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To Whom It May Concern:

I have been fortunate to be a colleague of Maia Miller at Coon Rapids Middle School as we have
instructed students with special needs in various areas and served in leadership roles in our building. I
have been a close witness to the effectiveness of Maias work. As a special education teacher, case
manager and building leader she has demonstrated excellence in her delivery of instruction to students,
her commitment to supporting students on her caseload and her persistent dedication to the idea that all
students can learn and achieve at high levels.
When first working with Maia it quickly became apparent that I was working with an exceptional
teacher with gifts in the areas of creativity, lesson delivery and continuous growth. Maia is
continuously trying new things with students and reflecting on their effectiveness with the ultimate
goal of student learning. Her tireless and exceptional advocacy for her students and professional best
practices has resulted in increased student performance and gained her respect across our building and
district-wide. Maia seeks out professional development opportunities and implements what she has
learned to the betterment of her students.
Teaching with Maia is an inspiration to everyone in our building. She is an accomplished teacher who
takes the initiative to do what is right for students. I have observed Maias instruction on numerous
occasions, and I have been exceedingly impressed with her ability to engage even the most reluctant
students. She is an expert in building relationships with students in order to foster their social,
emotional, behavioral and academic development. Maia is also highly capable in connecting with
families and supporting other teachers through effective relationship-building.
As a special education teacher, Maia is highly proficient in executing all aspects of the individual
education planning process. Maia is organized, detail-oriented and communicates well, verbally and in
writing. Her due process files are always impeccably maintained, and she is compliant with all
expected timelines. Families have shared that they are very grateful for Maias careful work in
developing and implementing individualized programming for their students.
Maia has served as a teacher-leader in our building as a member of the Staff Development Committee,
Site Council, and other committees centered on improving instruction. Maia is viewed as a resource
and an expert on classroom management and academic intervention in our building and others view
her as an approachable and supportive individual. Maias personality is warm, friendly and optimistic,
and she contributes to a positive building culture.
Maia Miller is an extraordinary instructor who would strengthen any team. She would be an asset to
any school staff. Please feel free to contact me for further information about her qualifications.

Rachel Jorgensen