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1. In her second fear simulation, what dear does Tris face?
a. Crows
b. Drowning
c. Heights
d. None of the above

2. After Four figures out that Tris is Divergent, she visits Tori looking for advice.
What does Tori tell her?
a. Eric is her brother
b. Her brother left Dauntless
c. Her brother was killed by Dauntless leaders
d. Tori is Divergent

3. At the end of stage 2, how is Tris ranked?
a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. Last

4. How do Christina, Will, and Al react to the rankings?
a. They are proud of Tris.
b. They hate Tris.
c. They think Tris is manipulating them.
d. Theyre jealous of Tris.

5. Who attacks Tris?
a. Christina, Will, and Al
b. Eric
c. Peter, Drew, and Al
d. Peter, Drew, and Molly


6. Who saves Tris from the attack?
a. Christina
b. Eric
c. Four
d. Tori
7. After the attack, where does Tris wake up?
a. Fours apartment
b. The Chasm
c. The dormitory
d. The Factionless Section

8. How does Uriah suggest getting revenge on Peter, Drew, and Al?
a. Beat them up
b. Edge them out of the rankings
c. Kill them
d. Quit Dauntless

9. What happens in stage 3?
a. The go into Erics Fear Landscape
b. They drink a truth serum and tell all of their secrets
c. They go in to their own Fear Landscape
d. Both b & c

10. Who commits suicide by jumping into the chasm?
a. Al
b. Drew
c. Molly
d. Peter

11. What does Tris learn about Four?
a. He only has four fears
b. He transferred from Abnegation
c. His real name is Tobias
d. All of the above

12. What is the lowest number of fears someone has gotten?
a. one
b. three
c. four
d. seven

13. When the initiates go through the instructors fear landscape, what fear does Tris
a. Kidnapping
b. Public Humiliation
c. Spiders
d. Suffocation

14. What happened in the fear landscape?
a. Tris beat up Peter
b. Tris freaked out
c. Tris manipulated the simulation
d. None of the above

15. How does Tris react to Fours intervention during the Fear Landscape?
a. She asks to go home
b. She cries
c. She hits him
d. She throws up