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Mobile Number: 0421 819 975

Email Address: shelsstrike1@yahoo.com
I am a very cheerful and positive outgoing person with a
creative flair for life. I am confident and efficient in all aspects
of hairdressing and my desire to connect and guide people
into feeling the best about there hair makes me strive to
always apply myself 110%.
My many years experience working as a senior stylist ensure
that all my clientele are provided with my dedicated professional
advice, excelling at educating and recommending home care
products to suit their individual hair needs. he customi!ed
approaches I have towards clients insure a confidence in
rebooking for a continued salon services. I will be an asset to
your business, and a pleasure to have work on your team
hoe#i$ %air a#d &eauty ' Gold Coast
"enior #air "tylist
May $011 % &pril $01$
"acred Art O( %air ) roser*i#e +hitsu#days
"enior "tylist
March $011 % &pril $011
,la-. ) Gold Coast
"enior "tylist
'ebruary $00( % March $011
rocuts aci(ic /air ' &roadbeach
"enior "tylist
&ugust $00) * 'ebruary $00(
0sla#d %air a#d &eauty ) %amilto# 0sla#d
"enior "tylist
+anuary $00) * &ugust $00)
12AL0/0CAT0ON" AN3
/ro#tli#e %air ) Gold Coast ' "enior "tylist % Mar 0, % +an 0)
The %air Ce#tre ) Ne- 5eala#d
"enior "tylist
March $000 * +anuary $00,
Mi#er6a %air +orks ' Ne- 5eala#d
"enior "tylist
+une 1((- * March $000
Retro %air ' Ne- 5eala#d
Intermediate "tylist
"eptember 1((. * +une1((-
3a6id A#tho#y7s %air "alo# ) Ne- 5eala#d
+unior "tylist
+anuary 1((/ * "eptember 1((.
$010 % 0ertificate * 1io Ionic #air "traightening course
$010 * 0ertificate % 2eratin 0omplex course
$00( * 0ertificate * Intraceuticals 3xygen 'acials
1((( % 4ew 5ealand #air 'ashion &wards FIRST PLACE
0reative 6ay #air
1((( * 4ew 5ealand #air 'ashion &wards FIRST PLACE
0onsumer 0olour
"erville7s * &cademy 0ertificate
8ella 4ew 5ealand 6iploma * 9ssential 0olouring
1((. * #ospitality "tandard Institute * 0ustomer "kills
1((: #airdressing "..&.; 0ourse &I at "erville7s #air
2risty 3wner of <hoenix #air % =0.>//,0..,,
6anielle #ohn Manager of 2law! * 0)0),.$$$0
4elly Mathews 3wner Island #air ? 1eauty * 0)$1:)$/)(
0ris Manager of <rocuts <acific 'air % =0.>//.//,,1