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P33 > Forget Sh3bn for Anglo Leasing, says Rotich Minister states Treasury will not honour
P33 > Forget Sh3bn for Anglo Leasing, says Rotich
Minister states Treasury will not honour fresh demand but is preparing mini budget for Sh1.4bn

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Nairobi | Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Kenya’s new Model dads Living Magazine They attend clinic religiously and rush home after work
Kenya’s new
Model dads
Living Magazine
They attend clinic
religiously and rush
home after work to
bathe their babies

POLITICS | Opposition vows to hold welcoming fete despite ban on gatherings over security fears

Cord to defy police order on Raila rally

This order is issued against a backdrop of various aspects of insecurity which we are
This order is issued against a backdrop of various aspects of insecurity which we are
This order is issued against a backdrop of various aspects of insecurity which we are
This order is issued against a backdrop of various aspects of insecurity which we are

This order is issued against a backdrop of various aspects of insecurity which we are currently addressing”

I want to urge all Cord supporters to turn up in large numbers to receive our leader, Mr Raila Odinga. We are asking the police to provide security.”

Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba

Inspector-General of Police David Kimaiyo

>> Showdown looms as IG outlaws all political gatherings with just three days to Opposition meeting set for Nairobi

>> Namwamba says nothing will stop welcoming ceremony for former PM who arrives from US on Saturday Pg4

New roads, railway proposed in bold plan to rebuild city






N ew roads will be built to connect various parts of

Nairobi while old ones will

be expanded in an ambi- tious plan to transform it into a modern and attrac- tive city. The plan, which was launched yesterday, also proposes to demolish old

estates in the Eastlands suburbs to pave way for highrise buildings where city residents can work and live. It also proposes to re- vamp railway transport to ease the movement of peo- ple into and out of the city in a move that will reduce reliance on matatus and private vehicles. Under the plan Governor Evans Kidero launched yesterday, a special lane will be set aside for buses


INNOVATION | Matatu owners launch fare card for commuters

2 INNOVATION | Matatu owners launch fare card for commuters SALATON NJAU | NATION Matatu Owners


Matatu Owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai (red tie) with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko (with hat) and other matatu leaders during the launch of a pay card to be known as “My 1963” for use by commuters. The card was launched at the Laico Regency Hotel in Nairobi yesterday ahead of the July deadline for matatu operators to adopt a cashless payment system. FULL STORY ON PAGE 33


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2 | National News


DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

MASTERPLAN | Estates in Eastlands will be demolished to pave way for highrise buildings where city residents can live and work

New roads and railways proposed as


in the bold plan to change public transport, one of the biggest chal- lenges facing the city that is also the national capital. It is expected that vast tracts of land owned by the Kenya Railways will be used to build a railway city while electricity way-leaves will pro- vide additional land for infrastructure development. The central business district will be linked to adjoining areas by road and rail under the urban transport compo- nent. Already, contracts for expanding Outer Ring and Enterprise roads have already been awarded. The roads are expected to include an extra lane for use by smart buses under the rapid transit system.

Railway city

Other developments under the

urban transport component include

a flyover to link the CBD to the

proposed railway city, construction

of the northern part of circumferen-

tial road connecting Mbagathi and Kilimani areas and development of new bus and matatus termini in the railway city. The plan would also see the expan- sion and improvement of the existing water and electricity supply while also addressing the challenges posed by pollution and waste management. On water, the plan is to ensure neighbouring counties like Kiambu increase supply to the city by 800,000 cubic metres by 2030. Mr Tom Odongo, the executive member in charge of Land, Housing and Physical Planning, yesterday said all sectors in the city must anchor their development plans on the mas-

terplan otherwise they will experience difficulties in securing funding from the county government. The draft plan has been forwarded

the county government. The draft plan has been forwarded PHOEBE OKALL | NATION Nairobi Governor Evans


Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero (left), the County Executive in charge of Land, Housing and Physical Planning, Mr Tom Odongo with Jica senior representative Koji Noda during yesterday’s launch of the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Masterplan at Charter Hall. According to the plan, bus and matatu termini and railway stations will be built to ease mass transport.

to the National Environment Man- agement Agency (Nema) for approval while the County Assembly is expected to debate and approve it by July. Details on sectoral developments will be worked out before the mas- terplan can be implemented. At this stage, the county govern- ment will be able to indicate how much it will cost to implement the masterplan that was developed with



the assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica). A senior Jica representative, Mr Koji Noda, said some of the problems fac- ing the city resulted from lack of a masterplan. The Japanese agency will second an expert to the county planning depart- ment to assist in the implementation of the masterplan. “Nairobi is both a capital city of Kenya and a logistics hub in the region. Making it attractive through implementing an integrated master- plan would attract investment and improve the city’s competitiveness,” Mr Noda said. Dr Kidero committed to ensure the

masterplan is implemented and that legislative and institutional require- ments are met. A planning officer from the county government, Ms Rose Muema, said the team that drafted the masterp- lan held 23 consultative meetings in sub-counties and also consulted the four counties which border Nairobi. A further 64 meetings were conducted in wards including focus group meetings. The team also organised drawing and essay writing competitions that involved 320 pupils in the county. The last masterplan for the city developed in 1973 was not fully im- plemented.


Population set to hit 5.2m by 2030

3.1 million: The population of Nairobi in 2009. This grew to 3.6 million last year and is projected to hit 4.6 million in 2023 and 5.2 million by 2030. 354,221: Amount, of water, in cubic metres that city residents consumed in their homes in 2009. This rose to 399,750 last year and is project to hit 533,255 by 2023 and 599,437 by 2030. 69,044: Amount of water, in cubic metres used by industries in 2009. This reached 79,229 last year and will hit 119,888 in 2030.


The number of meetings held before county government came up with new masterplan.


We plan to strengthen the sub-centres to promote balanced development by narrowing the east- west gap”

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero

the east- west gap” Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero Blueprint to ease crowding in CBD BY NATION

Blueprint to ease crowding in CBD



Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero yesterday launched a development masterplan aimed at decentralising so- cial and economic activities from the city centre. Dr Kidero said a majority of the 3.5 million residents concentrate their activities in the CBD, resulting in heavy population and traffic jams. To address the problem, the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Mas- terplan (Niuplan) 2014-2018 proposes the adoption of a sub-centre system called bi- polar corridor development on land use and settlement. The draft proposes that nodes located on the inter- change of the expected road network should be created in seven sub-centres that include Runda-Ruaka, Ruiru, Ruai, Karen and Lang’ata, which are sparsely populated. “We plan to strengthen

the sub-centres to promote balanced development by narrowing the east-west gap, while easing pressure on the CBD and dispersing social activities throughout the county,” he said. Establishment of sub- centres was expected to synchronise urban and transport development. The plan proposes an in- tegrated road network and enhancement of the transport system in the CBD.

Individual houses

It identifies Kilimani as one of the estates where land use has changed from individual houses to construction of apartments. “It was developed with technical assistance of Japan with support of the Kenyan government. The document is expected to transform the way things are done in the city and should be supported by residents,” Dr Kidero said.

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014


National News


Kidero unveils bold plan to rebuild city

County hopes to provide residents with enough water and avoid wastage as Nairobi expands




P oor infrastructure, waste man-

agement and water collection,

are among the problems facing

Nairobi. The county government yesterday launched a draft master plan expected to tackle these challenges as the city seeks to become globally attractive. The other headache for the gover- nor and his team is lack of power to run electric trains. The county hopes to provide its residents with enough water and avoid wastage as urbanisation takes shape, especially along the Thika Superhighway. According to the Integrated Urban Development Master Plan for the City of Nairobi, the water pipelines, reservoirs and distribution networks, which are old and dilapidated, need to be rehabilitated.

The main reservoirs

Buildings have been constructed on pipelines while use of substand- ard material for portable water is common. To reverse the situation, the devel- opment of a water supply system from the main reservoirs has started and should be completed by 2035. The development is expected to be conducted in five phases with Phase One being the well field development in Kiunyu and Ruiru. The second phase of the northern collector and the water supply sys- tem, including Ngorongo, have also commenced. The city has a projected population of more than five million by the year 2030 — up from the three million recorded during the 2009 census. Storm water in the city is collected through both natural and man-made drainage systems, and is drained into

Road network proposed in 2006 Key Northern Bypass Rd 2010 New Development 2015 Widening 2025
Road network proposed in 2006
Northern Bypass Rd
New Development
Limuru Rd
Kiambu Rd
Thika Rd
Komo Rock Rd
Waiyaki Way
Outering Rd
Ngong Rd
Eastern Bypass
Southern Bypass
Langata Rd
Mombasa Rd

Nairobi River. Now the county plans to develop Gitathuru, Ruai Ruaka, Nairobi and Ngong rivers for the management of storm water drainage. “Each of these rivers should be equipped with hydraulic capacity suf- ficient to discharge the storm water runoff from its catchment area,” reads part of the report. The urban development department of the county also wants to introduce equipment for the collection of rain water for uses other than human consumption. Much remains to be done on this project, however, due to several drawbacks, including lack of infor- mation. Most of the sewage from the city will be treated at the Dandora Sewer- age Treatment Plant, which currently has inefficient and low treatment ca-

Plant, which currently has inefficient and low treatment ca- FILE | NATION Nairobi in 2010. The


Nairobi in 2010. The county yesterday unveiled plans to improve the city.

pacity, even after it was improved. The report paints a grim picture and shows that only 35 per cent of effluent generated in Nairobi is conveyed to the sewerage treatment works, while 65 per cent is released into the envi- ronment without treatment. The plan calls for the establishment of an institutional system for waste management at the national level, not- ing that the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) has the responsibility to set up the na- tional laws and regulations. “While the Environment Manage- ment and Coordination Regulations (2006) is the basic law in Kenya and the City Council by-laws of 2007 have been established, there are no specific regulations or guidelines for planning and operation of solid waste man- agement at the national and county levels,” the report says.

The existing landfill of the Dandora dump site is poorly managed and the area is not designated a sanitary land- fill. Waste disposal in the area has also exceeded design capacity for landfill operations. The master plan recommends de- commissioning the dumping site and the implementation of the Japan In- ternational Cooperation Agency (Jica) Preparatory Survey, 2012. The survey recommended that the existing dumped waste be left where it is and not transported outside. It also recommends that waste located in private land adjacent to the project site be cleansed and transferred into the project site.

The cost of power

The county government also intends to cut the cost of power pro- duction, and has recommended to the power authorities that they review the demand projection. The master plan says that excess forecast may lead to excess construc- tion of power equipment leading to an increase in electricity cost. Although the county hopes that electric trains will become a real- ity, it has not considered providing electricity for them. Commuter trains operating in Nairobi run on diesel. “Diesel locomotives do not con- sume electricity, so there is no need to consider the electricity requirement for railways in the current situation,” says the report.

Traffic management

The transport plan proposes a multi-modal development. This includes the road network, public transport network and traffic management. The plan identifies priority projects as a flyover, which is expected to link the CBD to the Railway Station, widening of the busy Enterprise Road, construction of a C-2 road in the Northern part, a new bus and matatu terminus and commuter train operations. Infrastructure covers supply of water and power, storm water drainage and sewerage, power supply, solid waste management and telecommunications.

supply of water and power, storm water drainage and sewerage, power supply, solid waste management and

4 | National News

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

SHOWDOWN | Coalition leaders accuse Kimaiyo of seeking to return country to the dark old days

Cord vows to defy police ban on Raila meeting

Security agents say since all attention will be on Madaraka Day preparations, making the rally vulnerable to attack by terrorists

making the rally vulnerable to attack by terrorists We have no doubt in our minds that

We have no doubt in our minds that this cowardly act is meant to derail Cord’s activities which are peaceful and legal”










A confrontation between security

forces and opposition supporters

looms after Cord leaders swore to

defy the government’s “cowardly” decision to ban political rallies in the city. Cord insisted that a planned rally to welcome its leader Raila Odinga at Uhuru Park on Saturday is still on. The former Prime Minister has been in the United States for two months, on what has been described as a lecture tour. Police said they were banning all ral- lies for the forseeable future because of security fears. Madaraka Day is the same weekend and while the challenges of securing two big public events in a city under almost con- stant attack by terrorists are considerable, there are also suspicions in the opposi- tion that the government is interfering with their rights.

Police need space

Announcing the rally ban, Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo said police needed space to tackle security, including terror attacks, experienced in the country recently. “In this regard, therefore, we have to prioritise the interests and security of all Kenyans by calling off all political meetings and processions in the country to prevent

and pre-empt any criminal incidents includ- ing terror,” he said in a statement. But Cord leaders Moses Wetangula, James Orengo and Farah Maalim con- demned the ban, saying they would not be cowed. Mr Wetangula said by banning political rallies due to terror threats, the IGP “is telling Kenyans and the world that the terrorists are winning”. He described the move as a “cowardly act” insisting that the Saturday rally would go on with a build-up meeting at Dagoretti North on Friday. “We have no doubt in our minds that this cowardly act is meant to derail Cord’s ac- tivities which are peaceful, which are legal, which are constitutional,” Mr Wetangula told journalists outside Mr Kimaiyo’s of- fice soon after the ban notice was released to the Press. “On Saturday we are going to have a reception for the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and a rally at Uhuru Park regardless. ‘‘On Friday, we are going to have a build- up rally in Dagoretti North in Kawangware where we are going to address our support- ers,” said the Bungoma senator.

No threat to security

Mr Wetangula said the party had held previous meetings in Mlolongo and Baba Dogo which were no threat to security. Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba de- scribed the ban as a “disguised attempt to return the country to police brutality”. Mr Namwamba, who featured promi- nently in rallies organised by Cord as a build-up to the Saturday event, said his party would continue with the plans for the rally. Mr Odinga’s spokesman, Mr Dennis Onyango, said the former Prime Minister was not involved in arranging his home-

Prime Minister was not involved in arranging his home- EVANS HABII | NATION Cord leaders (from


Cord leaders (from left) Reuben Ndolo, Moses Wetangula, Farah Maalim and James Orengo walk to the office of IGP David KImaiyo yesterday to ask for security for their Saturday rally.

coming reception. “The team here came up with the idea. The team was to come up with a programme and share it with him for input. That had not happened by the time police announced the ban,” Mr Onyango said. He said the team led by Mr Wetangula and Senator Orengo was still trying to se- cure a meeting with the Inspector General after which they would brief Mr Odinga to get his input. Mr Kimaiyo referred to intelligence re- ports that criminal elements might take advantage of huge political gatherings to carry out attacks. “This order is issued against a backdrop of various aspects of insecurity which we are currently addressing,” he said. County Commissioner Njoroge Ndirangu said the County Security Committee had suspended all rallies. “The prevailing security situation cannot allow for holding any public rally in the county this weekend,” Mr Ndirangu, the

chairman of the Nairobi County Security Committee said. Police were deployed on a security operation, others were involved in Madaraka Day preparations and celebra- tions, he said. “We are focusing on making Madaraka Day celebrations secure and successful and ensure that all Kenyans are accorded an opportunity to celebrate their achieve- ments,” Mr Ndirangu said. Mr Namwamba said the ban was intended to cause “unnecessary fear” among Kenyans while taking advantage of the security situation to “disguise a rebranded political oppression”. “I want to urge all Cord supporters wher- ever they are to turn up in large numbers to receive our leader, Mr Raila Odinga. We are asking the police to provide security.” Mr Namwamba said. He challenged Mr Kimaiyo to use his in- dependent office for the good of the public rather than, he claimed, to facilitate the return the country to the dark old days.

office for the good of the public rather than, he claimed, to facilitate the return the
office for the good of the public rather than, he claimed, to facilitate the return the
office for the good of the public rather than, he claimed, to facilitate the return the
office for the good of the public rather than, he claimed, to facilitate the return the


Wednesday May

28, 2014

National News


GUN ATTACK | Companion nursing gunshot wounds at KNH

Friend tells how Maina survived

Former Mungiki leader ‘ducked under dashboard’ when gunmen opened fire on vehicle in an isolated section of road

opened fire on vehicle in an isolated section of road The driver was the first target.
opened fire on vehicle in an isolated section of road The driver was the first target.

