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The fruits of adhering to correct principles

On one occasion a person had placed a gift in an ordinary basket and presented it to Hazrat Moulana
Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Rahmatullahi Alaihi. Once the person departed! Hazrat (Rahmatullahi Alaihi told
the khaadim (ser"ant that! although this basket seems simple and ordinary! howe"er ensure that you
return it. Thereafter Hazrat addressed those present and said that # don$t e"en ask the person whether he
wishes to ha"e it back or not! rather it is my habit that # always return it. Hence! if the person does not
want it! he may return it to me. On the other hand! if you ask the person whether he wants it back or not
then there is the possibility that he wanted it! howe"er due to feeling ashamed of asking for it! he will
unwillingly and grudgingly let you keep it. %e"ertheless! this fact was established once while # was
tra"elling to Rewari. A person had gi"en me a small used ghee canister. # instructed some of my
companions to empty the contents and return the canister to the owner. They told me that this seems to
be a simple ordinary canister! what is the need to return it& # replied that only the womenfolk of the
house will know the true "alue of this. A new canister will not be as well greased as this canister due to
it being used so much. %e"ertheless! later the person who gifted the ghee attested to this and said that
his wife stressed upon him to bring back the canister. Howe"er he did not ha"e the courage to take back
such an ordinary canister. 'id you see how the 'eeni principles that we are asked to adopt in our li"es
pro"ed beneficial& #n short! whoe"er adheres to the sunnat of Rasulullah ((allallahu Alaihi )asallam
and the principles of 'een! he will ne"er regret. (Malfoozaat Hakeemul *mmat +,- ./