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Gandaberunda Narasimha

One of my favourute forms of Narasimha is Gandaberunda. Here he has 8 faces, 32 hands.

Worship of each face will rant one with different powers such as worship of the horse face will
rant !nowlede, the varaha or boar face will help destroy enemies.
" fre#uently et turned off by people who ive more importance to stories around these deities,
such as oriin of pratyanira to subdue Narasimha, or sharabha to subdue Narasimha. $eople et
cauht in all these stories that they fail to appreciate the beauty of the lord. $ratyanira is also a
beautiful and a very powerful form of the oddess. "n fact, "ndra%it tried worshippin $ratyanira
as Ni!umbali!a &evi and was stopped by 'a!shmana before "ndra%it was !illed.
Gandaberunda is one of the most powerful forms of prayoams we !now of in the current world.
(he upasana re#uires one to maintain celibacy atleast till he ets siddhi. )s a basic #ualification
one re#uires initiation into Narasimha )nushtup *antra before he can start Gandaberunda
Narasimha. "f " can recall, there are about + or , Gandaberunda temples -all in )$..
" have performed Gandaberunda yanams and the power is unimainable, especially as
protection aainst neative eneries and to brea! related Graha /andhams.
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Veda Maram or Mantra Maram !
30 Responses to Gandaberunda Narasimha
". Kreshna says#
$e%r&ary ', ()"( at '#*" pm
" have never heard or come across this. Where can i read to find out more0 1an you
e2plain more about Gandaberunda0 (han! you3
(. narayandasan says#
$e%r&ary ', ()"( at '#,- pm
"t is one of the most fierceful forms of Narasimha. He has 8 heads4 *on!ey or 5anara,
5araha or /oar, /alu!a or /ear,horse faced, aruda or eale faced, vyara or tier faced,
mriara%a or lion faced and pa!shi or bird faced. Worship of each face rants one with the
appropriate siddhis.
"t is a very powerful prayoam and this prayoam if rihtly done canot be countered by
any other prayoams. Gandaberunda 6alpa is a boo! in teluu describin the poo%a
vidhanams written by a Gandaberunda upas!a who is no more.
"n Gandaberunda homam for protection or di!bandanam , 72 forms of Narasimha are
worhipped, each form has a different colour , the weapon they hold are different -e
shoola hasta or so...
o Naveen says#
$e%r&ary "., ()"( at '#*" am
(his is Naveen from chennai. 8ome time bac! in forum have as!ed for the details
reardin worship of andaberunda narasimha. 8o if you could please let me
!now where could i et the above mentioned boo! or any upasa!as to !now on
this form of narasimha.
narayandasan says#
$e%r&ary "., ()"( at -#-/ pm
" will try locatin the boo!. /ut what would be your purpose for tryin
Gandaberunda. (he mantra is typically iven after the sadha!a completes
a ood amount of ashta!shara and mantrara%a. Once " met a person who
was tellin me about somebody whom he had met near *atapalli and was
enaed in Gandaberunda sadhana. 8omethin went wron and the old
man had lost his eye siht but still after rectifications underta!in the
sadhana. 8trict celibacy needs to be maintained.
However, there are people who are still enaed in the sadhana and have
completed purascharana of the mantra. One of the reat upasa!as of this
form had passed away last year. He has built a Gandaberunda temple in
Naveen says#
$e%r&ary "., ()"( at 0#-. pm
(han!s sir. " am a person who is interested in our mantra shastra and
would li!e to !now in details reardin this form of narasimha and would
li!e to do sadhana on this form. 8o 8ir please let me !now on upasa!as of
this form whom you !now and would li!e to meet them.
narayandasan says#
$e%r&ary "0, ()"( at .#") pm
:ou need to find a mantra uru who will uide you. 8iddhi and success of
the mantra will be routed throuh the uru. *y friend was tellin me
about how throuh his uru;s race he was able to see the deities in
physical form after completion of the prescribed rounds of a mantra. "t is
always not the deity actin directly but throuh the uru. He was
mentionin about how uru can rant you many siddhis by his race.
