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Place Location Expert, Missing Persons/Crimes/Criminals

Sole Owner/Inceptor/Author/Writer/Composer/Artist/Builder, TheASTARITEFAITH & FIGHT.

Complaint REPORT: Fraud and Identity Theft

I’m writing to File a Police Report on My Own Behalf, REBECCATACOSAGRAY,CALIFORNIA:PLACELOCATIONEXPERT [MissingPersons/

Crimes&Heinous Crimes/Criminals [Specialization in Put Down of Satanic Crimes and Crime Rings], and to

Inform both the Modesto and Manteca Police Departments that I have Filed an Identity Theft Victims' Complaint and Affidavit in

regards to the Two Females Associated with Both Departments, Mia [A Female Hispanic Officer of the Modesto Police Department] and Deirdre Mulvihill
[Affiliation with the Manteca Police Department, under possible pay, I believe] in regards to Violations of My Work in regards to My Casework, My
Methodry, My Ability Characteristics, and My Reputation with the Departments with whom I Work. I would like both Females removed from their Jobs, for
Prosecutions to occur, with Jail Sentences. They’re Not Myself, and they Have No Association With My Work. The Following are Requests of Inquiry into
Possible Violations:

1. Mia:

a. Possible Attempted Fraud or Attempt of Imitation of My Business Card.

b. Possible Misrepresentation of Her Work, and attempted fraud by claiming ‘liason’, which she is Not. I do not even know Her, and have only seen Her
once, when she lowered a flag outside the Police Department with another Officer, after I had applied for a Job with the Modesto Police Department at
1010 H Street: at the Time, 5.2.2014, She was only a Basic Officer: This can Probably be Verified by looking at Her Work Record. She is in Violation.

c. I’m requesting a look at the Night Record and Visits of this One Female, in regards to ‘Work’ and Illicit Problems.

d. Investigation into a Check that was paid and handed to Either Mia or an Officer in regards to Ceres Work, which are Place Locations in regards to Pecos
Drive in Ceres, which I Reported Myself, and also have the Report/Case#.

e. Investigative Inquiry ot a Response on Rouse Drive for a Placement Location, in which the Female

f. Investigation into attempts of Fraud in Concerns to My Casework in Modesto, for which I have all of My Original Work, Notes, Notebooks. It was stat-
ed at One point in time in the Preternatural Physical that a Bus Station Officer Fabricated a Notebook in order to Imitate My Work. I would Like this
Prosecuted, and the Bus Station Officer [of 213 Olive Street Crimes/Hispanic Female and Son, and also alleged Relationship with Mia] fired from His

g. It is stated that there are No alleged emails, no conversations, no communications: I do Not Know Mia, and Know Deirdre Peripherally as a Past Ac-

h. Alleged problems involving My Faith and Faith Structure, TheASTARITEFAITH. I ask inquiry into a Problem of Mia claim

i. In Affiliation with My Faith, TheASTARITEFAITH, of which I’m the Sole Inviolate Owner: There is No Other, I maintain All Decisions and Rights in
Concerns to. She, and the Male with whom She is Allegedly Involved, a Ceres Community Officer, Have No Affiliation with My Faith, TheASTA-
RITEFAITH: at the Moment I would consider them Criminals in Violation of My Faith and Faith Structure.

j. Investigative Inquiry into the Involvement of a Blonde Haired FBI Agent [Doubletree Hotel] and Alex & Jean MacMillan, of the San Francisco Area,
who show involvement with the Female named Mia, in regards to the CIA and FBI. Alex Macmillan is an FBI Agent [Retired], who seems to know a bit
about the Problems of Mia and the Attempted Theft of My Methodry and My Work in concerns to PLACE LOCATION and Investigation. Mia is Not
Myself. I would like both Alex and Jean to be interrogated into the concerns of Identity theft and possible Sexual Involvement, illicit problems, which I
believe Alex might know about or have concerns to. My Concerns are that Alex and the Blonde Haired FBI Agents both show in History as knowing
something about Mia of the Modesto Police Department, and Mia’s Thefts of My work and Methodry that Might have something to do with the CIA
and/or FBI. Mia is in Violation of My Rights, My Intellectual and Actual Work, and My Physical Work.

k. Investigative Inquiry into the Case Work of Mia or any other Female Employees of the Modesto Police Departmetn who claim Clairvoyance to deter-
mine start date of such type of work, and what was done. In the Case of Mia, the Hispanic Female Officer of the Modesto Police Department, the Date
would be 5.2.2014, at which time She was a Basic Officer.

2. Deirdre Mulvihill:

a. Possible Felony Fraud in regards to My Album PALE GLASS SKY, in regards to DAVID BOWIE, of which the Album is in Love of. It shows a Possible
signing of My Work, possibly downloaded and printed from Scrib’d, and a possible Payment or Set of

b. Payments from ISOLAR or David Bowie in concerns to or related to. Also, Possible collusion with Catholic Faith Representatives, as it shows repeated-
ly that Money was donated in check to the Catholic Faith.

