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1. In chapter 12, the initiates go on a field trip. Where are they going?
a. To play Capture the Flag
b. To play Hide and Seek
c. To see what is outside the fence
d. To see where the train line ends

2. When the initiates leave the compound, Tris notices the gate is locked from the
outside. What does this tell us?
a. Someone is trying to keep them in
b. The gate is not locked
c. They are protecting the children
d. They are trying to keep threats out

3. Why does Four choose Tris for his team?
a. Because he feels sorry for her
b. Because of her Aptitude Test resuts
c. Because shes fast
d. Because shes smart

4. One of Fours fears is
a. Darkness
b. Eric
c. Guns
d. Heights

5. How does Tris help her team win?
a. She captures the flag
b. She climbs the ferris wheel and finds the other team
c. She comes up with a plan to capture the flag
d. Both b & c


6. Who captures the flag to win the game?
a. Al
b. Christina
c. Tris
d. Will

7. Other than overcoming ones fears, what else is a major component of
a. Anger
b. Fairness
c. Flexibility
d. Pride

8. Who struggles with the knife throwing lesson?
a. Al
b. Christina
c. Peter
d. Will

9. Why does Tris take Als place in front of the target?
a. She doesnt want him to get hurt
b. She is afraid of him
c. She thinks he is weak
d. She wants to be a rebel

10. During Tris fight, Four had to pull her off of her opponent. Who did she fight?
a. Drew
b. Eric
c. Molly
d. Peter


11. On visiting day, someone visits Tris. Who is it?
a. Caleb
b. Her father
c. Her mother
d. No One

12. Who knows Tris is Divergent?
a. Christina
b. Eric
c. Four
d. Her mother

13. At the end of Stage 1, who is ranked first?
a. Christina
b. Edward
c. Peter
d. Tris

14. What happens in the dorm after the rankings are posted?
a. Edward gets stabbed in the ear with a butterknife
b. Edward gets stabbed in the eye with a butterknife
c. Edward stabs Peter with a butterknife
d. Peter gets stabbed in the eye with a butterknife

15. The second stage of initiation is about ____________.
a. Facing your fears
b. Mind control
c. Torturing the initiates
d. All of the above