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Strickly Mini Aussies

2308 Shipyard Rd
Chesapeake, VA 23323

Puppy Purchase Contract

Breed- Mini Aussie Date of Birth
Sex- Female/Male Color- Red Merle/Blue Merle/Black Tri/Red Tri

**Please Read and Initial Each Line**
_______ I agree to love and care for this puppy as a family pet.
_______ I agree to keep this puppy current on vaccines and monthly heartworm prevention by a licensed veterinarian.
_______ I agree to keep this puppy groomed and clean to maintain health and comfort.
_______ I agree to seek immediate veterinary care in the event of illness or injury.
_______ I agree to provide nutritious food and clean water daily at the recommendation of breeder or veterinarian.
_______ I agree to keep my contact information current with Melissa Strickland, owner of Strickly Mini Aussies.
_______ I agree to microchip puppy and keep registration current with the microchip manufacturer.
_______ I agree this puppy was sold without breeding rights, I agree to have animal spayed/neutered and notify the
Breeder of the procedure.
_______ I agree to attend a basic obedience training course with puppy.
_______ I agree to never turn animal over to a shelter. If Puppy is Re-homed SMA has the right to new owners
information and ensure they abide by the originally signed contract. If Puppy is sold as pet the puppy must be spayed or
neutered before re-homing or returned to SMA.
Your puppy comes with a limited 1 year guarantee. This puppy is guaranteed free of life threatening congenital defects
for one year. Should puppy be diagnosed with a life threatening congenital defect by 1 year of age, breeder requires a
letter explaining defect from owners licensed veterinarian. Breeder also requires owner to seek a second opinion from
another licensed veterinarian with accompanying letter. Should puppy die within one year of age, owner must provide
breeder with a necropsy report from an independent laboratory. Independent laboratory must verify dogs identity and
microchip number. In the event of death or life threatening defect, Breeder will provide owner with a replacement puppy
of same sex and similar color as soon as one is available. Buyer/owner is responsible for any and all shipping expenses to
acquire replacement puppy. Under NO circumstances will Breeder be responsible for ANY veterinary expenses. Under NO
circumstances will Breeder provide ANY monetary refund. In the event this dog is deemed dysplastic by 2yrs of age (if
breeding rights are purchased), breeder will replace this dog with a puppy of similar color and the same sex, proof of
neuter for dysplastic dog must be provided along with a vet report before replacement will be offered. Buyer is
responsible for any shipping expenses to obtain replacement puppy. We do our best to estimate adult size and weight,
however, we cannot and do not guarantee full grown size at maturity.
Strickly Mini Aussies, will provide all veterinarian records, microchip registration, and registration papers upon purchase.
Should registration papers still be pending, we will mail at earliest convenience. We are proud of our puppies and
therefore our kennel name, Strickly Mini Aussies, will be written as the first part of the registered name.
I, _____________________, have read and agree to all terms and conditions of contract. I understand this is a legally
binding agreement and all disputes will be handled in a Virginia court of law.
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