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Water Pollution Causes

Emma Weidenhamer

1. Pesticides run into local streams and rivers or drain into groundwater, which
contaminates freshwater that fish swim in and the water that we drink.
2. Fertilizers/Nutrients Pollution is the deposition of atmospheric nitrogen;
the chemicals from the fertilizers sink into the ground, which washes to the
bodies of water near to it
3. Oil, Gasoline, and Additives can happen as the result of an oil spill, like
the Exxon Valdez; this causes major problems for wildlife because the oil just
sits on the water, and waterfowl going down to get fish can get stuck in it for
days. Discharge of oily wastes and oil-contaminated ballast water are sources
of marine pollution. Leaking storage tanks full of gasoline and gas additives
are a big problem, leaking into groundwater.
4. Mining processes expose heavy metals and sulfur compounds previously
locked into the earth; rainwater washes these compounds out of the earth,
which results in acid mine drainage
5. Thermal Pollution is the heated water from power plants; when leaked into
the water, this kills aquatic animals because it lowers the oxygen content of
the water
6. Organic/Inorganic Wastes organic wastes include refuse from slaughter
houses, meat canning factories and leather tanning companies-the water
begins to stink on account of the refuse. Inorganic wastes include toxic and
corrosive substances, which can make the water lethal to most living things

These are the main causes of water pollution. Water pollution is the result of
overwhelming amounts of waste from different sources of pollutants. When the
wastes are not destroyed as fast as they are produced, the water becomes
unhealthy for humans and other organisms.
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