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5Ren Essential Agreements for emails

In Grade 5, we are student leaders. Therefore, we understand that we have a

responsibility to use digital correspondence appropriately. As part of the one-to-one
laptop program, we will have our own school email address and will be expected to
use this sensibly, responsibly and respectfully. Should we fail to use digital mail in
this manner, we also understand that we may lose our laptop privileges.
As student leaders, we agree:

to try to keep our emails formal and letter-like and be mindful not to use slang
vocabulary - we must always be polite

to be careful when using capital letters, as this can be viewed as anger or frustration in
our voice

to be mindful of what we send, as personal or condential material could fall into the
wrong hands. Would a phonecall or conversation be more appropriate?

to always remember to proof read before sending - our emails should be grammatically
correct and well punctuated

to open every email appropriately and respectfully e.g. Dear Ms Wright, Dear Sir...

to sign off formally and respectfully e.g. Yours sincerely, Kind regards...

to remember to spell our names and the person we are writing to accurately - capital
letters at the start

to remember to respect other peoples privacy

to be mindful to who we are including in the address bar

to keep the subject content short but relevant

to be patient when waiting for a reply

that humorous emails are not appropriate at school

to ask for permission before sending pictures or attachments

to keep our inbox tidy and well managed

to tell a member of staff immediately if we receive anything offensive - do not forward it

on to somebody else

to keep acronyms to a minimum or not use them at all