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Simba's Journey

Simba is all grown up now. It's

time for him to find a queen.
There's just one problem. His
cousin, Scratch is looking fora
princess at the same time.
Unfortunately for Simba, all of the girls
find Scratch very attracti ve because he
has a dark mane.
To lions, darker manes mean that a lion
is more powerful, and girls like guys wi th
darker manes a lot more.
Although Simba may not have a dark
mane, there are other things that make
him very special.
For one thing, he has very, very sharp
teeth, and his jaw opens really wide.
This helps him find and hunt for food
and fight.
Another thing that Simba has is lighter
fur. This keeps him cool in the heat.
This gi ves him more energy to hunt and
All of these thing that Simba has gi ves
him a better chance of winning a fight
against Scratch, who does not have
these quali ties.
Simba wins and the fight is over.
Simba won because of the special things
that he had that Scratch did not. These
things are called evolutionary
He can now find his queen and li ve
happily ever after.