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Final iBooks Author Submission

!+ Exceptional (4)

! Procient (3)

! - Developing (2)

Inadequate (1)

Historical Knowledge
& Analysis
Effective Communicator Motivated Learner
Student provides exceptional
explanations that demonstrate a
strong and in-depth understanding of
how learning from historical events of
the past can help to make a more
successful civilization in the future.

Student also shows exceptional skill in
analyzing and interpreting historical
evidence to effectively and
persuasively defend their selections.
Format is well designed and easy to
read and/or navigate. Content delivery
is engaging, and it ows smoothly
from beginning to end.

All included media (graphics, sound,
video, etc.) utilized within the iBook
enhance the communication of the

Images utilized within the iBook are
properly sourced and all widgets are
complete and functional.

Final project clearly reects the
students willingness to take risks and
learn from mistakes/failure.

Original and unique components
within the book help to differentiate
this submission from the crowd.