"n my e2perience, " have never had one uru. " had a uru who first ave
me some initial mantras to start. )s " finished rounds, more and more
advanced techni#ues came to me. 8o start somewhere, dependin on your
power, urus will come to you
o JAIRAM says#
$e%r&ary "., ()"( at "(#*- pm
&ear 8ir,
5ery interestin. 1an i have your mail id < contact no.. ."t will be a privilee
tal!in to you.
o Naveen says#
$e%r&ary "', ()"( at 0#(" am
(han!s for your reply sir. $lease help me to reach upasa!as?uru;s who could
uide me in the worship of andaberunda narasimha.
o Naveen says#
March "", ()"( at ")#(/ am
)waitin for your valuable reply. Waitin for Gandaberunda !alpa boo! or
information on the same and also info. on upasa!as who can uide me on this.
o Rajesh Chand Naithani says#
1&ly ., ()"( at *#-, pm
8ir, " am =a%esh 1hand Naithani, from $athan!ot $un%ab, have my roots in
Garhwal. Our ancesters also worshipped 'ord narsimha. /ut my father did not
told me any thin about how to worship lord. " am in doldrums as " do no !now
how to please our !uldevta (he 'ord Narsimhas and " am feelin uilty for this.
6uldevta is a diet who is worshipped in a lineae. " am pundit -/rahmin.. $lease
help me so that " can please the lord. ra%eshchandnaithani@yahoo.com
Narayandasan - A Nrusimha Bhakta says#
1&ly 0, ()"( at '#,' am
)t the bare minimum, you need to find out your !ula devata temple and do
service to this temple -atleast once a year.. "f not , atleast support some of
the Narasimha temples which re#uire financial support
*. VIJAY says#
$e%r&ary "', ()"( at ,#,, pm
8"=, W"'' :OA $'B)8B N)*B (HB A$)8)6) C (HB )A(HO= OD (HB 6)'$)
"N (B'AGA EWHO "8 NO *O=B.
-. keshavachari says#
$e%r&ary ((, ()"( at (#,( am
" would be interested in the prayoa for Gandhaberunda Homa.
,. lakshmi krishnan says#
$e%r&ary (0, ()"( at ""#,. am
8ir !indly let me !now your mail id or phone number for " need to urently contact you
for lots of information you may have to provide and help us with as we have received a
uttaravu in deva prashnam for buildin a narasimha temple,
.. K.. Narayanan says#
March ",, ()"( at "(#*( pm
=espected 8ir,
Grateful than!s for postin a hihly useful information about 8ri Gandabherunda
" have been instructed to do upasana of 8ri Gandabherunda Narasimha, when " was in the
hospital after underoin a ma%or surery for tonue cancer. )fter " returned home, from
reliable sources " have received few mantras on 8ri Gandabherunda Narasimha and the
upasana padhdhati is first to do mantra %apam of 8ri Narayana )shta!shari, followed with
8ri Narasimha )nushtup, followed with Gandabherunda *oola mantram.
" understand that there are numerous forms for 8ri Gandabherunda Narasimha startin
with 8 faces and e2pandin to 77, 7F, 32, F+ etc and also 72 different forms with his
consort. We are in the process of establishin a (B*$'B (=A8( for construction of 8ri
)shtamu!ha Gandabherunda Narasimha &evasthanam, do viraha pratishta of all forms
of 8ri Gandabherunda Narasimha as per divine instructions iven to me in my swapnamG
We are loo!in for detailed information and are in the loo! out for ancient scriptures on
8ri Gandabherunda Narasimha. " understand that )tharvana 5eda =ahasyam,
mantrasaram, Narasimha !alpam contains elaborate details on 8ri Gandabherunda
Narasimha and 5ishnu :amalam also contains elaborate details on 8ri Gandabherunda
Narasimha and 8ri $rathyanira -Narasimhi, 8imla!shmi roopam..
" re#uest you to help us by furnishin details of upasa!as of 8ri Gandabherunda
Narasimha who can uide us in our temple pro%ect and also who can help us by providin
various mantras, stothras, upasana, poo%a padhdhati, various forms of 8ri Gandabherunda
6.8. Narayanan
o hrinivaasan says#
2pril (*, ()"( at /#-. pm
&ear 8ri Narayanan, " saw your post while searchin for 8ri Gandaberundam out
of my own intuition. " am very sic! due to *outh 1ancer. 1an " have your email
id since " want to start a communication with you. " am in 1hennai.
