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Answer these 10 questions and know how well you know the world of Financial Services.

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1. What is a P/E ratio?

1. Ratio of the stock's price divided by the stock's earnings per share
2. Ratio of the price of a bond divided by the coupon of the bond
3. Ratio of the price of a stock divided by the stock's yield
2. In general, what happens to bond prices when interest rates go up?

1. Bond prices rise

2. Bond prices fall
3. Bond prices neither rise or fall
3. Assuming a 4% inflation rate, how long would it take to lose half of your purchasing
power? (A rupee is worth only 50 paise) Hint: Rule of 72

1. 12 years
2. 18 years
3. 20 years
4. 24 years
4. In general, a savings account with a bank often cannot make enough interest to offset the
losses from inflation.

1. True
2. False
5. What is an income statement?

1. A statement of the profits and losses of a company

2. Part of a financial statement
3. A statement that summarizes revenues and expenses of a firm over a time
4. All of the above
6. If the Networth of a company is Rs 500 crore, the Net Profit is Rs 50 crore and the
weighted total number of shares outstanding is 2.5 crore at a face value of Rs 50, then
the basic earnings per share is:

1. 200
2. 20
3. 4
4. None of the above
7. In financial terms, what does AUM stand for?

1. Annual Money
2. Assets Under Management
3. Assets Under Mortgage
4. Application Under Minimum
8. If you invest Rs 1,000 today at 4 per cent for a year your balance in 12 months would be:

1. Higher if the interest is compounded daily rather than monthly

2. Higher if the interest is compounded quarterly rather than weekly
3. Rs 1,400 no matter how the interest is compounded
4. Rs 1,040 no matter how the interest is compounded
9. Infosys rang the remote bell of Nasdaq from:

1. Bangalore
2. Chennai
3. Mysore
4. Mumbai
10. The total number of subsidiary companies of Kotak Mahindra Bank are:

1. 12
2. 13
3. 14
4. 15