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Basic Sentence Patterns

Subject + intransitive verb Elizabeth swims.
Dolphins leap.
Subject + transitive verb + direct object John hated lima beans.
Books convey ideas.
Subject: + linkin verb + subject complement !he sea is beauti"ul.
#ou seem worried.
Subject + transitive verb + indirect object + direct object
!he writer sold his publisher a three$part story.
!he pitcher threw the catcher a curve ball.
Subject + transitive verb + direct object + object complement
Samantha called her sister a baby.
!he kin made %awain a knight.
&erb + subject + verb' ()uestions*
+an Sherry play with us,
-ill this train leave on time,
&erb + .other/ (commands*
0eave this room immediately.
%ive your e1ams to the proctor.
Subject .workin as object/ + transitive verb (passive voice*
!he )ueen was laid to rest.
Books were read to the children.
Dinner is served at eiht.