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The Polar Bear is Destined to go Extinct

Who will sell Coca Cola when the polar bears go extinct? We dont know, but we
are sure that it will be an issue when it happens. Monkeys maybe, but it probably wont
work as well. Currently, polar bears are classified as vulnerable by the World Wildlife
Foundation. This means that they are threatened to go extinct sooner rather than later.
Polar bears are going to become extinct in the near future. By 2050, they will lose about
of their population, at this rate they will become extinct and there is nothing that we
can do about it.
Global warming is one of the main reasons why polar bears are becoming sparse.
With the global warming, their habitat, the Arctic sea ice, is getting destroyed.
Furthermore, because of lack of ice, polar bears are forced to spend more time onshore,
where construction is happening. The dangerous fumes and loud noises are hazardous to
the population. Without ice, polar bears are unable to reach their prey. Shorter hunting
seasons correlate directly with a twenty-two percent drop in the population of Western
Hudson Bay near Churchill in Manitoba, Canada ever since the early 1980s. For
example, WWF says Because of ongoing and potential loss of their sea ice habitat
resulting from climate change, polar bears were listed as a threatened species in the U.S.,
across their range, under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008. In the Arctic, most
industrial development has been on relatively small pieces of land. As summer sea ice
retreats, a new ocean is emerging, which allows more opportunities for industrial
development at sea and on larger parcels of land. At the same time, the retreating ice is
resulting in more polar bears spending longer periods on land for denning. These factors
combined are putting polar bears and industrial activities on a potential collision course.
Over the past 150 years greenhouse gas levels have increased 40 percent mainly from
burning of fossil fuels. All of this is proof that the polar bears will go extinct. Moreover,
global warming is the biggest problem to the bears because it has put these animals on the
list of threatened species. And, with industrial development in the way of denning for the
bears, this is making for a difficult time for them. Global warming will put the polar bears
to extinction, the Arctic losing 30,000 square miles of ice every year.
Some people believe that these animals will survive, but due to global warming,
the chance is very little. Even with laws to help protect these animals, we are in danger of
losing this population. If the law was better regulated it would be a different story. But,
even with all the signs, these animals will still go extinct.
Polar bears are destined to go extinct This controversy is a big deal because if these
beautiful and majestic animals go extinct, they will not only die, but leave the entire
Arctic food web a mess. The interdependence on these animals to the arctic is huge. The
Arctic and all of the animals that live there depend on polar bears. But can they come
through for the Arctic? The chances are exceedingly slim.

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Most Polar Bears Gone By 2050, Studies Say