The driver was the first target. The shooting was concentrated on the driver’s side, possibly to stop the vehicle”

Maina Njenga’s friend who also survived shooting

senger seat but he ducked under the dashboard. The bullets missed Mr Njenga and, instead, hit a male passenger who was

missed Mr Njenga and, instead, hit a male passenger who was the stomach and bled to

the stomach and bled to death before reaching hospital. “I was sitting at the back with the two women and we chatted happily as we cruised,” said the source. Both men in front died under a hail of bullets. After the shooting, the attackers alighted from their vehicles and in- spected the two cars as if to ensure their mission had been accomplished and then drove off. Mr Njenga waited for the attackers to flee the scene before crawling out of the Subaru as a small crowd began to gather at the scene.



F ormer Mungiki leader Maina Njenga survived a gun attack by ducking under the dash-

board, a close friend who was in the escort vehicle revealed yesterday. The friend, who cannot be named for security reasons, said the at- tackers opened fire on the Subaru Forrester carrying Mr Njenga in an isolated section of the Gilgil-Nya- hururu road, killing his driver and cousin Dickson Mwangi instantly. Speaking to the Nation from the Kenyatta National Hospital, where he is nursing gunshot wounds, the man said the attackers struck after overtaking the two vehicles when they had slowed down on approach- ing a bump on the newly-tarmacked road. “The driver was the first target. The shooting was concentrated on the driver’s side, possibly to stop the vehicle,” said the survivor. After killing the driver, the attack- ers turned their guns on Mr Njenga, who was sitting on the front pas-


Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga at Avenue Hospital in Nairobi on Monday. Right: The car in which Mr Njenga was travelling in.

seated on the rear seat directly behind him, killing him instantly. Mr Njenga’s wife, Ms Wairimu Nyambere, who was seated behind the driver, escaped the bullets but was fatally injured after being tossed out of the vehicle when it veered off the road and overtuned. The attackers then trained their guns on the second car, a Toyota Premio, which had five occupants — three men and two women, including our source. Only the source and a woman identified as Akinyi survived the gunshots. The second woman was shot in

Court orders release of 26 soldiers


The Court of Appeal yesterday ordered the release of 26 former Kenya Defence Forces soldiers who were being detained at the Kenya Navy Mtongwe base. Judges Hannah Okwengu, Ma- khandia Asike and Fatuma Sichale, sitting in Malindi, also directed the court martial to suspend charges of desertion of duty against the soldiers until the outcome of another case filed at the High Court in Mombasa over the detainees’ rights is heard.

Bond of Sh500,000

In the judgment read by Justice Sichale, the judges said Mr Justice Edward Muriithi of the High Court in Mombasa was right in releas- ing the ex-soldiers on a bond of


The judges noted that if they or- dered the case at the court martial to proceed while the constitutional petition was pending in the High Court, it may render the case nu- gatory. Justice Muriithi had also ordered the suspension of the court martial for 60 days to allow the court to establish whether the accused’s con- stitutional rights had been violated. Their lawyer argued they couldn’t be charged since they did not abscond duties as they had been cleared.

TA here to stay, says Wamwangi


Transition Authority boss Kinuthia Wamwangi, has dismissed calls for disbanding of the agency, saying his term was supposed to last 10 years. He said the demand by politi- cians, especially governors, was misplaced as the shortest time such an agency had been in of- fice anywhere in the world was 10 years. “We are going nowhere. The newborn called Devolution can catch a disease as he grows,” said Mr Wamwangi. He was speaking yesterday at Thika School for the Blind where he joined pupils in a hair dressing and beauty therapy sponsored by Black and Gold Hair Republik salon. The TA chairman said the author- ity was facing financial problems, adding that they were talking to the National Government to be al- located more money in the 2014/15 financial year. “Although Parliament has passed laws on devolution, we cannot ef- fectively manage transition due to lack of cash,” he said, noting that distribution of assets and liabilities previously held by the defunct local authorities was yet to be finalised. The chairman, who was accompa- nied by beauty specialists, called on county officials to formulate clear policies on special schools.

Ousted governor to face senators


Kericho Governor Paul Chepkwony is today ex- pected to appear before a senatorial committee inves- tigating allegations by ward reps who impeached him. The governor’s fate lies with the committee that will look into the charges over the next 10 days before tabling its report for debate by the House. He said he was “thor- oughly prepared” to face the senators. Prof Chepkwony (below) said he had armed himself with all the necessary in- formation to defend himself against the allegation. His lawyer, Mr Kimutai Bosek, said the gov- ernor had faith in the impartiality of the Sen- ate and

believed he would be vin- dicated. Yesterday the commit- tee met to strategise on how to proceed with the sitting that begins today at KICC. The governor has been accused of gross violation of the Constitution, the County Government Act 2012, the Public Finance Management Act 2012 and the Public Procurement and Disposal Act. The charges were largely cited by the 32 MCAs who impeached him two weeks ago but the Senate has the final say on whether he deserves to go home or to continue to serve as the Kericho governor. Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen yes- terday said he expected the governor to get a fair hearing just like his Embu counter- part Martin Wambora who has faced impeachment twice under four months. “We will not look at the charges as Jubilee or Cord but we will check on what is before us. We want to be as objective as possible,” said Mr Murkomen who was a vice- chairman of the team that kicked out Mr Wambora.

want to be as objective as possible,” said Mr Murkomen who was a vice- chairman of
want to be as objective as possible,” said Mr Murkomen who was a vice- chairman of

6 | National News


DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

INSECURITY | Source says arms lost, but police deny

Mystery of guns in Al-Shabaab attack

Police boss declines to speak about ‘sensitive security matters’ in media






T he men who shot dead

two Kenya soldiers in

Lamu also stole their

guns and then vanished, po- lice sources have said. However, Lamu East police chief Samuel Obara said he was not aware that guns were stolen. “I don’t have any informa- tion concerning the theft of G3 rifles. Furthermore, we are not going to discuss sen- sitive security matters in the media,” Mr Obara told the Na- tion in a telephone interview yesterday. The soldiers were killed by suspected Al-Shabaab militia

after they were caught resting while their colleagues enjoyed refreshments after their vehi- cle got stuck in the mud. They were attacked by men in a Toyota Land Cruiser reg- istration number KAV 599E. Two of the three soldiers – a corporal and a private - were killed. The third officer shot dead the attackers’ driver as his ac- complices escaped on foot, leaving behind their vehicle. The names of the felled


Our soldiers had pursued the attackers whom they believe could have fled to Somalia,”

Mr Obara, Lamu East police chief

soldiers have not been re- leased and the bodies were yesterday airlifted to Nairobi for autopsy. Mr Obara also said two other soldiers had been found after they were reported missing. “The officers had gone in pursuit of the Al-Shabaab but got lost on their way back,” he said.

Back in camp

Mr Obara said the soldiers reported to their camp at Ras Kamboni near the bor- der with Somalia yesterday morning. “Our soldiers went after the attackers whom they believed could have crossed into Soma- lia. But they are safely back in camp,” he said. Mr Obara said apart from the soldiers who were killed, no other Kenyan was injured. He, however, said they suspected some militants escaped with bullets wounds. The police boss said Kenyan soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers.

soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS
soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS
soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS
soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS
soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS
soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS
soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS
soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS
soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS
soldiers had launched a major manhunt for the killers. TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS

TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs

TERROR | CJ meets security chiefs EVANS HABIL | NATION Chief Justice Willy Mutunga (left) and


Chief Justice Willy Mutunga (left) and Chief of De- fence Forces Julius Karangi confer at the Supreme Court after a meeting between Judiciary bosses and security chiefs on Monday. The war on terror topped the agenda. Dr Mutunga said his team had agreed with the security chiefs to share information and increase dialogue on how to counter terrorism within the limits of the Constitution and human rights law. The group, which included Interior Minister Joseph ole Lenku and other officials, meets again tomorrow.

Police: Cancel bail of blast car owner



The prosecution has re- quested the cancellation of a Sh8 million bail granted to the owner of a car that exploded at Pangani Police Station. In a notice of motion filed before a Milimani court in Nairobi yesterday, a police officer swore that intel- ligence reports had linked Mr Ahmed Dugal Ali to a new round of terror attacks and that he could interfere with witnesses and inves- tigations. Mr Ali has been in cus- tody since he surrendered to the police on April 24, a day after the explosion that killed two officers and two terrorists. He had been directed to deposit Sh10 million as bond with two sureties to secure his free- dom pending the hearing of the case. Initially, a prosecutor said there were no instructions to oppose Mr Ali’s release on bail. Yesterday, Corporal Cyrus Ikade of the Anti- Terrorism Police Unit said the intelligence serv- ices had received credible information that Mr Ali “was planning to execute more terrorist acts”. “The acts the respondent


Date in April when accused handed him- self to police


Date in September 2013 when Westgate mall was attacked

is planning to execute are aimed at causing loss of innocent lives and destruc- tion of property in a bid to intimidate Kenyans and the government,” he said. The new development follows a complaint by the Executive against the Judiciary for handling terror suspects with kid gloves by releasing them on bond and frustrating the fight against terrorism. “The court should con- sider the case of Faud Abubakar Mansuab and another, who appeared in the Mombasa Law Courts. Faud was granted bail and subsequently absconded, only to resurface as one of the people behind the West- gate attack on September 21, 2013,” the police officer said.

Refugees must live in camps, insists Lenku


Refugees in urban areas are obliged to obey the law, a court heard yesterday. They must obey Kenyan rules and laws, Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku (below) said yes- terday in response to a case filed by over 500 refugees protesting against a directive requiring them to return to camps for registration. The minister defended his March 26 directive through a notice in the Kenya Gazette that urban refugees should return to Dadaab and Ka- kuma camps.

urban refugees should return to Dadaab and Ka- kuma camps. He said the refugees had not

He said the refugees had not fulfilled considerations to operate in urban areas, hence the move was to check their compliance. The lawyer for the Cabinet Sec- retary insisted that even though the urban refugees claimed to have ac- quired property and doing business to boost the economy, the directive was not a threat to their dignity and movement but a terrorism-related security measure. He said most of the refugees did not have work permits to engage in trade. Mr Justice David Majanja con- curred with the refugees’ argument that the directive was blanket and did not state the period they would spend in the camps. He demanded a copy of the said requirements.

Trader facing terror charge ‘is a Somali’


A man accused of financing ter- rorism is a Somali citizen who had acquired Kenyan identification documents illegally, a court heard yesterday. The prosecution told a Kibera court that witnesses from Isiolo, where Mr Abdifatah Bashir Ahmed claims he was born, will testify and prove that he is not from the region.


“We have five witnesses from Isiolo who are ready,” Inspector Justus Mugambi told the court. Mr Bashir, a Nairobi business- man, is accused of fraudulently obtaining a Kenyan identity card and being unlawfully present in Kenya, charges he has denied. Defence lawyer Kirathe Wandungi urged the court to adjourn the hear- ing as he had not been provided with statements. The case will be heard on Sep- tember 23.

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014


DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014 7

8 | National News

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

MINERAL | Key to 10,000 years of environment change

Carbon-rich peat found in Congo


forms from



plants, the

next step





S cientists have discovered a vast peatland in Congo-Braz- zaville.

It covers an area slightly under

one third the size of Kenya, and is

thought to contain billions of tonnes of peat, the carbon-rich material. Peat is formed from partially decayed vegetation, and is the next step towards coal formation.

A team from the Wildlife Con-

servation Society — Congo, Congo-Brazzaville Marien Ngouabi University and the University of Leeds discovered the peat that


Things you may not know

1. Peat is made from partly decomposed plant material and forms in waterlogged condi- tions. 2. Peat has been used as a fuel for centuries and is still sold to burn in fires to heat homes.

3. Peatlands cover less than three per cent of the land surface, but contain twice as much carbon as the world’s forests. 4. The IUCN says peat- lands is “overlooked and undervalued”. — BBC

the explorers claim “could shed light on 10,000 years of environ- mental change in this little-studied region”. The discovery team estimates that the peat covers between 100,000 and

200,000 square kilometres, and lay- ering up to seven metres in thickness beneath the ground. The scientists had to contend with wild animals and soggy ground since the area is water-logged. “Few people venture into these

swamps. They are difficult places to move and work in. You can only walk here for a couple of months a year, right at the end of the dry sea- son, so you have to time it right,” Dr Simon Lewis, team member from the University of Leeds told the BBC. The scientists first explored the area, starting from Itanga Village. They used satellite images which gave them a hint that the area was a vast carbon-rich peatland. Dr Lewis explained that “peat- lands are formed because the plant matter going into the soil is not fully decomposed”. “It requires slow conditions for the decomposition, so you naturally find most peatlands in the cold zones. It is rare to find them in the wet and warm tropics,” he added.

DEMO | MP runs into riot police MUCHIRI GITONGA | NATION Nominated MP Sarah Korere
DEMO | MP runs into riot police
Nominated MP Sarah Korere is caught up in a confronta-
tion with the police in Nanyuki Town, Laikipia County
yesterday. Police roughed up the MP and dragged her
on the road after a demonstration to protest at human-
wildlife conflict turned ugly.

Police vetting has ‘failed’ to restore trust


The vetting of police officers has achieved little in boosting public confidence in the service or making it more professional, a new report says. The findings by the Usalama Reforms Forum are an indictment on the National Police Service Com- mission, which grilled senior police officers and is expected to release part of the results today. “The public feels that everyone can pass the vetting as there are no clear criteria for determining an officer’s professionalism and competency to continue serving in the police service,” said Dr Charles Otieno, a senior researcher.

Past two years

The survey was conducted in the past two years on 1,531 respondents and 600 police officers in 18 coun- ties. Most people were dissatisfied with the vetting and questioned the retention of some senior police of- ficers, according to the report. The study found that while 56 pc of the respondents were aware of the vetting, only two percent knew the requirements for an officer to be cleared. Some 89 pc did not know why police were being vetted and 92 pc did not know their role in the process.

Recreation Facilities: *Swimming pool *Club house with gym *Children playground *Green landscaped gardens Starting
Recreation Facilities:
*Swimming pool
*Club house with gym
*Children playground
*Green landscaped gardens
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Kshs. 10m
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THREE BEDROOM MAYA BUNGALOW. Amenities: mall Petrol station, Swimming pool, Recreation Facilities, School 0720-800379 /


Amenities: mall Petrol station, Swimming pool, Recreation Facilities, School 0720-800379 / 0720-800466 / 0720-800530 /
Amenities: mall
Petrol station, Swimming pool,
Recreation Facilities, School
0720-800379 / 0720-800466 / 0720-800530 /
0720-800370 / 0720-800551
Website is www.villagio.co.ke


Wednesday May

28, 2014

National News


TV SWITCH | Media houses given 10 extra days to respond

Firms get more time in digital permit suit

Submissions expected in case challenging award of licence




T he Supreme Court

has given three media

houses 10 days to

respond to a suit by the government challenging the decision to award them a digital broadcasting licence. The court’s deputy registrar, Ms Lucy Njora, gave the direc- tions after the media houses asked for more time to file their responses. The dispute has led to the switch from analogue to digital television signals pushed to the end of September. Lawyer Kiragu Kimani representing Nation Media Group, Royal Media Services and Standard Media Group said the team of six law firms defending the media houses had not had time together to agree on the responses. “The different lawyers are involved in several other mat-

ters and we have not found time to sit together as a team to put in our responses. We need a few more days to file our submissions,” said Mr Kiragu (right). Ms Njora allowed the re-

quest but said it would be the final chance for any party who wished to put in more submis- sions before a date is set for the hearing of the case. “I allow the request and any other party who wishes to put additional submis- sions is at liberty before the final mention on June 16 to set a hearing a date before the judges. Should there be non-compliance by any party, we will proceed and have the matter determined without

we will proceed and have the matter determined without ‘‘ We have not found time to


We have not found time to sit together as a team to put in our responses. We need more days”

Media firms lawyer Kiragu Kimani

their input,” she said. The Attorney-General, Communication Authority of Kenya and two foreign media houses moved to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal directed the govern- ment to issue the three media houses with a digital licence and scheduled the new switch- off date to September 30. Judges Roselyn Nambuye, David Maraga and Daniel Musinga ruled that the Com- munication Commission of Kenya (now CAK) as consti- tuted was not the right body to issue the digital broadcast licences. They also cancelled the licence CCK had issued to Pan African Network Group Kenya Ltd. According to the judges, the three media houses had a legitimate expectation to be issued with the licence based on the massive investment they have put in the televi- sion broadcast business and directed the government to issue them with the licence. The judges further stopped the Chinese owned StarTimes Television network and GoTv Limited from rebroadcast- ing programmes generated by the three media houses on grounds that it was a violation of their intellectual property. The Communication Au- thority of Kenya however claimed that the Appeal Court exceeded its jurisdiction.

