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Cara Cox abducted in 2009

reunited with Florida mother Jodie

Simply heartless
Writer Saul Saenz Volusia county
Name and address withheld
May 19, 2014 1:24PM
May 16, 2014
Purpose of article To inform readers the dangers and
responsibility of the custody of
To persuade readers that the new
welfare rules really arent fair for the
homeless youth trying to find a way in
Type of article Newspaper Opinion
How would you
describe the
writers approach
to relating with the
The writer sounds factual and
The writer is unknown, emotional and
concerned. The writer is using emotive
language, concern and a real life
situation to connect with the audience.
Level of formality This news report is not that
formal, it sounds as though the
reporter is explaining a sentence.
I believe this opinion piece has more
formality than the news report.
Key ideas - Should we reconsider the
custody of parents?
- Cara cox went missing at
age 8 in Deltona, Florida,
August 2009 in the
custody of her father
- Cara was found in the
remote mountains of
hidalgo state, Mexico
living with her father in
fake names
- Is divorce safer for your

- Welfare payments are not
enough to shelter, feed and
educate young people living of
- Should parents just dump their
- More should be done to ensure
the best for the lives of the
Stage Four: Comparing two different media

Organisation of
The author organised his facts and
details in many short sentences.
He made the story clear and
simple with not too many words.
The details in the newspaper
articles were organised in an order
that made sense.
The first few sentences of the
article stated the issue and what
had happened. The bottom half
explained details on the victim and
details on how long she has been
missing for. The second half of the
article also included where she
was found.

The author organized her ideas in two
separate paragraphs. The first paragraph
touched on the issue she was trying to
get past by using a situation in her real
life. The second paragraph stated the
main idea she was trying to get past. Her
paragraphs werent that long as this text
is an opinion piece and opinion pieces
are usually kept short. Although, the
opinion piece did have more writing in
each paragraph compared to the
newspaper article except the newspaper
article had more paragraphs.
This piece was mostly written in
declarative writing because this
piece was full of facts although
there was one imperative
sentence in a quote. This piece had
long sentences full of facts due to
this piece being a newspaper
article. Although, this is a
newspaper article, most of it was
written in an active voice. There
was one sentence in a passive

The piece was written with exclamative
sentences including on interrogative
sentence. It was also declarative as the
writer had also provided a brief
summary of what had happened in their
life. This was very brief because it is an
opinion piece. Only active sentences
were used in this text as for it is an
opinion piece.
Language features
and word choice
One modal (could) has been used
in this text. The reason to the
newspaper article only having one
modal verb is probably because a
newspaper article has to include
facts and confirmed decisions.
Many auxiliaries were used. No
This text has 3 modals. The newspaper
report also included 3 modals so it
seems like the level of formality in both
pieces are equal. Many auxiliaries were
added. Figurative language like a
rhetorical question was included.
Sarcasm was included. No puns were

figurative language except one
smile (like) has been included. A
pun/exaggeration has also been
discovered. (Tear -jerking)
Presentation and
A bold, medium sized heading has
been situated above the article.
Below the heading but still above
the article, the time and date the
article was published has been
shown. Below that, there is a
video. After the video, the article
consists of information and three
images to refer to and understand
the text from. The information is
ordered from most important to
least important facts. The
information is organized into small
paragraphs consisting of a
maximum of three sentences.

A small but emotional heading was
included to the article. The article was
small too only two paragraphs long. In
the first paragraph she included how the
problem she wants to state affected her
and in the second paragraph it clearly
states her problem.