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Contact: 404.430.1104

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Contact: 404.430.1104


Accomplished actor, writer, director and

songwriter Jaan Marion is quickly making his
move across the country. Having worked with
such names as Andrea Kelly, Fat Joe, Salvatore
Rubino, Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, William H. Macy,
Al Nuke, Zaytoven and Efi Da Silva. Marion has
been called a slave to his craft and one of the
most talented faces to hit the scene in years.
Marion got his start at a young age growing up in
Bowling Green, KY, and later moving to St. Louis,
MO with his mother Willie Marion after his
parents divorce. The youngest of eight, Marions
mother said he always had a way of entertaining
and pleasing people.

After many hard times and harsh learning curves,
Marion went on to attend Lindenwood University
where he earned his Bachelors Degree in
Science, with a minor in the Theatre and Art. He
then went on to work with acting coaches such
as, Carrie Houk, Scott Oakley, Nick Conti and
Ghost where he is currently studying the
Chubbuck Technique.

With an already impressive resume developing under his name, Marion is more widely known for
his roles as Alex Jr. in Al Nuke and Atlanta Super-Producer Zaytoven hit web series BAG MEN,
and Charles in Indie film Four-Way Stop, by Efi Da Silva. He has also portrayed characters such
as Sean in the short film production, Right Hand Man, Gerdi in the short film, PRETTY and
Darius Jones in the upcoming show titled, Bag Men. In 2014 Marion would find himself in the
leading role, under Director Salvatore Rubino, as the drug dealer for the latest Fat Joe ft. French
Montana, Rick Ross and Tiara Thomas video Just Another Day.

Ive always known this is what I wanted to do, explained Marion. I want to leave a legacy behind
for when Im gone my family, friends and community are taken care of. I want people to remember
me through entertainment and inspiration. I also want to give back to troubled youth because I
have been there before. Life has a way of guiding you to where you need to be. Through my
failures, I have learned that no matter how hard life may seem, you have to find a way to keep
moving forward to reach your dreams.

2016 Jaan Marion, LLC. All rights reserved.|Site by Jaan Marion

Contact: 404.430.1104
Actors Reel: http://www.jaanmarion.com/demo-reel.html

Height: 63 Weight: 185 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

Film: (partial list)


Director: James Westbrook
The Hunt For The Acid King
Director: Alex Holzman
The Layover


Director: William H. Macy
Right Hand Man


Four Feet Productions
Chasing Goose Guitar

Director: Shawn Mullarkey
Get Hard


Warner Bros. Television

Supporting Director: Catherin Fearon
Professional Groupies


Director: KL
Illude: The Movie

MO & Company Entertainment
Four-Way Stop

Supporting Monkey with a Gun Productions


Ozark Films

Television: (partial list)
Fat Joe- Just Another Day

Director: Salvatore Rubino
Bag Men


Director: Al Nuke

*Commercial Conflicts Available Upon Request

Theatre: (partial List)
Real Life

Raymond Vincent
JPEK CreativeWorks
A Midsummer Nights Dream

Edison Theater

Bush Beer

Host Taste of St. Louis
Four-Way Stop Interview


Saint Louis, MO

New Media:
Brother VS. Sister


Always Late TV

Ghost Revolutionist Working Actors Studio

Chubbuck Technique
Nick Contis Professional Acting Studio

Meisner Technique/Scene Study
Carrie Houk

On Camera Acting
Andrea Purnell

Improv/ Comedy Sketch
Ted Huff

Voice Diction
Lindenwood University

Fine Arts and Theatre/ Acting I, II, III

Achievements/ Special Skills:
Basketball, Football, Baseball, Stage Combat, Improv, V.O. , Lyricist, Firearms, Drawing, Host, Line
Memorization, Facial Hair Growth ( 2 weeks for full beard), Dialects (varies), Drivers License

2016 Jaan Marion, LLC. All rights reserved.|Site by Jaan Marion

Contact: 404.430.1104

Contact Information:

Theatrical/ Commercial Agent
Jacob Lawson
Privilege Talent Agency

Email: Jacob@privilegetalentagency.com

Public Relations Manager
Danielle Wilcox
Email: teammanager@jaanmarion.com



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2016 Jaan Marion, LLC. All rights reserved.|Site by Jaan Marion

Contact: 419.270.4175

Articles | Testimonials

"Jaan Marion, a stellar personality and slave to his craft. His willingness to get in there and get what's
needed to make the character bleed truth is relentless. It was and is always a pleasure watching this guy
rise above it all to conquer his 100+. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Jaan, a rising
star." ~Joel King, JPEK Productions
"Jaan acted and starred in my short film titled Right Hand Man. From the moment he sent in his audition
tape, I really saw the passion he displayed and how he took his craft serious. He was always on time for the
film shoot days and very professional. He took direction very well. I look forward to working with him on
future projects. I think he has a bright future in the film business." ~ Lacey Turner, Director
"I have had the pleasure working with Jaan for three different projects, including one of my own. He is a
talent that I can always count on to be on time and ready to go. He is able to come in with an open mind and
bring in his own ideas and ways of becoming the character. His charming presence on set makes it easy to
get through the project with a positive morale, as he is able to respect and appreciate everyone's role on set.
I look forward to working with him again soon." ~Keith Hoffmann, Director
The play follows the lead character Ray, played by Jaan Marion, as he attempts to find his way through a
life that he believes is the only way to live because he was born, and raised, and currently living in the
ghettos of St. Louis. Marion expressively embodied the typical young hopeful turned misguided wannabe
thug. ~ Ethno Nightlife
I worked with Jaan on a music video for Fat Joe featuring Rick Ross and French Montana. The concept of
the video was about the struggles in life people go through. One of the things I liked most about working with
Jaan was his ability to give me different varieties of his character. He was also very patient and didnt stop
until he got the job done right. I am looking forward to working with Jaan again on upcoming projects.
~ Salvatore Rubino, Director/Cinematographer/Editor
Jaan was a gem to work with. I would have him on any of my sets anytime. I would put a star by his name.
~Director, Joe Bitzer, Coolfire
It was my pleasure to have worked with Jaan Marion. He is very professional on set, always on time and
takes direction very well. To see him as the antagonist in my film project entitled, Illude The Movie, was
nothing less than breath-taking and I couldnt have done it better myself. As an actor and director I would
love to work with Jaan again and I would highly recommend other directors and actors to make use of his
very powerful acting abilities as well. I only see big things in Jaans future and as long as he keeps God first
he will do nothing but succeed. ~ Moses Weathers, Writer/Director
Director Efi Da Silva inspires terrific performances from this energetic cast. Particularly memorable is
Marion as he rambles and rants about the better times while resisting the urge to collapse after his latest
bender. ~ We are Movie Geeks
Jaan is a tremendous talent. He took the character and enriched him far beyond the written words. His
instincts and choices give us no option but to watch and love his troubled character. Jaan brings so much
depth to his role yet is endlessly receptive to direction and collaboration. Jaans flexibility and desire to help
propel the projects he is involved in are as undeniable as his talent. Im most definitely fortunate to have
worked with him and would gladly do so again. ~ Efi da Silva Director, Four-Way Stop
2016 Jaan Marion, LLC. All rights reserved.|Site by Jaan Marion