TRAGEDY | Man found dead in his house JACOB OWITI | NATION Residents of Paw-Remo
TRAGEDY | Man found dead in his house
Residents of Paw-Remo in Kisumu struggle to get a glimpse of the body of Mr Jared Ochieng, 26.
Neighbours yesterday found him lying dead in a pool of blood in a house he shared with his wife.
The couple was said to have had frequent wrangles.

Lobby wants land laws changes


A lobby group has called for a review of laws governing land, saying they are inconsistent. Land Development and Governance Institute said unless the legislations are harmonised, reforms in the Lands ministry will not yield any fruits. The NGO now wants the National Assembly to “thor- oughly” audit the laws on the National Land Commission, the Land Act and the Land Registries which it says are overlapping and frustrating reforms The institute’s executive

director Mwenda Makathimo said the turf wars between the National Lands Commission and the ministry have largely


The number of respondents in the survey whose results were announced yesterday

been caused by statutes which give overlapping roles to the institutions. The institute particularly singled out the Land Regis- tration Act. This has been blamed for the

fights between the commission and ministry. “Parliament must effect amendments to ensure that the roles and functions given to the National Lands Commission and the lands ministry are consistent with the constitution,” said Mr Makathimo. He was speaking at a media briefing when they launched a report from a survey on citizen’s perception of the re- lationship between commission and the Ministry of Lands. The survey was conducted in

27 counties and involved 809

respondents. It revealed that

93 per cent had not interacted

with the NLC.

was conducted in 27 counties and involved 809 respondents. It revealed that 93 per cent had
was conducted in 27 counties and involved 809 respondents. It revealed that 93 per cent had
was conducted in 27 counties and involved 809 respondents. It revealed that 93 per cent had

10 | National News

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

SIGNIFICANCE| Their treatment suggests that the government sees the 11 as being instrumental in ending the Kiir-Machar feud

Looking after special guests from S. Sudan

Rebel leader Machar’s men being housed in Sh62m maisonettes under watchful eye




T hey were flown from cold cells and solitary confinement in Juba, South Sudan, to State

House, Nairobi, and later moved to the Sh1 million-a-month Windsor Park Villas on Kigwa Road. Each of the double-storey villas sits on 0.25 acres next to the ritzy Wind- sor Golf and Country Club, in a gated community, whose residents have full access to the golf club and the ritzy hotel. Owning one of the villas will set you back by Sh62 million, according to an on-line advert. Such is the five-star treatment the Government of Kenya accords Mr Pagan Okiech, General Oyay Ajak and Dr Majak Atem. The four are a part of the 11 former officials in President Salva Kiir’s government now residing in Kenya. The men ensconced in Windsor Villas had been accused of planning to overthrow the government after Africa’s youngest state exploded into a civil war but were released in a deal brokered by President Uhuru Kenyatta, underlining their strategic role in what will become of war-torn South Sudan.

“We are getting the best services

here. While in prison, we were only al- lowed to leave our cells when going to court,” says Mr Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth,

a former South Sudan Ambassador to

the United States, and the only mem- ber of the group who spoke to us. In custody, he preferred food from his wife; not prison grime. Now he only needs to pick up the phone to order the choicest of morsels and describes his lot as “guests of the President.” The goriest face of the South Sudan conflict was the Bentui massacre that happened when Dr Machar’s forces captured the capital of the oil-rich Unity State on April 22. More than 200 civilians were butchered in blood- letting reminiscent of the Rwandan massacre.

Targeted civilians

While maintaining that Dr Machar couldn’t have targeted civilians, Mr Gatkuoth says: “Human rights viola- tions have been committed by both

sides. The killings should be investi- gated and those responsible should be held to account.” In an exclusive interview with the Nation, Mr Gatkuoth wore the look of

a man removed from his motherland

obviously in deep thought about the bloodshed back home. He says he and 11 other former po- litical detainees from South Sudan are trying to unite South Sudanese after the bloody fallout between President Kiir and his then Vice-President, Dr Machar. The 11, he adds, had no hand in the fighting that broke out

The 11, he adds, had no hand in the fighting that broke out LILLIAN ONYANGO| NATION


Mr Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth at Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club, Nairobi, where he granted an interview to our reporter on Saturday.

in December, but reiterates their call for a transition government. Under the watchful eyes and pro- tection of Kenyan security men in the quiet surroundings, the group spends day after day thinking about how to stop the war in a country Mr Gatkuoth describes as “being envel- oped in desperation”. “Juba is not the place it used to be.

It was booming. People were mak- ing money. Businesses are collapsing and investors are not coming back for fear that fighting could break out any time,” he says. We ask him what went wrong and why the country could not learn a les- son after 25 years of civil war with the north, now a separate state. “Lack of tolerance and visionary


What led to the armed conflict

According to Mr Gatkuoth, “When differences emerged within SPLM, Kiir failed to man- age them and dissolved the government in July, firing top officials including his deputy Ma- char. That was the last straw for the leaders.” Mr Gatkuoth adds that President Kiir’s decision to fire his fellow former combatants from the government set off a domino ef- fect that saw over 20,000 peo- ple killed in Juba. In a television broadcast, Mr Kiir blamed the fighting on a coup attempt.

leadership from Salva Kiir’s govern- ment,” he explains. Mr Kiir has led South Sudan under the Sudan People’s Liberation Move- ment since 2011 with Dr Machar as his Vice-President. He sacked him in 2013 and dissolved the Cabinet, precipitating the current crisis. “This one (the fighting) had been coming since 2011 when we had our independence,” says Mr Gatkuoth. “The army is split into two fac- tions — one supporting Machar and the other, Kiir. The whole leadership is in a shambles,” he says. The oil-rich nation has not known peace since it seceded from Sudan. In 2012, it was caught up in a dispute with Khartoum over the oil-rich re- gions such as Heglig and Abyei. Then its own people turned against one another in a battle of ethnic supremacy. “Machar is a Nuer and Kiir a Dinka. Since 2005 they have navigated through difficulties and contradic- tions while working together until July 9, 2011, when we broke away from Sudan and the two formed the government,” says Mr Gatkuoth, who is allied to the Machar faction.

says Mr Gatkuoth, who is allied to the Machar faction. Kenya and Tanzania hold animal census

Kenya and Tanzania hold animal census



Kenya and Tanzania have launched a joint wildlife cen- sus in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve and the Serengeti National Park that will also establish wildlife trends and distribution. The Kenya Wildlife Service senior deputy director for biodiversity research and monitoring, Dr Erustus Kanga, said they were also interested in mapping dispersal areas. The census would establish migratory corridors and as- certain the reduction of the population due to an increase in poaching in the last two years. “We would like to know the population of elephants in the Mara and that of other endan- gered species,” said Dr Kanga in Narok Town yesterday. He was accompanied by KWS Central Rift assistant director George Osuri, and Narok chief warden William Sang.

director George Osuri, and Narok chief warden William Sang. We would like to know the population

We would like to know the population of elephants in the Mara and that of other endangered species”

KWS Deputy Director Erustus Kanga

The last elephant census carried out in 2010, revealed that there were 3,072 that moved between the Mara and Serengeti in Tanzania. According to the KWS, 200 elephants have so far been killed this year - 47 of them in the Maasai Mara. Statistics indicate that there were 167,000 elephants in Kenya in the early 1970s. This has now gone down to slightly more than 35,000. Conservationists have warned that the animals could be wiped out in the wild in Kenya in the next 10 years.


Wednesday May

28, 2014

National News


ACADEMICS | Board has licensed 60 medical internship centres

Varsities cleared to train doctors

Regulator has approved three private institutions among seven medical schools, says minister

from Kenyatta University are expected to graduate at the end of this year. Speaking in Nairobi during a ground-breaking ceremony for a Sh260 million building at the board’s headquarters, Mr Macharia said the regulator had further approved post- graduate training in medicine at the Aga Khan University. “At the same time, the board has inspected, approved and gazetted 60 new medical and dental intern- ship training centres countrywide. He praised the agency’s management for its work. “This is one of the best run boards in my ministry, which endeavours to fulfil its mandate through strong lead- ership and discipline despite working from a small residential premises.” The Medical Practitioners and Den- tists Board is mandated to register, regulate and license doctors, dentists


Seven medical schools approved

Kenyatta University Egerton University Kenya Methodist University Maseno University Uzima University Mount Kenya University Moi University (to train dentists)

and health institutions. The new building will provide enough space for the board to con- duct tribunal hearings, preliminary inquiry committees on complaints

and administer examinations to foreign doctors. Mr Macharia also announced that the ministry had allocated Sh2.3 bil- lion for the training of interns in the next financial year. He was with Health Principal Secretary Fred Segor, the board’s chairman, Prof George Magoha, Kenyatta National Hospital chief ex- ecutive officer Lily Tare and Nairobi Hospital boss Cleopa Mailu. Prof Magoha said the contractor was identified through a thorough procurement system. He said it would be completed in 18 months. The board has been occupying premises belonging to the Univer- sity of Nairobi. The building was being put up with funds raised by the board, according to Prof Magoha, who is also the Uni- versity of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor.



S even public and private uni- versities have been given the green light to train doctors

and dentists. Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia yesterday said the Medi- cal Practitioners and Dentists Board had cleared Kenyatta, Egerton, Kenya Methodist, Maseno, Uzima and Mount Kenya universities to train doctors, while Moi University was approved to train dentists. The first group of medical students

SEEKING JUSTICE | Accused and accuser in assault case share court bench

| Accused and accuser in assault case share court bench Pastor David Maina Karuru and Ms

Pastor David Maina Karuru and Ms Beth Mwende Imaana in a Nairobi court yesterday. Mr Karuru was charged with assaulting Ms Imaana and damag- ing her phone at Yahweh Evangelistic Revival Min- istry Church in Nairobi, on April 29. He was released on a Sh5,000 bond. The case will be heard on July 7.




Stop Mbo-I-Kamiti sale, Kabogo urged

A group claiming to be

shareholders of the Mbo-I-Kamiti Farmers Company have asked the Kiambu County government

to stop the sale or transfer of

the firm’s property. Speaking

in Kiambu Town, the group’s

leader, Mr Evanson Thiongo,

said imposters were purporting

to sell land on behalf of the

shareholders. He said Governor William Kabogo had assured them that their rights would be protected.


Court stops probe on officer in tight skirt

A Kiambu policewoman who was last month photographed in a tight skirt while on duty has obtained court orders stop- ping disciplinary proceedings against her. Ms Linda Okello was charged with being ‘‘scant- ily dressed and untidy’’. She ob- tained the order through her law- yer Tom Ojienda. Kiambu police bosses however ignored the order saying she must be disciplined.


Couple who married off daughter, 12, flee

Police are hunting for the parents of a 12-year-old girl who allowed her marriage to a casual labourer two months ago. The man married the Class Five pupil and is now in custody. The Molo Administration Police boss said the parents had gone into hiding. “They disappeared after receiving information that we were after them, but we will not rest until they are arrested,” he said

disappeared after receiving information that we were after them, but we will not rest until they
disappeared after receiving information that we were after them, but we will not rest until they
disappeared after receiving information that we were after them, but we will not rest until they

12 | Opinion

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

12 | Opinion DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014 Ban on political rallies a very imprudent

Ban on political rallies a very imprudent step

T he government’s decision to ban all political

rallies for an indefinite period has been

attributed to security concerns.

However, the authorities will be hard-pressed to justify a decision that seems mainly designed to block the gathering planned to welcome opposition leader Raila Odinga on his return from a three- month sojourn in the United States. It is true that Kenya faces daunting security challenges, especially with the ever-present threat of terrorist attacks, but that must not be used as an excuse to curtail legitimate political activity. The rights of assembly, association, and expression are protected in our expansive Bill of Rights and must not be curtailed in a manner reminiscent of the dictatorial one-party mindset. Unless there was a real and present security threat, the decision announced by the Inspector- General of Police to bar political rallies will be seen as a crass manoeuvre to halt the planned Cord rally set for Saturday, and also a series of opposition gatherings set for the coming weeks and months. In our democratic political dispensation, it cannot be the role of the National Police Service to block political challenges at the behest of the ruling party. The security chiefs who made the decision should be well aware that barring legitimate political expression could be counter-productive if those barred from meeting decide to defy the ban and exercise their rights, setting the stage for confrontation and conflict. The police and other security agencies are bound by their oath of office, and by the Constitution, to discharge their duties independent of direction and control of any political formations. The onus is on those who decided to ban political gatherings to show they were reacting to valid security concerns.

Prosecute hate-mongers

T he various commissions that investigated the

cause of the violence that rocked the country

after the 2007 elections were unanimous

that hate speech during the campaigns precipitated the mayhem that nearly tore the nation apart. Consequently, a law was enacted to circumscribe hate speech and an independent body, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, set up to rein in hate-mongers. This is the reason why the commission questioned a political activist over his online postings that appeared to be hateful. Similarly, it has questioned former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka over a recent snide remark to a journalist that amounted to ethnic profiling. On paper, these moves indicate the commission is doing something but in reality, they do not amount to anything. The commission has never gone beyond interrogating people. Nobody has been punished for spewing hatred, yet this is common, especially among politicians who never miss any public gathering to vilify their perceived opponents. Interrogation is not deterrence, so the commission must flex its muscle, drag hate- mongers to courts, and prosecute them.


LINUS GITAHI: Chief Executive Officer JOSEPH ODINDO: Group Editorial Director MUTUMA MATHIU: Group Managing Editor

Published at Nation Centre, Kimathi Street and printed at Mombasa Road, Nairobi by Nation Media Group Limited POB 49010, Nairobi 00100 Tel: 3288000, 0719038000. Fax 221396 editor@ke.nationmedia.com Registered at the GPO as a newspaper

Registered at the GPO as a newspaper MIND PUBLIC HEALTH | Jaindi Kisero Time to rethink


Time to rethink sin tax: The poor are dying needlessly from taking poison

J ust the other day, we buried nearly 100 people who needlessly died

from consuming cheap, toxic liquor. As a society, we are a forgetful lot. We express outrage when such incidents occur, quickly bury our heads in the sand, and then patiently wait for the next round of deaths from cheap spirits. News about deaths of hundreds of people from consumption of illicit liquor has become repetitive, boring and predictable. We Kenyans endure injustice and accept such man-made tragedies with fatalistic resignation. Today, I return to the debate on whether tax policy should be applied to deter citizens from consuming too much kumi kimi and smoking roll-your- own tobacco. How do we tweak “sin taxes” to deter consumption of socially proscribed goods and services — poisonous liquor, unfiltered cigarettes and hard spirits that are brewed under unhygienic conditions? This is a pertinent issue right now because we are approaching the period for the annual budget where the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury, Mr Henry Rotich, will reel out new tax proposals. In response to a recent

article I did on the same

subject, the governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, Prof Njuguna Ndung’u, sent me

a research paper which he,

together with the prominent economist and scholar, Mwangi Kimenyi, authored

several years ago on excise duty on beer. I will not go into the specifics of the findings of this study. In general,

it confirms the following

truths. If cheaper brands of cigarettes are taxed excessively, consumers will turn to unfiltered cigarettes with higher nicotine content. If cheaper beers and spirits are taxed too highly, illicit spirits of higher alcoholic potency become more desirable to consumers. Higher taxes on beer will drive consumers to harder liquor because as the saying goes, people will always seek “more bang for the buck”.

goes, people will always seek “more bang for the buck”. If cheaper beers and spirits are

If cheaper beers and spirits are taxed too highly, illicit spirits of higher alcoholic potency become more desirable”

I believe that the application of sin taxes in this country has achieved the opposite results.