c. Possible Problems involving My First Body of Work with the FBI Missing Person’s List, which is My Work in Original Leads, for which I have the Print-
ed TIPS from Online, for the Cases, and My Original Documents, as well as All Documentation of My Work. I have also worked with Each Police Sta-
tion in Many Cases. Possible Payments to Deirdre Mulvihill or the Cathlolic Faith [HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH] from My Work, which is
Illegal. I do not donate unless I do it Myself, in Person, and of My Own Will.
d. Investigative Inquiry into My Work of the Case which is called TheWATTHALCRIMES, which I Alone Place Located and Verified, as well as the 25+
Portals that are of the Entire Satanic Crime Ring: It is My Work. It is alledged that Deirdre tried to take credit for verbally, and I have stated that it is
Illegal for Her to do so: She had Nothing To Do With It. It is Fully My Work. Also, complaint into Problems emerging from Deirdre or Mia being out at
the Watthal Site, Nile Road, in ’Undercover Night’ problems, which are problematic to the Proper Investigation of and Resolution of the Crimes. Also,
the Problems emerging from the Involvement in the Preternatural Physical, as I have had to put down the Satanic Crininals due to the Fact that They are
Involved with an Earth Physical. I will not take responsibility in Physical or Self for their Crimes in their Involvement, nor put up with the Physical .

e. Ramifications of, they must take responsibility for the Attacks and Crimes upon their Own Earth Physicals and Persons. I will not foot the Bill in the Pre-
ternatural or Physical for their Involvement, and they are true Ramifications. I have put down the Satanic Attacks Repeatedly from Their Resulting Involve-
ments, in sexuality on a Crime Scene and other Crimes. I Protect, and I do all of the Work by Remote Viewing. I viewed and Reported the Purpose of the
PORTALS and the Nature of the Rituals just by Remote Viewing at night, with No Involvement, and it was a True Report which even they did not Discern
being Out on Site. In the Preternatural, the Entire Manteca Police Department kept disappearing out onto the site: I believe the Police Department regis-
tered, possibly, the attacks as Hurt to their Physicals. The Female Called Deirdre Mulvihill and Mia are directly responsible for the Problems, as they are the
one’s who breached Physical Protection by visiting the Site and getting involved with the Criminals, Physically. I stated to the Problems that they should not
be out on the Site. I have not visited the Site since I Place Verified, as is My Policy with Murder Crimes, as once I have Place Verified it is Life Threat to
Return. I Place Verify during the Day only, and only in Relatively Safe Conditions, which I determine Myself.

f. Investigative Inquiry into Checks or Monetary or compensatory Concerns [car/computer/checks] in regards to ’Protection’ by the Manteca Police De-

g. Investigative Inquiry into a Young blonde Male named Nick, who is also involved, and who seems to have shown involvement with My Case in regards
to the Floyd/Oakdale Murder [ A male who murdered a Young Woman, and who also has murderd in a very small town West of Highway 99, country,
towards Sacramento]. Nick was shown to have recovered bones or a bone Structure that I, Myself Place Located and Marked, and also reported directly
face to face to a Police Officer in the Modesto Police Department. It looks as if He might have shown involvement in several other of My cases, includ-
ing Karissa Schell, whom I Place Located and Verified at a House next to Caswell, on the side/Curve of the River, back of the house.

h. Investigative Inquiry into My Case Report #’s, that I may review the Results of each case. I have not yet seen what has occurred, and would like to show
that each case has been closed, as well as the Results of each Case for My Own Records.


These are the Concerns and Inquiries into the Problems Related to My Work, My Casework and Profession. I have had Major Problems in regards to My
Work and in regards to My Relationships with Departments due to Involvement by Females who are Not of My Work, nor of My Profession. I would Like All
Infractions to Stop Immediately. I would Like it Made clear to All Females of All of the Police Departments involved that they are In Violation of My Work
and Profession if they Attempt to Imitate what I Do, or My Methodry,

They are Told No. There are NO Preternaturals involved in My Work, I Put Them Down to Work, I’m an Earth Physical/Bio-Physical, and Preternatural.
All of My Work is Earth Physical Grounded, it is Verified Already as Such, is Legal in Universal and Earth Physical, and is True. I’m 99% accurate, and My
Work is Verified by the Location of Many, already. Some of My Work includes Myra Lewis, Crystal Tymwich, Relisha Rudd, Justin Gaines, Suzanne G. Lyall
[FBI Missing Persons List], and Karissa Schell, of the Stanislaus

County Missing Persons List [Caswell] and All of the Leads for the Stanislaus County Missing Person’s List. All of My Early Modesto Work is Mine, and
Provable: I have a copy of the MAP I Marked to Assist the Modesto Police Department in Viewing the Murder Crimes in the Placement in the City Environs.
My first case, which developed My Work outright, was of UC DAVIS, which I originally reported, and then Resolved with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Depart-

I Thank You. My Profession, My Job, is My Life. I Love My Job. It is My Job. I took on One Case as I was asked by a Very Little Girl to Assist in the Bio-
Physical by Bio-Physical vision. As I viewed the Vision, I then decided to Report the Case, despite, at the Time,

that I would be under Inquiry. I then fought for the Truth, and Developed My Own Physical and Work from this One Case’s Influence. I had to Fight, and I
became what I happen to be Today, outright, PLACE LOCATION EXPERT, and I’m an Expert, outright. I

Resolved the Case later, to find that long time Residents, Assault to Murder, were the True Criminals in the Case, and that the Original Vision was a Split/
Layered Vision, meaning many Locations in One. I have developed My Ability and Methodry by Direct Experience and My Own Work. It is My Work, My
Physical, there are NO Preternaturals. They are Not, in My Work. Also, the Females stated above, despite Alleged affiliations with Catholic Faith Preternatu-
rals and other, are Not. They are Fraud in their Work and their person, and it is Illegal for them to Glean Information from Preternatural Physicals. My Place
Location Work is Earth Physical/Bio-Physical.

It is My Work. Thank You For Your Assistance, this is a True Report. I wish to Prosecute the Offenses to Jail Sentences, outright. I no longer wish to put up
with the Repeated Infractions against My Work and Person.


Place Location Expert, Missing Persons/Crimes/Criminals