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Im so excited to be your English teacher this year.

is a very exciting time in your academic careers, starting
high school is a big change in many ways and I am here
to help you all to transition and learn successfully. In the
following pages I have laid out the expectations that I
have for you as well as what you can expect from me and
from this class. I ask that both students and parents/
guardians read through these pages before the first day
of class, we will be reviewing the information in class as
well. Parent involvement is very important so please do
not hesitate to contact me and ask questions.

Im looking forward to a great year!

- Ms. Thornton
www. englishclass.comClass website
Homework assignments and due dates will be posted weekly, I encourage
both parents and students to use the website in order to stay on top of the
assigned work.
www.highschool.comSchool website
RThornton@mail.edu xxx-xxx-xxxx classroom #

Please use these to contact me if there is anything you need, Communica-
tion with parents/guardians is a key part of success for my students.
In my classroom learning will be a collaborative activity, this is why one of my ex-
pectations is student engagement. In order to learn students must be actively in-
volved each day. There will be lectures from time to time but students will be ex-
pected to answer questions, offer insights and think actively each day.
We will engage in a range of activities in order to activate every style of learning,
from creative projects to written essays. One of my greatest expectations is met-
acognitive learning, students must be able to demonstrate how they know what
they know and be able to use the skills that we learn.
We will have a full schedule every day and students will be engaged in activities
from the first through the last second of class so I expect students to make the
best use of their time in my class by focusing all of their attention on the task at
In my classroom questions and insights are always welcome. I encourage stu-
dents to ask questions often and always pay attention not only to what I am say-
ing but also to the insights of their fellow classmates, students can learn a lot from
each other.
My goal is for students to have fun in my class, feel that this is a safe place to ask
for help and explore ideas, develop a sense of community with their classmates
and a sense of accomplishment with all that they do and learn here.
Show respect for your fellow students and your teacher
Come to class prepared with all supplies and assigned work
Actively participate in class discussions
Follow all classroom rules
Try your best everyday to learn and master the required content
Focus on learning while in the classroom, leave all personal and
social concerns at the door.

Treat my students with respect as individuals.
Provide a safe and inviting classroom environment.
Be available outside of class to answer questions and pro-
vide additional help with classwork.
Provide the content in an engaging and accessible way.
Provide the needed discipline.
Monitor student attendance
Contact me with any questions concerns etc.
Make use of the class website to monitor their students learning
Attend parent /teacher conferences
Reinforce the value of education
Keep your hands to yourself.
Raise your hand to speak/contribute.
Use respectful language always.
Treat all substitutes and classroom visitors with respect.
Cell phones/electronic devices are to remain off and out of sight.
Negative attitudes and comments are strictly forbidden.
On time means students are in their seats when the bell rings
Once the bell has rung conversations should be over and focus is on learning.
Each day begins with a warm up activity, students are responsible for reading and beginning
this on their own.
All belongings must be underneath your seat, if you have more than can fit there place it in
the designated area.
All assignments due will be listed on the board daily, students are responsible for keeping
track of what is due each day.
Students must turn in work to the designated trays on their own.
Late work is accepted for five days after original due date, 5% of grade is lost each day up
to the fifth day.
Absent students must check the absentee file for missed work and turn in within 3 school
days for full credit. (Unless separate arrangements have been made).
*Additional procedures will be introduced throughout the first 2 weeks of
class, these will be posted on the class website for parents as well.
In the event that students engage in serious or repeated misbehaviors teacher interven-
tion will be necessary, parents will be notified by phone call or email for all events past
step 3, parent insight and involvement is welcomed in dictating the specifics of step 4.
Step 1Verbal Warning
Step 2Conversation after class to determine cause and solution for the behavior.
Step 3Phone call to parent/guardian and student may be removed from the classroom
Step 4Behavior contract enacted and maintained for the remainder of the semester.
Step 5Trip to the principal, student will receive, referral, detention (whatever the school
policy is).

*Any behavior that continues beyond step 5 will be dealt with on a case by case basis, suspension is an op-
tion at this point.
*certain offenses, noted in the school handbook, may bypass steps 1 through 4 and be immediately dealt with
by school policy.
*Particularly damaging or disruptive behavior may bypass step 1 or 2 at the teachers discretion.
*A behavior contract is written with student insight and agreement not to continue the specific offensive behav-
ior and consequences as well as rewards will be specified. Student will review their progress in upholding the
agreement weekly, or daily if necessary.

The above consequences are necessary to facilitate a setting conducive
to learning for all students and are meant to offer the opportunity for students to re-
flect on and adjust their behavior for their own benefit.