As the study by the eminent academics showed, high taxes on low-end alcoholic drinks such as Senator Keg brewed by Kenya Breweries, and similar beers by Keroche Ltd, are linked to the upsurge in production and

consumption of illicit brews. The same dynamic has been observed in the tobacco industry. We saw what happened when former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya introduced a uniform excise tax regime for all categories of cigarette in the Finance Act of 2011. There was a phenomenal spike in the retail prices of low-end cigarettes. When you push the prices of low-end cigarettes beyond the reach of poor people, you will have pushed them out of the formal market into the unregulated market of contrabands — where taxes are not collected. In theory, sin taxes are not supposed to be regressive. Yet when you look at the impact of the changes to excise duty rates introduced in the 2011 Finance Act, the opposite was achieved. By increasing the tax on low-end cigarettes while reducing excise duty on middle- and high-end

cigarettes, it is the poor who were exposed to a heavier tax burden. The current regime of sin taxes does not hit the pockets of the citizens equally. Clearly, a strong case exists for a careful evaluation of the incumbent regime for sin taxes. Without a doubt, sin taxes contribute a significant share of revenues for the government. But in the wake of the deaths from illicit alcohol, the challenge for policy should be how to maximise revenues while at the same time making sure the citizen is not pushed into drinking and smoking unregulated and harmful products. The reason why public health has not been a key objective of tax policy is because we have been anchored for too long to the following economic illusions. First, that by enriching the government, you enrich the poor. Secondly, that by imposing high sin taxes, you collect more revenue and that you can break the link between effort and reward and still get the same effort. Taxation is not merely about collecting revenue for the government. It can be used to prevent deaths from high consumption of kumi kumi and kiraiku.


DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014




RVR, which has failed, is shaping up to become the next Anglo Leasing scandal

I n August 2010, there were

amendments to the RVR

concession agreement

because the firm had defaulted and the government had moved to terminate it. In summary, the government negotiated for Volume and Investment targets, the ability to build standard gauge railway (it was clear then that this was a deal-breaker), and for the payment of their concession fees. On the other hand, RVR negotiated for more time to

meet targets set in the initial concession (unfortunately volume targets have now not been met), two; compensation in case of loss due to building of the standard gauge railway, and three; staggered payment of unpaid concession fees. Today, the critical targets that are clear deal-breakers in determining a second default by RVR are:

1. Investment target: $40

million minimum investment (this has been met).

2. Volume target of 1.9

billion net tonnes x kms moved (NTK) by June 2014. This will not be met. At best, RVR will achieve 1.3 billion NTK by net month. Therefore, from next month the governments of Kenya and Uganda are well within their rights to terminate the RVR concession. Put simply, RVR is dead today and open

the RVR concession. Put simply, RVR is dead today and open A Rift Valley Railways engine

A Rift Valley Railways engine on the move: Which way forward?

to termination unless the two governments jointly agree to waive yet another default and get RVR out of jail. Development money lenders have a deep interest in this matter. The actual investor in RVR is Ambience Venture Ltd; a detail not known to

the public. Citadel Capital, the Egyptian company that is better known, manages

Ambience Venture but owns only 20 per cent of it. Development financial institutions that are also lenders to the project own almost 80 per cent of Ambience Venture Ltd. This has created a clear conflict of interest as RVR is controlled by the same organisations who are its lenders. A clear demarcation between

the shareholders and lenders to the business is required, as in any business. This is not the case at RVR. The situation is made worse by the fact that Ambience also owns and funds BOMI (Ugandan shareholder), effectively meaning that when Transcentury was forced out, the entire shareholding of the company reverted to the development financial institutions which are also lenders to the project. It means that there is no true local participation in the project by either Kenyans or Ugandans. Yet both govenments will come under extreme pressure to renegotiate the RVR concession, with no guarantee whatsoever that RVR will perform any better. Already, in a radio talk show on Tuesday, May 20, the Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure, Mr Michael Kamau, while admitting that RVR has failed, nonetheless declared that the contract had been extended by one year and will be renegotiated “in view of SGR”. The reason Anglo Leasing was paid is related to standard gauge railway. The government needs to pay the Chinese 20 per cent of the $4 billion construction cost. This is $800 million which it doesn’t have. To make this payment, the

government needs to borrow to kick-start the SGR project. The borrowing presumably needs to come from the Sovereign Bond as the government have no ability to raise the money from savings (which is what a prudent government should do). The government has already borrowed heavily domestically, hence the dilemma. It was also clear that a protracted Anglo Leasing case would have delayed the Sovereign Bond and put the SGR project at risk. In any event, it has already been admitted that Anglo Leasing was paid to unlock the ability to borrow money, which surely includes money to pay the 20 per cent deposit for SGR. Failing to enforce RVR termination is very similar to failing to defend the Anglo Leasing case. In both cases, the government is waiving and, or has compromised its legal rights in a situation where it is highly costly to the taxpayer to do so. One can only assume that extraneous interests invariably persuade the government not to enforce the public’s legal rights. This is fraudulent, and a blatant abuse of office.

Mr Ngugi is a consultant in public affairs and policy (kiriro wangugi@gmail.com)


With friends like these, who needs foes?

T he seemingly knee-jerk move by

a few Western countries to issue

travel advisories and evacuations

of tourists on grounds of security has left both players in the tourism industry and the government asking many questions. The manner in which Britain in particular evacuated its nationals from Mombasa is baffling. It literally hounded its own citizens from hotels and loaded them into waiting aircraft. Those interviewed by the media at the Moi International Airport publicly protested against the evacuation, promising to come back soon. The danger of such moves are that they are likely to trigger a domino effect and precipitate a crisis in the tourism industry, as well as hurting diplomatic relations between the two countries. Similarly such an evacuation will send the wrong message internationally that Kenya is not a safe tourist destination. It may also portray Kenya as a dysfunctional State, unsuitable for investment. Conventionally, evacuations of citizens abroad by a country are only reserved for situations of military coups, civil wars and violent extra-state conflicts. Kenya is a fully functioning democracy. It is, however, true that some nefarious external or internal groups are increasingly expanding their footprints in the country. But this is not to say that terrorism is peculiar to Kenya. It is a

global phenomenon that requires a global effort to neutralise it. For Britain, therefore, to hastily airlift its citizens is at the very least an act of cowardice, and betrays the British stand in the fight against terrorism. Terror groups thrive in an environment of panic, paranoia and psychological lockdown. In taking the unfriendly measures against a key ally, what the UK, the US, Australia and France don’t realise is that they are inadvertently handing victory to terrorists. It is also defeatist for Britain to airlift tourists, yet there are many Britons as well as investments in the country.

Malice and ill-will

It is also disturbing that the quartet did not share the intelligence that prompted their action with Kenyan security agencies. That this was done, without the knowledge of the government smacks of malice, ill-will, and irresponsibility. The totality of these unmerited travel advisories and evacuations must deservingly be treated as acts of provocation and economic sabotage. In this regard the government must seek answers from Whitehall, Elysee Palace, Washington and Canberra. Such drastic measures lend conspiracy- mongers more reason to affirm their assertions that the cosy relations between Kenya and the East has everything to do

with the imbroglio. The aggressive entry of China into Kenya seems to be arousing paternalistic instincts in the West. Should this be the case, then such acts betray how desperate the West is, in the

wake of the growing Sino-Africa relations.

It is worth noting that Israel with its

frequent headline-grabbing security

issues and a highly securitised daily life has continued to enjoy the patronage of tourists from the Western world.

A key lesson from these measures is

that it is time the government opened up new tourism markets. There is a clear need to rethink the traditional sources of clientele and aggressively market its tourism products in new markets. By the same token the government will need to scale up the fight against terror threats and restore public confidence. In East Africa Kenya has suffered huge collateral damages owing to ideological and investment ties with the West. This binding history should be reason enough for the West to stand with Kenya in dealing with terrorists. Tourism is a core economic pillar of Kenya’s economy generating an annual revenue north of Sh90 billion. Therefore, if the crisis is left to fester, it will cause loss of livelihoods.

Mr Magutt teaches politics and international studies at Kenyatta University (jmagoott@yahoo.com)




Devolution Secretary Anne Waiguru for the sack while turning a blind eye to the decision by her boss, President Kenyatta, to resurrect the “hated provincial administration”, are not serious, says Fr Pascal Kinoti. The President’s “strong county commissioners”, he adds, will end up undermining governors and hampering devolution. “If the MPs are bold enough, they should take the bull by the horns,” challenges Kinoti, whose contact is kintyx@gmail.com.

TSC INEFFICIENT. The Teachers Service Commission will definitely be interested in this one. Antony Kabiro George, who was recruited as a teacher last August, is appalled at the “inefficiency” displayed by his employer, as nearly a year later, and despite fully discharging his duties, he has yet to receive his appointment letter from the TSC. This is rather uncharacteristic of the organisation’s reputation. His contact is antonykabiro2014@gmail.com.

RESTORE POWER. Since a power transformer at Mugumone trading centre in Kithaku, Meru County, blew up over a month ago, the locals have been given unfulfilled promises by Kenya Power’s customer care about a replacement, says Peter Bundi Mutungi. Some have since given up, and decided to buy solar panels. “When will this darkness be banished from us?” asks Peter, whose contact is xplodmic@gmail.com.

from us?” asks Peter, whose contact is xplodmic@gmail.com. Police arrest a university of Nairobi student POLICE

Police arrest a university of Nairobi student

POLICE DID THEIR JOB. The mere fact that police dispersed rowdy university students doesn’t mean that “peaceful demonstrations ended with retired President Kibaki’s administration” as alleged by Dave Tumbula, says his namesake, Dave Mungai. According to Mungai, the “police officers, by arresting the rioting students, did exactly what was expected of them”. He quips: “Tumbula should be living among the rebels in a failed state if he thinks this is what democracy entails.” His contact is mungaidave2@gmail.com.


serious crimes today are being committed by security personnel, claims Jimmy Ndirangu. This, he adds, confirms that Inspector-General of Police David Kimaiyo is not doing enough to rein in his wayward officers. Jimmy alleges that officers on duty are responsible for 15 per cent of the crimes, and collaboration between them and their sacked colleagues accounts for 45 per cent. Sacked officers, he adds, commit 25 per cent of the crimes. His contact is jimmyndirangu65@gmail.com.

NAIROBI WEST HELL. Nairobi West trading centre turns into a market place every night, especially on Kisauni Road, with over 100 cars parked on pavements, their occupants chewing miraa, drinking or smoking shisha, says Abdi Mohamed. “We can no longer sleep in peace because of loud music from the patrons who yell until early in the morning. The majority of the patrons are young boys and girls. They litter roads and pavements and relieve themselves in the open.” Abdi, whose contact is hakimabdi@yahoo.com, wants Nacada to intervene.

Have a moral day, won’t you!

E-mail: watchman@ke.nationmedia.com or write to Watchman, POB 49010, Nairobi 00100. Fax 2213946.

14 | Letter

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

To the editor

The editor welcomes brief letters on topical issues. Write on e-mail to: mailbox@ ke.nationmedia.com. You can also mail to: The Editor, Daily Nation, POB 49010, Nairobi 00100. Letters may be edited for clarity, space or legal considerations.

Pay teachers well and they’ll stay off business

It’s absurd that teachers have to be barred from engaging in other businesses to fend for their families. What difference is there between teachers and other public servants? They also need extra income as long as they don’t interfere with the work- ing schedule at school. This government has not been able to keep up with the salary needs of teachers, who then don’t have any option but to engage in alternative business to afford the high cost of living. Should they die of hunger? If that is not the case, then the government should at least ensure that salary increment for teachers is effected. That way, they will stay fo- cused on their jobs. Low pay is what makes teachers do business. RISPER KWAMBOKA Nakuru

Racism against nurse’s own race is still wrong

Kenya’s reputation for racial har- mony is under threat, thanks to a nurse at a hospital in Rongo, Homa Bay County. An accident victim was aban- doned by the nurses. A war of words ensued with the Good Samaritans demanding the victim be attended to. This prompted a nurse to say that “even white people die here!” It is foolhardy to imply that if white people die at a facility, then the death of a black person does not matter! Allow me to add my voice to the chorus of dissonance against this brazen display of prejudice against one’s own race.


Househelps should get jobs through interviews

Working class mothers like myself are under siege. After work, many at- tend parallel classes. On Friday, that networking event is a must, and on weekends there is the chama, a wed- ding, and, of course, church. In trying to juggle all our respon- sibilities, we have come to rely heav- ily on househelps. We simply can’t function without them. They run the home, prepare meals, look after in- fants and help with homework. The problem is, we do not know the domestic workers we employ. We are literary allowing complete stran- gers to run our homes. The same rigorous interview we were subjected to get the job we work day and night to keep should be applied when hiring a househelp. NOELLE CHELAGAT, Kajiado


Travel advice based solely on the risk facing the British, not politics

I am writing as Head of Commu- nications at the British High Commission to respond to the

Sunday Nation article, “Is there Western conspiracy to end Jubilee rule before its five-year term?” You will not be surprised that the UK response to this is, “there is no such conspiracy”. But it is likely that conspiracy theorists may not take our word for this, so I would like to offer a few facts. Firstly I would refer to the clari- fication we made last week, follow- ing our travel advice change of the week before. In it, we said that the change to our travel advice regard- ing Mombasa was motivated by one thing only: our responsibility to inform British citizens of our objective assessment of the po- tential security threat to them in that area.

Risk level

Travel advice is there solely for the safety and security of British people when they are outside the UK. We do not take changes to our travel advice lightly because we know the impact that it can have on the economy in those areas that are affected. We are not allowed to make travel advice changes on the basis of political or economic reasons — assessments are made purely on the level of risk to the security of our citizens. Nor would it make any sense for us to make this travel advice change on the basis of politics or econom-

travel advice change on the basis of politics or econom- KEVIN ODIT| NATION Amani Tiwi Beach


Amani Tiwi Beach Resort in Kwale County following a travel warning by Eu- ropean countries, which saw hundreds of tourists evacuated from the hotel recently. The UK has dismissed conspiracy theories as baseless.

ics. The latest advice for Mombasa affects British businesses just as it affects Kenyan businesses. And it’s not only the individual British citizens that live and work in Mombasa. Other British tour- ism business operators have also temporarily lost a key part of their market. The charter companies that have cancelled flights, the hoteliers, the travel writers, the sea sports specialists and so on. Many of them are British; indeed, more tourists come to Kenya from Brit- ain than from any other country. Our desire is always to reduce the level of travel advice. We keep it

under constant review and we hope it may be possible to take it back to a lower level before too long. But we have to do that on the basis of objective security assessments, as always, not because conspiracy theorists pressure us to do so. Finally I wish to reiterate that for many years, the UK has stood shoulder to shoulder with Kenya in the fight against terrorism, just as we did during Westgate. We rec- ognise the impact of terrorism, and we are resolved to continue sup- porting Kenya in this fight. JOHN BRADSHAW, British High Commission, Nairobi

Impeach Waiguru lest women think they are above the law

Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi should go ahead with the motion to impeach Devolution Cabinet Sec- retary Ann Waiguru. I have nothing against her nor do I know the crime she has committed, but I’m against is the custom of women defending fellow women on gender grounds; they should not be allowed to mix gender activism with national affairs. Women claiming they are being targeted whenever another is called to account is not the way to go. What is the difference between defending on gender basis and a tribe defending its kin on tribal basis? Why is gender unity to perpetuate impunity tolerated? What women are telling us is that they are above reproach. But if they are a super gender that should not account for its actions, they should desist from holding public office. In this era of open democratic space, even the

President answers for his actions and has already been threatened with impeachment. Why is a threat to impeach Ms Waiguru causing a furore? Are women not discriminating on gender by being silent when the President is threatened and coming out to defend Ms Waiguru? Women should tell us if they want to be women leaders or leaders of women. This scenario is replicated at the grassroots, where women organisations, like Fida, have assigned them- selves the role of defending women from a perceived enemy, men; Fida even interferes in family matters. If a man disagrees with his wife, he is pit against a whole women’s organisation. Where is justice in that? Who sanctioned this harassment of men? Talk of men turning to alcohol! We are nurturing a dangerous cul- ture where nobody will dare criticise a woman. FRANCIS NDUNGU WAWERU, Nairobi


Emails from correspondents

MOVIE STARS: They can only be described as movie stars, given the theatrics Sonko and Shebesh are involved in every so often. It’s been drama for these two ever since Day One, and they have kept the fire burning. With so many scandals surrounding them, they should be encouraged to put together a movie by the title Bad Boy and Bad Girl of Parliament. Love them or hate them, they bring out the best of the worst in the streets, Parliament and clubs. But honestly, they need to stop the wrangles and build this nation. SAMUEL NGARUIYA CHEGE, Nairobi

FACE BOKO HARAM: Although Nigeria is rich in both human and mineral resources, Boko Haram has proved to be a thorn in the flesh of the Goodluck Jonathan administra- tion. The abduction of 276 school- girls on April 14 was like a scene from a horror movie. Last weekend, this dreaded group went through three villages in northern Nigeria, killing 28 and burning houses. While I praise President Jonathan for ac- cepting help from UK, US, France and China, more needs to done to face Boko Haram head-on. JOSEPH G. MUTHAMA, Thika

IKO ARCHITECT: On Iko accolades article by Kiarie Peter, he rightly pointed out the benefits that this technology has offered in the towns. This is a far cry from the previously “free” albeit filthy council toilets. In short, this technology actually redefined sanitation facilities in pub- lic urban areas, besides providing employment to the youth. So that the accolades reach home, the brains behind the Iko toilet is one David Kuria, CEO, Ecotact Limited. CHARITY CHEPKOECH, Nakuru

WEST INNOCENT: Let’s put our house in order first before we start claiming the West is against us. Eu- ropeans are safeguarding their citi- zens. What’s wrong with that? Our unresolved murders and grenade attacks are even scaring Kenyans away from their country. Let’s im- prove our security and tourists will flow in. To improve our security, we must fight graft. Hit squads that ambush, kill and get away should be apprehended. The recent attack on Maina Njenga that left five people dead shows the insecurity in Kenya, especially coming so soon after the horror of secret graves in Kitengela. Who will visit a country where law and order is not guaranteed? JUSTIN N. NKARANGA, Mombasa



What can families do to ensure they hire reliable househelps?


