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Drug Data Classification Mechanism of Action Indication Contraindications Adverse Reaction Nursing Responsibilities

Generic Name Pharmacologic Synthetic form of an - Antepatum: to initiate or - significant CV: Cardiac arryhtsmias, Before
Oxytocin Class Hormone endogenous hormone produced improve uterine cephalopelvic PVCs, HPN, subarachnoid - Assess for significant cephalopelvic
in the hypothalamus and stored contractions to achieve disproportion, hemorrhage disproportion, unfavorable fetal positions or
Trade Name Pitocin Therapeutic Class in the posterior pituitary; early vaginal delivery; unfavorable fetal Fetal effects: Fetal presentations, severe toxemia, uterine inertia,
Oxytocic stimulates the uterus, especially stimulation or positions or bradycaria, neonatal jaundice, hypertonic uterine patterns, previous
Content the gravid uterus just before reinforcement of labor in presentations, obstetric low Apgar scores cesarean section
Synthetic oxytocin Pregnancy parturition, and causes selected cases of uterine emergencies that favor GI: nausea, vomiting - Assess fetal heart rate, uterine tone
category myoepithelium of the lacteal inertia; management of surgical intervention, GU: postpartum hemorrhage, - Ensure fetal position and size and absence
Dosage X glands to contract, which results inevitable or incomplete prolonged use in uterine rupture, pelvic of complications.
Adults In milk ejection in lactating abortion; second severe toxemia, uterine hematoma, uterine
Induction of labor: mothers. trimester abortion inertia, hypertonic hypertonicity, spasm, tetanic During
initial dose not more - Postpartum: To uterine patterns, contraction, rupture of the - Infuse via constant infusion pump to ensure
than 0.5-2 produce uterine induction or uterus with excessive dosage, accurate control of rate; rate determined by
milliunits/min by IV contractions during the ougmentation of labor or hypersensitivity uterine response; begin with 1-2mL/min and
infusion. Increase the third stage of labor and when vaginal delivery is Hypersensitivity: increase at 16- to 60-min intervals
dose of no more than to control postpartum contraindicated, Anaphylactic reactions - Do not combine in solution with fibrinolysin
1-2 milliunits/mion at bleeding or hemorrhage. previous cesarean Other: Maternal and fetal or heparin
30- to 60-min intervals; - lactation deficiency section, pregnancy deaths when used to induce - Monitor maternal BP
Control of postpartum - Unlabeled use; To (nasal) labor or in 1st or 2nd stages of - Monitor neonate for jaundice
bleeding: evaluate fetal distress labor; afibrinogemia; severe - Discontinue drug and notify physician at any
IV Add 10-40 units to (oxytocin challenge test), Use cautiously with water intoxication with sign of hypertensive emergency
1000mL of a treatment off breast renal impairment. seizures and coma, maternal
nonhydrating diluent, engorgement death After
infuse at a rate to - Educate client on the side effects of the
control uterine atony. medication and what to expect.
IM administer 10 units - Document that drug has been given.
after delivery of
Treatment of
incomplete abortion:
IV infusion of 10 units
of oxytocin with 500mL
physiologic saline
solution @ 10-20

Injection – 10 units/mL
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