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FOUNDATION PREEIUNICATIONS Fi PRIVATE NETWORK SPECIAL Turnkey Private Satellite Networks from the Dish to the Studio FTl is a full-service provider of satellite based [iia | private networks, including installation, signal Fo ot te. monitoring, and FCC Licensing. Learn how easy it is to have your own private satellite network. Pricing below $175,000 including 100 free hours* A studio can be mple as a camera or elaborate as a television broadcast set. FTI wants your studio to fit your needs. FounpaTION TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC. rae EETeMISCUE RCNA SN Ses tow GEE PHONE: 476-636-8909 TOLL FREE: 800-833-3353 FAX: 479-636-8997 EMAIL: sales@flionline.com VSAT Includes: - 100 Hours Free w/100 Downlinks - 3.7 Meter Transmit/Receive Antenna - 20 Watt C Band Transmitter - MPEG2 Video/Audio Encoder - Digital Video Modulator - Phase Stable LNB - Standard Mount - Standard Installation - FCC Licensing TVRO Includes: - Less than $1,000 - 10 Foot Receive Only Mesh Antenna - Phase Stable C-Band LNB - Samsung DVB-Compliant IRD - Cable & Connectors **tinstallation & shipping not included OWN A PRIVATE SATELLITE NETWORK FOR UNDER $175,000 (9379 Technology Drive RqzeeMistan 72756 ice: 479-636-8909