What can be done to curb the looming hunger following rain failure?

Send your comments to:

IBRAHIM A. ISSACK: Families should only hire adults whose back- grounds and characters are known. ANN WANGUI: Families should carry out a thorough background check on their potential househelps and try as much as possible to gather

information about them from the neighbours, friends and relatives. PHYLLIS MWANGI: Most families end up hiring thugs, murderers and even kidnappers as their househelps. Families should investigate the past life and experience of the house-

helps they hire and also treat them as human beings with dignity. RACHAEL MBUGUA: Engage in intense interview; do major back- ground check prior to hiring. LINCOLN KINYUA: If someone can’t get one from the homes they

really know, then it is advisable to get the trained ones from registered househelp bureaus. SKY KARIUKI: Some bosses turn househelps into animals who then seek defenceless people like children to vent their anger on in revenge.


DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014


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16 | National News

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

EDUCATION | TSC asked to stop review and allow dialogue

Kuppet seeks talks in teachers code revision

Union boss claims some regulations against rights and freedom of teachers




A union wants the TSC to

suspend the proposed

code of regulations for

teachers to allow more time for dialogue. Some clauses in the Code are unconstitutional, demean- ing, retrogressive and against the freedom and rights of the teachers, according to Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers national chairman Omboko Milemba. Mr Milemba said that the Teachers Service Commission should let the structures, which include county offices, to be used to take in teachers’ views so that the final document can be acceptable to all parties. The code was first drafted in 1972 and revised in 1976, 1985 and 2005.

Kuppet also wants the TSC to pay costs for teachers who undertake professional development programmes as prescribed by the com- mission. The unionist said yesterday they would oppose any attempt to deny teachers the right to engage in fund-raisers, saying they were key in organising harambees for churches, needy students, funerals and other community needs. Mr Milemba maintained that teachers must be allowed


Teachers must be allowed to participate in private business as long as it does not interfere with their work ”

Kuppet chairman

Omboko Milemba

to exercise their political free- dom, including expressing their political leanings, noting that any denial would breach their constitutional rights. The same applies to busi- nesses, he said. “Teachers must be allowed to participate in private business so long as the business does not inter- fere with their work in their work stations and which are currently being done through other people.”

Right to go on strike

The unionist said the union would push to have head teachers and deputies allowed to participate in trade union activities as every worker had the right to form, join or par- ticipate in the activities and programmes of a union and to go on strike. The TSC has initiated the revision of two documents that set out the terms and conditions of service for the profession. Mr Milemba wants both teachers unions (Kenya Na- tional Union of Teachers and Kuppet) included in the review committees.

POOR RAINS | Alarm as crops fail

POOR RAINS | Alarm as crops fail JARED NYATAYA | NATION A worker on a spraying


A worker on a spraying mission at a farm in Kiplombe, Uasin Gishu County yesterday. There was uneven germination of maize due to erratic rains being expe- rienced in the area.

Jam costs Waibara



Former Gatundu North MP Clement Waibara yesterday risked a warrant of arrest after he arrived late for the hearing of his case. According to resident magis- trate Ms Joanne Wambilyanga, the accused was supposed to be in court by 9am but he arrived 45 minutes later. By the time Mr Waibara, who is facing a charge of conspiracy to murder, was walking into the court, the magistrate had already issued a warrant of his arrest and cancelled his Sh30,000 bail.

Sick lawyer

However, she changed the terms after Mr Waibara said he had been caught up in traffic jam. He also told the court that he wanted to represent himself since his lawyer, Mr Polycarp Ongwae, was in hospital. Ms Wambilyanga lifted the arrest warrant but maintained that Mr Waibara’s bail had been forfeited. The magistrate said the former MP had inconvenienced the court and was to pay another bail of Sh50,000 or be remanded. She added that Mr Waibara was in the habit of arriving late in court, prompting her decision. The hearing resumes on June 17.

added that Mr Waibara was in the habit of arriving late in court, prompting her decision.
added that Mr Waibara was in the habit of arriving late in court, prompting her decision.

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014







Pursuant to Article 201(a) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, and Article 207 (1) & (2)(e) of the Public Finance Management Act 2012, it is notified for the general information that The Meru County Budget for Fiscal Year 2014/2015 is ready for review and Public Participation. The Budget and Appropriation Committee will be holding meetings on the venues, time and dates as indicated in the schedule below:







Imenti North

Kamunde Social Hall




Imenti Central

Gatimbi Sub-County Office Grounds




Imenti South

Nkubu Social Hall




Igembe North

Laare Social Hall





Timau Social Hall




Tigania East

Muriri Social Hall




Tigania West

Urru Social Hall




Igembe Central

Kangeta Social Hall




Igembe South

Maua MCK Church



For more information, please visit the Meru County Assembly website:

www.assembly.meru.go.ke and give your views. You can also write to the Clerk through the address given below;

J.K. ARIITHI The Clerk to the County Assembly P. O. Box 3 - 60200 MERU.

to the Clerk through the address given below; J.K. ARIITHI The Clerk to the County Assembly

18 |

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014



MARA RIVER RANKED TOP IN TOURISTS POLL 448 photos of attraction and 547 traveller reviews posted on leading website TripAdvisory. Page 20

MOMBASA | Officials convene meeting to discuss compulsory acquisition

Treasury allocates Sh9bn for land owners to give way for new railway

Those affected are being identified with the help of other agencies, says Transport Principal Secretary Nduva Muli




T he Treasury has set aside

Sh9 billion for compensation

of people whose land will be

acquired for construction of the standard gauge railway. Transport Principal Secretary Nduva Muli said the Kenya Railways Corporation targets 11,000 acres of land for the Sh327 billion project. He said the Transport ministry and the Kenya Railways were negotiating with the National Land Commission to ensure compulsory acquisition is done legally. The commission, he said, would provide land valuation expertise and assessment of amounts to be paid to the people who will be affected. The national government would hold talks with county governments whose regions the railway line would cut across to help in the acquisition, according to the PS. He was addressing a news confer- ence at Voyager Hotel in Mombasa on the sidelines of a workshop for sensitisation on land acquisition and compensation. Representatives from the Transport ministry, Kenya Railways and China Road and Bridge Corporation, par- ticipated in the workshop. The PS assured private land own- ers that they would be paid if their property will be taken away. The 11,000 acres are expected to be acquired from private land, from Mombasa to Nairobi. Mr Muli, how- ever, did not indicate the number of people who would be compensated. He urged county leaders and private land owners to support the railway project, saying it would revolutionise


REACTION Land agency has been involved KEVIN ODIT | NATION “We don’t want the private
Land agency has
been involved
“We don’t want the private land
owners to lose out as if such a
thing happens, they will oppose
the acquisition.”
National Land Commission
member Tom Konyimbih
Transport PS Nduva Muli (left) and Kenya Railways MD Atanas Maina address
journalists at the Voyager Hotel in Mombasa yesterday. He said the national gov-
ernment has set aside Sh9 billion for compensation of land owners who will be
displaced by the standard gauge railway.
“We are now identifying the
private land owners as well as
holding discussions with the
Kenya Wildlife Service over 130
kilometres of wildlife conserva-
tion land.”
Railways MD Atanas Maina

transport. At the same time, he urged squat- ters who invaded railway reserve to leave immediately. Those who would not vacate vol- untarily would be forcibly evicted to pave the way for the standard gauge railway, he warned.

Kenya Railways Managing Director Atanas Maina, who was present at the meeting, said the company had gazetted 56 acres of land for the project and would do so for another 76 acres. “The mapping and survey work for the land to be acquired compulsorily for the construction of the railway has been done. “We are now identifying the pri- vate land owners as well as holding discussions with the Kenya Wildlife Service over 130 kilometres of wildlife conservation land,” he said. The Railways boss said he expected the state firm to acquire 60 per cent of the land required for the new railway by August while the 11,000 acres are expected to be available in December.

He said work had begun. “The initial construction of the railway line is underway at Mtito Andei and Nairobi South Station where camps have already been set up.” Some construction equipment was already in the country while more was in the high seas, he added. The standard gauge railway is one of the flagship projects of Vision 2030 and was launched by President Keny- atta in November last year. China Road and Bridge Corpora- tion, with Exim Bank of China as the financier, signed agreements to undertake the work. Tom Konyimbih of the NLC said the commission was helping KRC on legal issues, market value of land and compensation.

400 families displaced in armed conflict receive aid


Hundreds of families displaced in armed conflict between the Tur- kana and Pokot have received relief supplies from the government and humanitarian agencies. The government yesterday distrib- uted food to the over 400 Turkana families rendered homeless after their

houses were burnt down by raiders in violence in which 20 people have been killed in the last two months. “The families are still in need of additional relief food and shelter ma- terials to avert further suffering,” said Turkana South sub-county commis- sioner Elijah Kodo, while describing the security situation along the vola- tile border between the two warring

communities as calm.

Boundary disputes

He disclosed plans by the Kenya Red Cross Society to donate more supplies and household materials to the families. KRCS and the Ministry of Health are also providing medical care to the families camping in various trading

centres. “There is need for the gov- ernment and humanitarian agencies to intensify provision of health care and sensitise the victims on how to observe hygienic conditions,” ap- pealed William Ekuam. Mr Kodo said logistics have been put in place to flush out criminals in- volved in cattle rustling and banditry in the region.



Ex-civil servant in the

dock over murder plot

A former employee of the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company was yesterday charged with plotting to murder the firm’s auditor, accusing him orchestrat- ing his dismissal. Mr Nicholas Mboya was jointly charged with Mr Joshua Amutavi with con- spiring to kill Mr Eric Audi. The court heard that the two plotted to hire hit men and kill Mr Audi in Ongata Rongai but police foiled the plans. The men denied the offence and were released on Sh100,000 bail. The case will be heard on August 6.


Forgery case college worker out on bail

An employee of the Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technol- ogy was yesterday charged with forging documents to steal cash. Mr Joel Ngugi Gitau denied com- mitting the offence when he ap- peared before Senior Magistrate Peter Ndege and was released on a Sh100,000 bond. The court heard that Mr Gitau forged some receipt books and purported that they belonged to the institution. He is also said to have altered some entries. The case will be heard on August 6.


Suspected carjackers arrested on highway

Four suspected carjackers who police said had posed as passen- gers in a matatu were arrested yesterday morning. Nakuru Police chief Bernard Kioko said they surrendered near St Mary’s Hospital without firing a shot. He said they carjacked the matatu at around 2 am. They robbed passengers of cash, phones and other valuables before driving away in the matatu, abandoning the passengers in the bush. Mr Kioko said the suspects would appear in court soon.


Couple loses battle over Saitoti son

A Nakuru couple has lost their claim of parentage of former In- ternal Security minister George Saitoti’s adopted son. Mr Justice Isaac Lenaola ruled that police investigations had revealed that Mr Zachary Musengi Saitoti was not the lost child of Mr Sebastian Maina Ngunju and his wife. The couple wanted the court to set aside a consent they entered last year in which they had agreed never to make such claims again. The judge dismissed their appli- cation on Friday.


Wednesday May

28, 2014

County News


NAKURU | Orphanage director accused of forcing two men into act

Foreigner fights to halt sex charges

Missionary wants lobby group barred from joining his petition against a criminal case




A n Australian missionary who

is seeking to block his trial

for sex offences has rejected a

Christian professionals’ group’s bid to participate in his case. Mr Ian Castleman, who has sued the State for prosecuting him, has told the High Court in Nakuru that the Kenya Christian Professional Forum has no connection with his petition against the government as it was not a party in the criminal case that he faces. Mr Castleman was accused of


Tension high as rustlers burn houses in attack


Tension is high in Makutani following the torching of several houses during a raid. The raiders, believed to be from East Pokot, struck Kiserian in Baringo South Sub-County in search of water and pasture for their livestock. The burnt houses belong to residents who fled the area last year due to insecurity and had just rebuilt them. The conflict was sparked by last week’s inci- dent in which Ilchamus herders detained cows belonging to Pokot herdsmen which had crossed over to Mukutani division.

Tribal animosity

Local leaders led by Baringo South MP Grace Kipchoim and Mukutani ward Member of the County Assembly (MCA) Renson Parkei accused police of failing to protect the villagers. “What is the government doing when one community can invade another’s land yet it has all the machinery to restore order in the area?” posed Ms Kipchoim, add- ing that the issue may spark tribal animosity if not handled carefully. Baringo County Commissioner Be- nard Leparmarai, who toured the area yesterday in the company of Tiaty Sub-County Commissioner Daniel Kurui, confirmed that three houses were set ablaze over the weekend. “We have deployed enough police to restore calm. We are also liaising with elders from the two communities to unite them. They are competing for pasture and water. Drought has led to the drying of major water sources,”Mr Leparmarai told the Nation.

sexually abusing male employees at an orphanage that he runs in Elbur- gon, Nakuru County. The director of Ian Castleman Orphanage Kenya was arrested on claims that he coerced two men at the orphanage into sex. He was charged with two sexual offences before a chief magistrate’s court on September 13, 2012. The first charge was that on dates between 2010 and 2012, being the di- rector of the orphanage, he had sex with one of his male employees. He committed the same offence against another worker on dates between 2008 and 2011, the charges stated. The case, which was in Nairobi, did not begin as he applied for it to be transferred to Nakuru, where the al- leged offences were committed. After the transfer, he filed a petition and obtained orders suspending the trial on grounds that the prosecu-


Australian was arrested in 2012

September 2012: Mr Castleman was charged with two sexual of- fences. Later, he filed a petition to stop the criminal proceedings.

March 2014: The Kenya Chris- tians Professional Forum applied to be allowed to take part in the petition, arguing that its out- come would affect the values its upholds.

September 24: The hearing date for the petition.

tion was violating his constitutional rights. Through the petition, he is seeking to permanently stop the criminal case against him. He claims that his right to equality and freedom against dis- crimination are being denied, violated or threatened. The missionary has sought a declaration that sections of the Con- stitution are discriminatory against homosexuals. In documents presented before Lady Justice Roselyn Wendoh yes- terday, the missionary accuses the lobby group of trying to usurp the powers and duties of the Director of Public Prosecution and the At- torney-General, the respondents in his petition. “The lobby group does not have stake, legal interest or duty in the mat- ter,” he argues. “Its application is not in the public interest but an attempt to champion its own course.”

HUMAN-WILDLIFE CONFLICT | Farmers protest over animal raids

HUMAN-WILDLIFE CONFLICT | Farmers protest over animal raids PHOTO | NATION Farmers demonstrate at Mzee wa


Farmers demonstrate at Mzee wa Nyama on the Nakuru-Elementaita road yesterday over the invasion of their plots by wild animals that stray from the Soysambu Conservancy. They said over the years they have lost their maize, among other crops, to the animals.


Man dead, 9 in hospital after eating hippo


One person died and nine others were admitted to the Embu Level Five General Hospital after eating hippopotamus meat at Kaluku in Mbeere South sub-county. Mr Maina Ndung’u, a fisherman died after complaining of stomach pains while the rest were rushed to hospital with itches and swellings on their hands, legs and other parts of the body. Mwea assistant county com- missioner George Maina said the fishermen found the hippo’s car- cass, which had several wounds, on the banks of Tana River.

Mr Maina said Mr Ndung’u was the first to spot the carcass and shared the meat with his colleagues last week. “The fishermen thought the hippo had been injured by their colleagues and had only died of its injuries. We

by their colleagues and had only died of its injuries. We The fishermen thought the (dead)

The fishermen thought the (dead) hippo had been injured by their colleagues”

Mwea assistant county commissioner George Maina

suspect he (Ndung’u) allocated him- self a huge chunk of the meat,” said the assistant county commissioner. He said it was difficult to establish the total number of people who con- sumed the carcass as the area attracts fishermen from Murang’a, Embu, Ki- rinyaga and Machakos counties. However, Mr Maina said public health officials would hold a baraza today to ask those who ate the meat to come forward for help. The hospital’s medical superintend- ent Gerald Ndiritu said the condition of the hospitalised victims was sta- ble. He said they were suspecting the patients developed anthrax and were treating it as such.



Man remanded as case faces language hitch

A man accused of being in Kenya illegally was yesterday re- manded by a Nyeri court after he failed to understand the two offi- cial languages. Mr Wago Wario is said to have been found at Honi in Nyeri County without papers to show he is a Kenyan. Act- ing Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Wekesa ordered the prosecution to provide a Borana interpreter to ensure the accused would understand the charges.


Inmate’s bid to flee while at hospital fails

An inmate who attempted to escape was yesterday stopped by warders. The prisoner, serving his five-year sentence at Kerugoya GK Prison in Kirinyaga County, was taken ill in the morning and the warders had taken him to hospital. The officer-in-charge of the prison, Mr Peter Kubende, said the inmate was awaiting treatment when he took the dash to freedom but the warders acted fast and seized him.


Puzzle as policeman’s body found in the park

A police officer attached to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit in Malti, Garbatula was yesterday found hanging from a tree at Uhuru Park in Nairobi. Nairobi Central Police Commander Mr Paul Wan- jama said he could disclose the deceased’s identity because the next of kin had not been notified. A police certificate of appoint- ment, an identity card and an au- tomated teller machine card were found on the body.


Major towns to have solar street lights

The county government has set aside Sh45 million to install solar street lights in all major towns. The executive member for land and urban planning, Mar- tin Kafwa, said the programme would enable people to conduct business at night and curb in- security. “We want to light our towns and create a conducive environment for businesses since they contribute a lot to our econ- omy,” said Mr Kafwa.


County budget has a 7 per cent shortfall

The Vihiga county government is grappling with a seven per cent deficit in its 2014/15 proposed budget, residents attending hear- ings in Sabatia heard yesterday. Budget committee chair Festus Girure said Vihiga had been al- located Sh3.3 billion against pro- posed estimates of Sh4 billion. He, however, said the county had received an appropriation aid of Sh377.7 million that had reduced the deficit to Sh283 million.

20 | County News

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

United Nations Development Programme

Wednesday May 28, 2014 United Nations Development Programme RE-ADVERTISEMENT REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL BRANDING CONSULTANCY




IRIN is a non-profit humanitarian news service that is in the process of being carved out from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. There is need to define the vision and the project’s unique selling points with the goal of approaching potential investors with a business proposal by end June 2014, with an aim to re-launch the service possibly under a new brand in 2015.

Application process For the full Terms of Reference (ToR) and requirements please visit UNDP Kenya’s Website; http://www.ke.undp.org/content/kenya/en/home/operations/procurement and the UN Global Market Place: www.ungm.org/Notices/Notices.aspx

Sealed proposal documents comprising the technical proposal and the financial proposal in separate sealed envelopes clearly marked “RFP /UNDPKEN/006/2014 – IRIN BRANDING CONSULTANCY FOR IRIN RELAUNCHshould be dropped at the UNDP TENDER BOX placed at the main entrance reception of UN Complex in Gigiri and addressed to:

United Nations Development Programme Attn.: The Deputy Country Director (Operations) The United Nations Development Programme – Kenya Office UN Complex Gigiri, PO Box 30218, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya


Note: Bidders who had earlier submitted their proposals are advised to re- submit

UNDP Kenya reserves the right to accept or reject any submissions.

World Vision Kenya (a non-profit making Christian Relief and Development Agency with projects in most parts of Kenya)
invites tenders from approved and reputable Civil and Building Contractors for the above works within our ORWA Area
Development Program (ADP).
Orwa ADP is located 580 KM North of Nairobi city and Chepkondol Primary School is located about 40 km off Marich- Kainuk
town road.The distance from Kapenguria to Marich centre is about 76kms.
Eligible bidders should attach valid documentations and be able to meet the following minimum requirements:-
1. Must be a registered company (Attach Certificate of Incorporation).
2. The Contractor must be registered by National Construction Authority in category NCA 7 or higher for Building Works
3. Valid Tax compliance Certificates (Attach documentations).
4. Attach details of similar or relevant works completed within the last five years giving details of clients who may be
contacted for more information, amount and status (state if complete or ongoing).Technical capability to include list of
relevant equipment’s owned/hired and skilled staff (Site agents, masons, plumbers etc), give details and provide proof of
the same.
5. Experience as a contractor in the construction of at least 3 works of a nature and complexity equivalent to the Works
over the last 5 years (to comply with this requirement, works cited should be at least 70 percent complete);
6. Sound Financial standing (Attach Audited Accounts for the last three (3) years). Liquid assets and/or credit facilities, net
of other contractual commitments and exclusive of any advance payments which may be made under the Contract, of no
less than KSh. 7,000,000
7. Programme of works showing contractor’s proposed schedule of undertaking the construction.
8. Confirm ability to raise 10% of contract sum as Performance Bond valid for the period of the contract if awarded the
9. A consistent history of litigation or arbitration awards for the Applicant or any partner of a Joint Venture may result
in disqualification. Joint Ventures are not permitted for this project. However, subcontracting will be allowed, at the
discretion of the Employer
10. Must be willing to engage at least 80% of his/her unskilled labour from the local community.
11. Must visit the site and show evidence of the visit through a signed confirmation letter from the Project Engineer/ ADP
Manager. (Pre-tender site meeting will be held on Wednesday 04 th , June, 2014 at 0915 Hrs at Chepkondol Primary
Tender documents containing detailed specifications can be obtained from: The Cash Office,World Vision Kenya, Karen
Road, off Ngong Road, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs 2,000/= per Tender document (Between 9.00 a.m.
to 12.30 p.m. and between 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Monday to Friday during official working days). Payments
should be made either in cash or Bankers cheque payable to World Vision Kenya.
Completed Tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly showing the Tender No. and Description should be
addressed to:
The Secretary,
Central Tender Committee,
World Vision Kenya,
Karen Road - Off, Ngong Road,
P O Box 50816-00200
and delivered to the Tender Box at the reception of World Vision Complex, Karen Road on or before Friday,13th, June,
2014 at 10.00 Am. Tenders shall be opened publicly immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders who wish to witness
the opening.Tender prices must remain valid for 90 days from the date of tender closing.
Tenders must be accompanied with a Bid security equivalent to 5% of the Total Contract Sum, valid for at
least 120 Days, in form of a Bank Guarantee from a reputable Bank.
“World Vision Kenya reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid and is not bound to give reasons for its decision”.



Counties urged to automate services

Counties should automate services for efficiency, Infor- mation Communication and Technology board secretary Katherine Getao has said. She said the public had the right to access services without being subjected to long queues and frustration. “It’s time the use of manual systems in county offices was shelved,” Ms Getao said in Eldoret.


Court seizes camera from KBC journalist

A magistrate confiscated a camera from a journalist who was filming in a Bungoma courtroom. Principal magis- trate Vincent Maisiba seized the camera belonging to KBC journalist Josephat Okiria for filming without permission. The camera was returned to him after an ICT officer viewed the recording. Mr Oki- ria was in court for the hearing of an assault case against him.


Pastor in death of schoolgirl case flees

A case in which a pastor is accused of killing a schoolgirl could not be heard after it emerged that he might have fled the country. Mr Charles Nyachwara allegedly killed the girl after defiling her and making her pregnant. The pastor was out on bond. Mr Nyachwara’s surety, Mr Za- charia Maosa, was ordered to produce him in court when the case is heard on October 23.


Poultry disease wreaks havoc

Poultry farmers are count- ing losses following an out- break of Newcastle disease that has killed more than 5,000 birds. Kakamega North has been hit hard with farm- ers losing about 10 hens every day. Mr Peter Shitialo said he had lost birds valued at Sh20,000. Officials have asked farmers to take all their birds for vaccination and avoid feasting on the carcasses.


Hearings stall after power disconnection

Operations at Nyamira Law Courts registry have been par- alysed for two days following disconnection of power. Those seeking typing and photocopy- ing services were turned away. Electricity was disconnected by Kenya Power because of construction works near the courts. Contacted, Kenya Power officials said power would be reconnected soon.

SLUMP | Low tourism season hurts trade

SLUMP | Low tourism season hurts trade JACOB OWITI | NATION Mr Benjamin Fundi sells carvings


Mr Benjamin Fundi sells carvings on Oginga Odinga Street in Kisumu yesterday. He moved from Nairobi, hoping to find business in the lakeside town but the low tourism season has dealt him and other curio traders a terrible blow.

NAKURU | Six other sites mentioned

Mara River ranked top in tourists poll

448 photos of the attraction and 547 traveller reviews posted on leading website TripAdvisor




T ourists have singled Mara River as the best among seven

top attractions in the world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve. In online voting on the leading website TripAdvisor on return to their countries, the visitors posted pictures and glowing comments on the river. A total of 448 photos of the river and 547 traveller reviews were posted on the website. It is currently considered the world’s eighth wonder of the world due to the an- nual wildebeest migration characteristic to it. The Mara Triangle was awarded a certificate of ex- cellence by TripAdvisor for the third consecutive time for being the second best region to visit. Communities in the area lease land for the estab- lishment of conservancies run by tour operators. Other notable attractions that had their pictures and reviews posted are Ol Kinyei Conservancy, the third best; Mara Naboisho Conservancy;

Musiara Swamp; Eluai Plains; and Olypunyata Swamp. The results, released on Sunday, attracted rave re- views from various tourism stakeholders on Twitter. This comes hardly a week after stakeholders launched a massive campaign, urging tourists to visit Kenya and sample its unique features and attractions. In response to travel advi- sories issued by US, Britain, France and Australia, the Kenya Wildlife Service said terrorism was a global prob- lem, with the Kenya Tourism Federation urging tourists to ignore the warnings.

Additional reporting by Ka- zungu Samuel and Daniel Nyassy


Cut charges, hotels urged

Home-grown solutions will save the country’s tourism sector, a tourism expert and tour operator has said. Mr Matthew Katoto Nguli, the CEO of Tusam- baze Utalii Kenya, has urged tourist hotels to introduce packages that are pocket-friendly to local people to attract them.

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014


TENDER NOTICE/EXPRESSION OF INTEREST The Girl Child Network (GCN) is an independent, non political, non
The Girl Child Network (GCN) is an independent, non political, non religious, not for profit membership organization
of over 312 organizations that includes key government ministries, departments and individuals working to improve
the status of children in Kenya with special emphasis on the girl child. The Network was born in 1995 as a follow up
of the Beijing Platform for Action and implementation of Article 12, The Girl Child. It is from this that GCN draws its
mandate which is to primarily mainstream children activities with a focus on the girl child, in the development sector
through advocacy, information sharing, action implementation and strengthening of children programming in Kenya.
Girl Child Network hereby invites sealed bids from interested and eligible bidders who are technically and financially
capable for construction of concrete water tanks of 50 cubic meters and construction of Girl Friendly VIP Latrines (4
door latrines plus a changing room) as per the details below:
GCN/SSIP/05/WT14: Construction of Concrete Water tanks of 50 cubic meters in Five (5) selected schools Within
Kajiado Central, Isinya and Mashuru areas in Kajiado County.
GCN/SSIP/05/PL14: Construction of a block of VIP latrines (4 doors plus a changing room) in seven (7) selected
schools Within Kajiado Central, Isinya and Mashuru areas in Kajiado county.
Tender documents containing detailed specifications can be obtained from GCN Nairobi office located at AMREF
Kenya Country Offices next to Wilson Airport upon payment of a non-refundable fee Kshs. 5, 000.00 (Five Thousand
Shillings Only) in cash as the tender processing fee for each of the bid.
If you are interested in submitting an expression of interest for the services stated above, please send your bid with
proof of legal incorporation, VAT Registration certificate, PIN certificate, Current/valid tax compliance certificates,
trading license, audited account for the last 3 years, programme of works showing contractors proposed schedule of
undertaking the construction, company’s profile with clear details on the company structure and list of directors plus
any other relevant documents in a plain envelop, clearly marked with the Tender number either: #GCN/SSIP/05/WT14
for construction of the concrete water tanks or/and #GCN/SSIP/05/PL14 for the construction of the girl friendly blocks
of VIP latrines. All submitted documents should be in bound copies and in duplicates - 2 sets. The constructor must be
registered by National Construction Authority/ies or its equivalent.
Completed tender documents for the two separate bids should be sealed in a plain envelop clearly showing the Tender
No. and description addressed to:
The Chairperson
Girl Child Network-Tender Committee
P. O. Box 2447-00200 ,
AMREF-KCO Building
Wilson Airport - Off, Lang’ata Road,
Nairobi, Kenya
All bids should be delivered during official working hours (8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.) on or before Friday 6 th June 2014
at 3pm. Tenders shall be opened publically on the first Wednesday (at 2.30pm) after the tender closing date in the
presence of bidders who wish to witness the opening. Tender price must remain valid for 90days from the date of
tender closing.
NB: Girl Child Network reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and it’s not bound to give any reasons thereof.
Only shortlisted bidders will be contacted.



P O BOX 21280 – 00505 NAIROBI CELLPHONE: 0773829417 OR 0721 480199


Website:www.kinyanjuitechnical.ac.ke ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED

Website:www.kinyanjuitechnical.ac.ke ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED TENDER – FY 2014/2015 P.C Kinyanjui Technical Training

TENDER – FY 2014/2015

P.C Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute wishes to invite interested bidder for tender and prequalification for supply of goods and services as follows.


a) PCKTTI/T/1/2014/2015/01

Insurance for vehicles





Insurance for Institute fixed Assets




Security Services




Sanitary Bins Services






Laboratory Equipments, Tools, Chemicals & services




Computer and Computer Accessories




Electrical/Electronic Materials & Equipments




Fire Fighting Equipments and services




Hardware goods




Printing services




Sports gears & Equipments




Exhauster services




Petroleum products




Timber and Construction materials




Meat and Meat products




News papers




Auto- spares &services





Groceries (dry goods)




Fruits and vegetables












Cleaning Materials

At least 30% of the tenders and prequalification will be awarded to youth, women and persons with disability. Tender and Pre-Qualification documents may be obtained during working hours from the institute procurement office upon payment

of a non-refundable fee of Ksh.3,000.00 for tender documents and Ksh.1, 000.00 for pre-qualification documents either in cash or in a banker’s cheque in the name of the institute. Tenders should be addressed to:

The Chief Principal PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute

P. O. Box 21280-00



The documents should be enclosed in a sealed envelope, properly labeled with the number and name of tender and dropped in the tender box at the reception in Block (A) ground floor on or before 13 th June 2014 at 12.00 noon. Tenders and prequalification will be opened immediately thereafter at staff lounge in presence of bidders/tenderers or their representative who choose to attend. The institute reserves the right to accept or reject any bid wholly or in part and is NOT bound to accept the lowest bid or give reasons for it decisions.


1. The ceremony will take place on 26 th June 2014 in the institution. Further information to be provided later.

2. All those who successfully completed their studies between Dec 2012 and Dec 2013 are invited.

to be provided later. 2. All those who successfully completed their studies between Dec 2012 and
to be provided later. 2. All those who successfully completed their studies between Dec 2012 and

22 |

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014





The Kenya National Commission for UNESCO invites application bids for the following tenders from interested eligible candidates for the supply of the under listed goods and services.





Tender Number

Item Description


KNATCOM /01/2014-2015

Provision of Air Travel Agency Services


KNATCOM /02/2014-2015

Provision of cleaning services


KNATCOM /03/2014-2015

Repair, maintenance of Telephone, Equipment, Fax and PABX machine.


KNATCOM /04/2014-2015

Repair, Servicing and Maintenance of Photocopiers


KNATCOM /05/2014-2015

Repair ,Servicing and Maintenance of Computers, Printers and Ups units


KNATCOM /06/2014-2015

Repair and Servicing of Motor Vehicles


KNATCOM /07/2014-2015

Cleaning of curtains


KNATCOM /08/2014-2015

Provision of Maintenance and servicing of air conditioners


KNATCOM /09/2014-2015

Provision of outside catering services


KNATCOM /10/2014-2015

Supply of Newspapers, periodicals and Magazines


KNATCOM /11/2014-2015

Provision of Internet Service networking services.


KNATCOM /12/2014-2015

Provision of Research consultancy services (customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, work environment satisfaction


KNATCOM /13/2014-2015

Provision of valuation services.


KNATCOM /14/2014-2015

Provision for legal services.


KNATCOM /15/2014-2015

Provision for sanitary services and related services


KNATCOM /16/2014-2015

Provision for Staff Medical insurance Cover Services


KNATCOM /17/2014-2015

Provision for construction and maintenance services


KNATCOM /18/2014-2015

Provision of parking space facilities


KNATCOM /19/2014-2015

Provision motor vehicle insurance covers.


KNATCOM /20/2014-2015

Provision for Staff Pension Scheme Services


KNATCOM /21/2014-2015

Provision for staff Group and Life Insurance covers Services


KNATCOM /22/2014-2015

Provision for Human Resources Consultancy and Training Services


KNATCOM /23/2014-2015

Provision of Insurance and Brokerage/Services


KNATCOM /24/2014-2015

Provision of Design/Creative and advertising services


KNATCOM /25/2014-2015

Provision of Corporate Branded Promotional materials


KNATCOM /26/2014-2015

Provision of Photography and video services


KNATCOM /27/2014-2015

Provision of courier services


KNATCOM /28/2014-2015

Provision of fumigation and pest control services


KNATCOM /29/2014-2015

Provision of Taxi/care hire services


KNATCOM /30/2014-2015

Provision, installation and maintenance of software solutions and licensing


KNATCOM /31/2014-2015

Provision of web hosting and maintenance services


KNATCOM /32/2014-2015

Provision for printing services.


KNATCOM /33/2014-2015

Provision of hotel accommodation and conference facilities







KNATCOM /34/2014-2015

Supply of General Office Stationery and supplies


KNATCOM /35/2014-2015

Supply of Computer consumables and related items


KNATCOM /36/2014-2015

Supply of Office furniture, Furnishings and fittings


KNATCOM /37/2014-2015

Supply of Telecommunication Equipment


KNATCOM /38/2014-2015

Supply of Tyres, tubes and batteries.


KNATCOM /39/2014-2015

Supply of electrical, plumbing and carpentry items


KNATCOM /40/2014-2015

Supply of Computers, Laptops, I pads, Printers, UPS units and related items


KNATCOM /41/2014-2015

Supply of Staff identification Cards


KNATCOM /42/2014-2015

Supply of Photocopiers, Typewriters, Fax Machines and Office Equipments.


KNATCOM /43/2014-2015

Supply of Scratch Cards


KNATCOM /44/2014-2015

Provision of creative design, layout and printing of Reports, calendars, brochures, diaries, signage, branding services, caps, banners, posters and flyers.


KNATCOM /45/2014-2015

Supply of Fuel using Electronic Fuel Management Cards


KNATCOM /46/2014-2015

Supply of soap, detergents, tissues and disinfectants


KNATCOM /47/2014-2015

Supply of fire proof safe and cabinets


KNATCOM /48/2014-2015

Supply of office furnishing.


KNATCOM /49/2014-2015

Supply of mineral water and water dispensers.


KNATCOM /50/2014-2015

Supply of flowers


KNATCOM /52/2014-2015

Supply of staff uniform and Corporate wear


KNATCOM /52/2014-2015

Supply of security access control and accessories items

Tender documents may be obtained from the Procurement Office, National Bank Building Harambee Avenue 14th Floor room 1406, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs1,500.00 in cash, per set of documents in cash office on 14 th floor room 1415 National Bank Building House.

Complete tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked

‘‘TENDER NO. -------------------------- and TENDER Name. ------------ do not open before ………………

… (date and time)” and addressed and posted to:-


Or should be deposited in the Tender Box 14 th floor procurement office room 1406 so as to be received ON OR BEFORE Wednesday 11 th June 2014 at 10.00 a.m.

Late bids shall not be accepted after closing time and date. Tenders shall be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of candidates or their representatives who choose to attend on 14 th floor conference room.

Head, Finance FOR: Secretary General/CEO


Wednesday May

28, 2014

County News


ROW | Leaders clashed in a bar on Saturday night

Sonko and Shebesh quizzed over brawl

In sign of growing differences, senator says Nairobi needs a ‘better leader’




N airobi Senator Mike Sonko and Women’s Representative Rachel

Shebesh yesterday recorded statements at the CID and blamed each other for a bar brawl that degenerated into a gun fight. Mr Sonko was the first to arrive at the Kilimani CID headquarters accompanied by Mr Atur Kocher, the owner of the Caribea bar in Hurlingham, Nairobi. The senator later handed a bundle of Sh300,000 in cash to the bar owner as compensa- tion for the damage the fight caused. “I am giving this money to show my responsibility as a leader and to take care of bills

not paid by clients and dam- ages caused,” he said. Ms Shebesh arrived about an hour later accompanied by her husband, and later left without addressing jour- nalists. Supporters of the two leaders clashed at the bar on Saturday, prompting one of Ms Shebesh allies to draw


The amount, in thou- sands, that Sonko gave a bar owner yesterday


There are leaders who can do a better job than her(Shebesh)”

Nairobi Senator

Mike Sonko

a gun and shoot in the air.

Patrons fled after the com- motion. Kilimani CID boss George Ojuka said the two leaders blamed each other for the chaos. He said a pistol belonging

to an aide of Ms Shebesh was

confiscated when the man went to record a statement. Mr Ojuka said detectives will continue recording state- ments from supporters of the two leaders and employees at the bar.

Friends turned foes

The file will then be handed

to the Director of Public Pros-

ecutions for action. Yesterday, the Nairobi senator gave an indication of how sour the relationship between the two former allies has become when he said that another woman can do a bet- ter job than Ms Shebesh. “I will not hide anything. There are better leaders who can do a better job than her,” he said. The two campaigned together in the last elections on a TNA ticket.

CRIME | Child injured in arson attack

CRIME | Child injured in arson attack SULEIMAN MBATIAH | NATION Nine-year-old Monica Chelangat rests at


Nine-year-old Monica Chelangat rests at Nakuru Provin- cial General Hospital yesterday after being treated for burns she sustained after a man set her mother’s house on fire at Gachuma trading centre in Gilgil. The man is still at large.


City Hall’s accounts probed


The Nairobi County Assembly yesterday sought answers on City Hall’s multiple bank accounts, some of which are dormant. County Secretary Lillian Ndegwa and Chief Finance Of- ficer Jimmy Kiamba were hard pressed to explain why the county had many accounts, as they ap- peared before the assembly’s Public Accounts Committee. Some of the accounts may have been operated illegally, they said. Mr Kiamba said the had 12 ac- counts despite advice from the Transitional Authority to close down some.


The county officials told the committee that City Hall opened an account with Kenya Commer- cial Bank in anticipation of a loan to settle an Equity Bank debt. An emergency fund loan ac- count was opened with the National Bank and a governor’s account and solid waste manage- ment with the Co-operative Bank, they said. Currently, Nairobi has two accounts with the CBK, three with Equity, five with Co-op Bank, one with Housing Finance and one with the National Bank.

accounts with the CBK, three with Equity, five with Co-op Bank, one with Housing Finance and
accounts with the CBK, three with Equity, five with Co-op Bank, one with Housing Finance and

24 | County News

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

KISUMU | Patients buy medicines from private pharmacies

Nurses protest as drug scarcity hits hospitals

Long procurement procedures restrict quick acquisition, says union official



H ospitals in western Kenya are suffering a serious shortage

of drugs. Patients are referred to private pharmacies for pre- scribed medicine. Hospitals in Kisumu, Mig- ori, Kakamega and Busia counties are in dire need of drugs. They also have a short- age of health workers. Most patients are turned away due to lack of staff to attend to them. Nurses Association of Kenya–Kisumu branch sec- retary general Erick Ondieki said hospitals were experienc- ing a huge influx of patients yet they had no drugs. Medicine previously sup- plied by the Kenya Medical

Supplies Agency were run- ning out. “We are forced to send our patients to chemists to buy the drugs even though most of these are supposed to be free,” he said. The most affected depart-


Amount in shillings Kis- umu has set aside for drugs and renovations


We are forced to send patients to chemists to buy drugs even those supposed to be free”

NAK’s Erick Ondieki

ments were maternity and outpatient. “The number of patients being referred to Kisumu for medical attention has gone up due to lack of medicine in the rural health facilities.” Mr Ondieki said the lack of drugs was caused by long procurement procedures. He noted that most of the medicine supplied by Kemsa was meant for primary ill- nesses such as malaria with serious illnesses left out of the dispatches.

Hiring was stopped

His Kakamega counterpart Remson Bulunya said the county had advertised for nurses but hiring was stopped by the Devolution ministry. Kisumu county executive for Health Elizabeth Ogaja said they had set aside Sh600 mil- lion for the purchase of drugs and renovation of the hospitals in the coming financial year. Said Dr Ogaja: “There is no need for alarm as the county governments are working hard to make primary medicine available to the locals.”

PROTEST | Senator criticises police for killings

PROTEST | Senator criticises police for killings Nominated Mom- basa County Sena- tor Emma Mbura condemns

Nominated Mom- basa County Sena- tor Emma Mbura condemns the killing of two sus- pected gangsters by police in Kisauni yesterday. She said the two were in- nocent and asked Inspector-General of Police David Ki- maiyo to investigate the recent killing of youths in Mombasa.



Sh19m bonanza for Meru coffee farmers


Farmers in Meru earned Sh19.4 million from the sale of coffee after the last harvest- ing season. This was after the county government leased the Kenya Planters Co-operative Union (KPCU) factory in Meru to mill, process and market the coffee under the Meru County Coffee Millers’ Cooperatives Union (MCCMCU) Meru Governor Peter

Munya said yesterday the farmers earned the cash from the October-December season last year.

Low season

He said 86,000 kilos of cherry was milled at the plant and sold in Germany and Switzerland. “The money has been sent to coffee societies to pay the farmers,” he said. During that period, 13 cooperative societies and

19 private estates milled and marketed their crop through the new system. The lowest payment to the farmer was Sh40 per kilo while the highest was Sh65, according to figures released by executive in charge of cooperatives and trade, Mr Ntoitha M’Mithiaru. “It should be noted that it was a low season but we anticipate to mill around 16 million kilos in the April-June season,” he said.

be noted that it was a low season but we anticipate to mill around 16 million
be noted that it was a low season but we anticipate to mill around 16 million

DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014






It’s been 14 months since the inception of Laikipia County Government and we are happy to say that we have taken some long strides since then. One of the areas in which we have had great achievements is the area of legislation.

Legislation is one of the most important instruments of government in organizing society and protecting citizens. It determines, amongst others, the rights and responsibilities of individuals to whom the legislation applies. It is also through legislation that the government is able to lay down structures and systems through which it carries out its functions. In this regard, we are glad to announce that His Excellency Laikipia County Government has enacted the following 11 laws to date:

1. Laikipia County Appropriation Act, 2013

2. Laikipia County Supplementary appropriation Act,


3. Laikipia County Finance Act, 2014

4. Laikipia County wards development fund Bill, 2014

5. Laikipia County Education bursary fund bill, 2014

6. Laikipia County enterprise fund bill, 2014

7. Laikipia County revenue board bill, 2014

8. Laikipia County development Authority bill, 2014

9. Laikipia County petition to County Assembly (procedure) bill, 2014

10. Laikipia County public appointments (County Assembly) approval bill, 2014

11. Laikipia County Assembly (powers, privileges and immunities) bill, 2014

These laws, we believe will go a long way in ensuring maximum service delivery to the people of Laikipia.

It is however not lost on us that with these laws now being in place,

a great task lies ahead. These laws would be totally meaningless if

enforcement was not properly and effectively carried out. We would

like to assure each one of you that we are equal to the task. Be that as

it may, every Journey begins with one step. This is certainly a big step

towards a bright future for the people of Laikipia and therefore, a cause for celebration.

We urge all the people of Laikipia and all members of the public to familiarize themselves with these laws. These laws will be uploaded on our website at www.assembly.laikipiacounty.go.ke as well as www.laikipiacounty.go.ke. Copies of the bills will also be kept at the county headquarter offices in Nanyuki, sub-county offices, Members of County Assembly’s ward offices as well as the ward administrators’ offices. Members of the public can visit these offices to make copies of the legislations.

We thank the members of the public for their continued support.

God bless Laikipia. God bless Kenya.

the legislations. We thank the members of the public for their continued support. God bless Laikipia.
26 | DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014 WORLD A BARB AT BANDA Madonna tells
26 |
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Madonna tells of Malawi
graft amid poll crisis Page 28

PLANS | Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has pledged to eliminate the Brotherhood

Turnout threatens to mar Sisi win as Egyptian poll extended






by AFP



in the


hours of


CAIRO, Tuesday

E gypt gave voters an extra day to vote for a president today, in a surprise move

amid a reportedly low turnout in the first election since the overthrow of the Islamist leader. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the ex- army chief who toppled Islamist president Mohamed Morsy last year, is the clear frontrunner. But his campaign had hoped for a large turnout for a decisive show of support. After reports of a meagre turnout on the first day of voting on Monday, his backers and sympathetic media harangued voters to go and vote as Morsy’s Muslim Brotherhood had called for a boycott. One television anchor, the ultra-nationalist Tawfiq Okasha, went as far as suggesting that people who do not vote should “be shot”. The decision to extend the voting into Wednesday was made to “give a chance to the largest possible number of voters to cast their ballots,” said a member of the electoral commission quoted by state news agency MENA. The commission added later in a statement that the vote had been extended because of a “heatwave that resulted in a crowding of voters during the evening hours”. A comfortable win for Sisi over his sole rival, the leftist Hamdeen Sabbahi, has never been seriously in doubt. But the Brotherhood, subjected to a brutal police crackdown in which hundreds of its supporters have been killed, has called for boycott and said it will not recognise the outcome. So too have key activists behind the 2011 uprising that toppled long-time strongman Hosni Mubarak in 2011. They fear Sisi is an autocrat in the making. The interior ministry said turnout on the first day of the election was about 16 million out of the country’s 53 million eligible voters. But some Cairo polling

53 million eligible voters. But some Cairo polling PHOTO | AFP A supporter of ex-army chief


A supporter of ex-army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi celebrates after voting in front of a polling station in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria on Monday. The second day saw very little activity.

stations visited by AFP were deserted in the first hours of voting on Tuesday. “I don’t want to be part of those responsible for all those people who died,” Tarek Salim told AFP at a Cairo cafe, explaining his decision not to vote. Another abstainer, Diaa Hussein, complained there was

no real choice. “Sisi didn’t leave

a chance for anyone else to win,”

he said. Gamal Abdel Gawad, an analyst at the American University of Cairo, said the extension of voting “affects the credibility of the election process.” “There was no need to raise expectations of a high turnout. When the result of an election is

already known, there is very little incentive for voters to come out and vote,” he said. Sisi issued a personal plea for

a large turnout after casting his

own ballot on Monday. “The entire world is watching

us, how Egyptians are writing history and their future today and tomorrow,” he said, surrounded by cheering supporters. The rival candidates have portrayed the vote as a choice between stability and the freedoms promised by the pro-democracy uprisings in the region. The Arab world’s most populous nation has been

rocked by turmoil since the 2011 uprising which has ravaged the economy and its vital tourism sector. Sisi’s ouster of Morsy on July 3 triggered the worst peacetime bloodshed in recent Egyptian history, but the former army chief has vowed to stamp out the violence. A big security force deployment prevented any major polling day incidents.





“We need an iron fist to restore the situation,” said 63-year-old engineer Kamal Mohamed Aziz, who had come with his wife to vote for Sisi. But civil servant Karim el- Demerdash said he had voted for Sabbahi to try to preserve the gains of the 2011 uprising. “I am sure that the election results are already decided but this is the last attempt to bring the revolution into power,” he said. Sisi has said “true democracy” will take a couple of decades, and suggested he will not tolerate protests disrupting the economy. He has also pledged to eliminate the Brotherhood, which won every election following Mubarak’s overthrow after being banned for decades. “Forgery will never grant legitimacy to a butcher nor will it lessen the determination of revolutionaries,” the Brotherhood said as it urged a boycott.(AFP)

Senegal sets deadline on asset declaration


NATION Correspondent

DAKAR, Tuesday

Senegal’s President Macky Sall has given his ministers up to end of June 2014 to declare their assets in a bid to implement the fight against corruption. The Senegalese leader announced the deadline during the opening ceremony of a three-day conference in Dakar on the declaration of assets for 16 countries in West and Central Africa. President Sall had declared his assets as about 8 billion CFA (about $16mKsh1.4bn) at the time of taking office in 2012 and at which time his then Premier Aboul Mbaye, a banker, had declined to do so, sparking a wave of condemnation. But the incumbent the Prime Minister, Ms Aminata Touré, a jurist, who also helped to moot the law has expressed readiness to declare her assets “when the time comes”. But the president has delegated the responsibility of receiving the asset declaration to a newly established National Office against Fraud and Corruption or Ofnac which is headed by Madam Nafi Ngom. The Office was set up after lawmakers voted in law Senegalese lawmakers passed a law in March this year requiring all senior government workers to declare their wealth at the time of taking office.



Apostasy convict gives birth in jail

A Christian Sudanese woman, sentenced to hang for apostasy in a case that has sparked inter- national outcry, has given birth in jail, her husband said on Tuesday. “Until now I did not see them. They didn’t allow me to go in and see,” Daniel Wani said. “I’m dis- appointed really,” he said from a prisons office where he was con- tinuing efforts to see his wife and newborn daughter. Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, 27, is being held at prison in Khartoum. (AFP)

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DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

EVIDENCE | ‘In my philanthropic work I have seen the depths of corruption in


Madonna tells of Malawi graft




vote was

marred by




P op diva Madonna has weighed in on Malawi’s chaotic election, criticis-

ing embattled President Joyce Banda, who has tried to nullify the vote amid allegations of ir- regularities. The superstar, who adopted two children from the southern African nation, has been involved in a long-running spat with Mala- wi’s government over her charity work in the country. In a statement posted on the website of her charity Raising Malawi, Madonna accused the government of corruption and of failing its people. “I am so sad to see that be- cause of the actions of their president Malawians will con- tinue to suffer,” the American singer said. “In my philanthropic work I have seen the depths of corrup- tion in Malawi’s government. I can only hope that change will come, Malawians deserve so much better.” Madonna’s charity says it has poured millions of dollars into the support of children, includ- ing orphans in Malawi, which is ranked by the UN Human Development Index as one of the world’s 20 least developed countries.

CRISIS Poll chaos won’t help economy PHOTO | AFP Poor turn: The election imbroglio is
Poll chaos won’t
help economy
Poor turn: The election
imbroglio is unlikely to help
Malawi’s dire economic
Graft: A “Cashgate” scan-
dal, which saw corrupt
officials steal around $30
million dollars of state
funds has seen vital foreign
aid frozen.
US Pop Star Madonna sits with
her adopted Malawian son David
Banda during a visit to Malawi in
this file picture.

After a visit to the country last year Banda’s government accused the 55-year-old of in- flating the value of that help, demanding VIP treatment, being “uncouth” and bullying state

officials. In a long statement, it said that if Madonna had her way “the Malawi government and its leadership should have rolled out a red carpet and blast the 21-gun salute in her honour.” When leaving the country, Madonna was for the first time denied use of the VIP section at the airport in Lilongwe. A government spokesman claimed the singer “wants Ma- lawi to be forever chained to

the obligation of gratitude” for having adopted two Malawian children. But Madonna denied these ‘‘ridiculous allegations”. “I did not ever ask or demand special treatment at the airport or elsewhere during my visit,” she said. Meanwhile, Malawi’s poll watchdog pressed ahead with a troubled vote recount today, in a bid to show the country can resolve a deep political crisis constitutionally and save its young democracy. Since the chaotic vote a week ago, President Banda has attempted to declared the vote “null and void” and court orders and injunctions have flown back and forth. She has claimed the vote was marred by “serious irregulari- ties” and called for a new ballot within 90 days, saying she would not take part. But it is not clear she has the constitutional power to make such a move and a court ordered the vote count to continue. Electoral commission chair- man Maxon Mbendera late on Monday urged Malawians to stay calm, saying a full audit could take up to 30 days. “Allow me to appeal to the country, it is time to build this nation,” Mbendera said. (AFP)

AU marks 10th anniversary of Peace and Security Council


The African Union (AU) yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of its Peace and Security Council (PSC). The 10th anniversary of the Council provided an ideal opportunity for the Council to take stock of its performance, identify challenges and opportunities with a view to effectively promote and maintain peace and stability throughout Africa, said AU. Though a lot to be done, during its 10 years of existence, the PSC has significantly contributed to the prevention, management, and resolution of conflicts on the continent, said the pan-African bloc. It also contributed to the efforts aimed at post-conflict reconstruction and development and peace-building as well as to the promotion, deepening and consolidation of democracy on the continent, said AU. Speaking to reporters during the celebrations of Africa Day and the marking of the 10th anniversary of the Council at the AU headquarters, Mr Erastus Mwencha, Deputy Chairperson of the AU Commission, reiterated that the Council has contributed a lot to peace and security of the continent over the past decade. (Xinhua)

reiterated that the Council has contributed a lot to peace and security of the continent over


Wednesday May

28, 2014

International News


GRIM SIGNS | Britain, France the worst hit

Provisional result: 53 Greens/EFA 42 GUE/NGL 06:00GMT (Tuesday) 46 ECR Turnout: 43.09% 190 64 S&D
Provisional result: 53 Greens/EFA 42 GUE/NGL 06:00GMT (Tuesday) 46 ECR Turnout: 43.09% 190 64 S&D
Provisional result:
53 Greens/EFA
06:00GMT (Tuesday)
Turnout: 43.09%
41 NI
Mostly anti-
64 Others
NI 213 751 EPP seats Mostly anti- 64 Others European Hxurshdq Shrsoh◊v Sd rty – Centre-right.

Hxurshdq Shrsoh◊v Sdrty – Centre-right. Wants federal super state

Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats – Centre-left – Centre-left

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party – Liberal – Liberal

Greens / European Free Alliance – Environment, self-governance – Environment, self-governance

European United Left – Nordic Green Left – Left wing – Left wing

European Conservatives and Reformists – Centre-right, eurosceptic – Centre-right, eurosceptic

Europe of Freedom and Democracy – Right-wing eurosceptic – Right-wing eurosceptic

NI* – Non-attached members – Far-right, eurosceptic parties – Far-right, eurosceptic parties

Others. New parties – political alliance to be decided New parties – political alliance to be decided

Source: European Parliament

*NI – Non-Inscrits


EU meets after shock poll win by radicals

German Chancellor’s party experienced a different result winning the poll in a rare case


E uropean leaders were to hold a summit

in Brussels today, their first chance to

digest the stunning success of euroscep-

tic and far-right parties at EU polls which has shaken the continent’s political landscape. France’s President Francois Hollande called yesterday for Brussels’ power to be reined in after what newspaper headlines called an “earthquake” in Europe. That tremor was delivered by European vot- ers backing eurosceptics in a stinging rebuke to Brussels, with France’s National Front (FN) and Britain’s UKIP leading the pack of anti-EU parties. Mr Hollande went on national television to call for the EU to reduce its role, which he said had become for many citizens “remote and incomprehensible”. The embattled leader saw the far-right Na- tional Front (FN) come out on top in France’s vote, pushing his Socialist Party to a humiliat- ing third place in the elections for seats in the European parliament. “This cannot continue. Europe has to be simple, clear, to be effective where it is needed and to withdraw from where it is not neces- sary,” President Hollande said in his address to the nation. Across the Channel, British Prime Minister David Cameron faced a similar sentiment from voters, with the anti-EU UK Independence Party’s victory at the ballot box. The European leaders will meet from 1700 GMT to take stock after the four days of vot- ing across the 28-nation bloc, which came to a close on Sunday. They will also discuss the election of the next president of the European Commission, the head of the EU executive. The crisis in Ukraine is also on the agenda. Ahead of the Informal European Council in

Brussels on Tuesday, Mr Cameron spoke to

several of his counterparts saying they should learn from the election results, a statement from his Downing Street office said.


leaders should seize the opportunity of tomor- row’s dinner to heed the views expressed at the ballot box that the EU needs to change and to show it cannot be business as usual,” it said. Mr Cameron spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who experienced a different result with her own conservative party winning the poll in Germany. “It’s quite remarkable and regrettable but now the point is to win those voters back,” said Ms Merkel in reaction to the anti-EU trend elsewhere. “A policy of competitiveness, growth and jobs is the best answer to the disappointment of those who voted in a way that we don’t like,” she said. The pro-European Union parties must offer disillusioned voters the real prospect of jobs and growth, said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who ruled out stepping down after just weeks in office. Late today, Germany’s finance minister described France’s far-right National Front (FN), as a “fascist” party. Mr Wolfgang Schaeuble told a forum on Europe that the outcome in Europe’s second biggest economy was a vote “not for a right- wing party but for a fascist party”. The result is a reality check “for everyone in Europe, not only for our friends in France”, Schaeuble, a veteran and strongly pro-EU member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s con-

servatives, added. (AFP)

“The PM has been making the point

added. (AFP) “The PM has been making the point This cannot continue. Europe has to be

This cannot continue. Europe has to be simple, clear, to be effective where it is needed and to withdraw from where it is not necessary”

France’s President Francois Hollande

Ebola could deal with Africa, says French radical

PARIS, Tuesday

The deadly Ebola virus could solve France’s immi- gration problems “in three months”, Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder and honorary president of France’s far- Right Front National, has said in remarks which have shocked the country’s politi- cal establishment. Speaking in Marseille shortly before a joint rally with Marine Le Pen, his daughter and current party leader, Mr Le Pen, 85, said:

“There is a demographic explosion in the world and a risk of submersion. A re- placement of (the national population) is under way.” However, he added: “Mon- sieur Ebola can solve the problem in three months.” Ebola is one of the most feared infectious diseases in the world and there is no specific treatment or vaccine for the viral haemorrhagic fever. A current outbreak in Guinea has killed at least 83 people – the first in Western Africa in 20 years and the first time that Ebola has been confirmed to have crossed international borders. Mr Le Pen, who is ran to be a euro MP in the South East constituency, made the inflammatory remarks ahead of a public speech during an exchange with French journalists, many of whom relayed his comments. (Agencies)

China leader urges market, government cooperation

BEIJING, Tuesday

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for coor- dinated functioning of the market and government in resource allocation to pro- mote sustainable economic and social development. Calling the relationship between the government and market the core issue in economic reforms during a collective study yesterday, President Xi stressed that the roles of the two are not con- tradictory and should not be pitted against each other. To give the market a more prominent role, China has pledged to deepen eco- nomic reform to ensure the market plays a “decisive” role, instead of the previous “basic” role, and allow gov- ernment to play a “better” role in allocating resources during a key reform meeting last year. President Xi stressed that the role of the market cannot replace or negate the role of the government. (Xinhua)

year. President Xi stressed that the role of the market cannot replace or negate the role
year. President Xi stressed that the role of the market cannot replace or negate the role
year. President Xi stressed that the role of the market cannot replace or negate the role
year. President Xi stressed that the role of the market cannot replace or negate the role

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DAILY NATION Wednesday May 28, 2014

$',3& %&0*-,&+ Η*()2&3/ "10)-.*03 &3'l,25 Η,*+4'51" #)22)0 $/ )(2,/.1
$',3& %&0*-,&+
Η*()2&3/ "10)-.*03
&3'l,25 Η,*+4'51" #)22)0 $/
Tender for Construc on of Ndanai – Gorgor Road (C15)
– Tender No. KeNHA/810/2014
The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is a State Corporation established
under the Kenya Roads Act, 2007, with the responsibility for Management, Development,
Rehabilitation and Maintenance of National Roads.
The Authority hereby invites applications for prequalification of suppliers for the provision
of goods and services for the period ending 30 th June 2016. Interested eligible suppliers
are invited to apply indicating the code number and sub-category of goods or services
they wish to supply.
Interested applicants may obtain further information and inspect Pre-qualification
documents from Procurement Office, Kenya National Highways Authority Headquarters,
Blue Shield Towers, 1
Floor, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, during normal working hours or
from any KeNHA Regional Office as detailed in the prequalification document.
Interested applicants are requested to download full prequalification details document
from our website www.kenha.co.ke free of charge or from KeNHA Headquarters, Blue
Shield Towers, Upper Hill Road, Ground Floor or Regional Procurement Offices as
detailed in the prequalification document.
Completed pre-qualification documents must be submitted in enclosed plain sealed
envelopes, clearly marked with the Tender number and written “Pre-Qualification of
Suppliers” – “Category Reference/Description” and be deposited in the tender box
situated as indicated in the prequalification document where one wishes to be prequalified
so as to be received on or before Wednesday, 11th June, 2014 at 11.00 a.m.
Pre-qualification documents shall be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the
prospective applicants/ representative (s) who choose to attend at KeNHA Headquarters
or the respective Regional Offices.
Youth, Women and Persons living with Disability who have been dully registered
with the National Treasury (Directorate of Procurement) are encouraged to apply
for the categories specified in the pre-qualification document.
All candidates whose Pre-qualification documents will have been received before the
closing date and time will be advised in due course, of the results of their applications. Only
candidates prequalified under this pre-qualification process will be invited to bid for various
goods and services as and when required.
Levina Wanyonyi




Nandi County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following positions;


Terms of Service (3 Months Contract )-Renewable

Salary scale:

Ksh 24,662- ksh29, 918p.m

House allowance:

Ksh 6,000 p.m

Commuter allowance: Ksh 4,000p.m

Requirements for appointment

- At least an ordinary Diploma in Civil Engineering or related field from a recognized institution.

- Wide knowledge and experience in preparation of bill of quantities.

- Show administrative ability by being conversant with government procedures.

- Proficiency in computer literacy

- Good communication and inter-personal skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Reporting to the Roads Engineer ,the inspector will,

- Provide assistance and information to the road designers, contractors and public concerning requirements of road construction standards and other applicable laws and statutes.

- Prepare the bill of quantities for roads works.

- Conducts sites inspections as directed to ensure that the works are compliant to the set standards.

- Prepare periodic progress reports of the road works.

- Prepare, maintain and organize inspection reports for all the completed works.

- Perform other duties as may be assigned.

How to Apply All written applications, CVs, copies of certificates, testimonials and identity cards should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly indicating on the left side the position being applied for and addressed to:

The Secretary, Nandi County Public Service Board, P.O. Box 802-30300 Kapsabet.

Hand delivered applications should be handed over at the Nandi county Public Service Board Offices (Former Municipal Council Offices). In addition, interested candidates are advised to submit copies of letters of clearance from:

i. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

ii. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)

iii. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Certificate Of Good Certificate

iv. Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)

To reach the office before the close of business on or before 13 th June, 2014. Important information to all candidates;.

• Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

• Any form of canvassing or lobbying will lead to automatic disqualification.

Women and the physically challenged are encouraged to apply


We refer to our advertisement that appeared in the Local Dailies seeking applications for the Posts of Chief Officer Health and Sanitation and County Legal Officers.The Board is pleased to invite the shortlisted candidates below for interviews on 10 th June 2014 at the Nandi County Public Service Board Offices at 9.00 am.







Dr. Edward Serem Kimutai




Jackline Jeruto Kosgei


Msc, Bsc.


Antipas Kemboi