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The Research and Publications (R&P) Committee intends to carry out a comprehensive

research on the Sugar Industry in Pakistan. The proposed research would encompass
all the aspects of the industry, including its demand, supply, production, price and cost
dynamics, as well as a detailed strategic analysis of the industry.
As advised by the Chairman, R&P Committee, members employed in the sugar industry,
or those who have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry, are most
welcome to be a part of R&P Committee in completing this study.
Kindly communicate your willingness to be associated with this project, through email
rp@icmap.com.pk and research@icmap.com.pk latest by 25
September, 2012.

Shahid Anwar
Deputy Director
Research & Publications

Members invited to share input in completing a
Research Study on Sugar Industry in Pakistan
Research and Publications Committee