all the juniors are
requested to give something handmade to their respective mentors along with the form .(It can be
a handmade card, a letter, or maggi, etc)
The mentors can show their appreciation in accordance with the efforts made by the mentee.

Date Submitted on: Mentors Signature: