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Samadhaan -2k14

Samadhaan -2k14
Solve any 3 of the following
A. Estimate the number of denims sold in India in a year.
B. Estimate market for bicycles in India.
C. Estimate litres of Cola consumed in a day in India.
D. Estimate the number of one rupee coins that would t
in a normal size room
E. Estimate the number of vehicles crossing the road in
front of HCT
Solve any 3 of the following
A. Is it possible to arrange six long round pencils so that each of them
touches all the others?
B. Is it possible to distribute 127 $1 bills among 7 different wallets so that
sum of $1 though $127 can be paid without opening the wallets?
C. Can a knight start at a square of a1 and go to square h8 visiting each
of the remaining squares exactly once on its way?
D. The numbers 1 through 10 are written in a row. Can the signs + and -
be placed between them, so that the value of the resulting expression
is 0? (Note that negative numbers can also be even or odd)
E. Can one make change of a 25-ruble bill, using in all ten bills each
having a value of 1, 3, or 5 rubles?