K.. Narayanan says#
2pril (*, ()"( at ")#*' pm
8ri 8hrinivaasan
=espected 8ir,
8orry to read about your health setbac!G do not worryG my health was also
affected 7, months ao and " underwent a ma%or surery for tonue
cancerG my tonue was removed and tonue reconstruction was done by
plastic surery usin flesh from my left handG " was in the hospital for one
month and after that " underwent radio therapy for two monthsG " was
immobile for nearly 8 months and now started movin aroundG while " was
in the hospital " had divya darshan of 8ri Narasimha with 8ri 'a!shmiG "
was instructed to do 8ri Gandabherunda Narasimha upasana and " was
initiated by a Guru%i, still " am in entry level in the upasanaG an oil paintin
of 8ri )shtamu!ha Gandabherunda Narasimha with 8imhala!shmi Hi.e.
'a!shmi also with lionIs faceJ was created and started worship for the past
8 monthsG a panchaloha viraha pratishta of 8ri )shtamu!ha
Gandabherunda Narasimha, havin 32 arms with 8ri 8imahala!shmi on
his left lap will be done on ,th *ay 2K72, bein Narasimha >ayanthi, at
1hennai G we are performin 8ri )shtamu!ha Gandabherunda Narasimha
yanam, every 8wati star day at 1hennaiG after we et further instructions
from 8ri Narasimha, we wish to proceed with buildin a temple for 8ri
Gandabherunda Narasimha. 8ri )shtamu!ha Gandabherunda Narasimha
upasana can be followed only by a /rahmachari or a married male who
had crossed the ae of +K C ,K and who does not have any con%ual
relationship. *aintainin absolute celibacy is very much essential and that
is the prescribed #ualification for this upasana. Demales cannot practice
this upasana since it alters hormone level due to e2cess enery ? heat
produced in the body due to the efficacy of mantra %apam. (his is a very
powerful upasana and should be used only for spiritual proress and not
for any commercial ains or popularity or power. "ts results are ama9in to
the true follower, since Narasimha;s race and mercy is abundant. (here
are several steps that one has to cross before ta!in up 8ri )shtamu!ha
Gandabherunda Narasimha Apasana and they are4 7J (ri!ala
sandhyavandanam with 7K8 count Gayathri %apam, 2J Narayana
)shta!shari >apam, 3J Nrisimha )nushtup *antra %apam, +J Narasimha
8udarsana /i%a!shara mantra %apam, +J Hayariva mantra %apam, ,J
5araha mantra %apam, FJ Garuda mantra %apam, LJ Hanumath mantra
%apam, 8J :a%ur la!shmi mantra %apam, MJ >wala Narasimha mantra %apam,
7KJ )shtamu!ha Gandabherunda >wala 8udarsana Narasimha mantra
%apam then starts individual 8 faces mantra %apam. Once you are ready
with mantra %apa siddhi, then start performin Gandabherunda :antra
)varana $oo%a by performin dibandhana mantra %apam of 72 forms of
Gandabherunda Narasimha. Whatever little !nowlede " have ained by
the race of 8ri Narasimha, " have shared it here. :ou can reach me
throuh email on4 !snmail@mail.com.
&asan, )diyen, Narayanan, 1hennai.
0. K.. Narayanan says#
March ",, ()"( at ")#,) pm
=espected 8ir,
"n continuation of my recent communication, " also re#uest you to help us by providin
atleast 2ero2 copy of ancient scriptures on 8ri Gandabherunda Narasimha available with
you. "f you can spare few hours of your valuable time, " wish to meet you in person and
re#uest you to ive me your contact address details, email "&, phone number etc and
oblie. (he Himalayan and Herculian effort on which we have commenced our %ourney
to establish 8ri Gandhaberunda Narasimha devasthanam is absolutely not for any
personal or monetary ain but purely as a service to the society so that thousands of
people can visit the shire and see! his divine race. $lease %oin and help us in our efforts
and service.
6 8 Narayanan
'. K.. Narayanan says#
March "0, ()"( at "#(. pm
&ear 8ri Narayana &asan,
&asan, )diyen, Narayanan
:our blo is hihly informative and useful.
(here is a stotram by title 8ri Narasimha &wadrimsat /i%amala 8totram and it is on 8ri
)shtamu!ha Gandabherunda Narasimha. Bach stotram starts with each alphabet of
Narasimha anushtup mantram.
(his stotram is available at http4??www.prapatti.com and you may add a lin! to this in
your blo so that thousands of Narasimha devotees can be benefited. "t ives description
of 8ri )shtamu!ha Gandabherunda Narasimha and the weapons he holds in his arms, his
race and randeur.
"t was composed by 8ri /haradwa%a *aharishi, miht be he was a reat upasa!a of 8ri
)shtamu!ha Gandabherunda Narasimha.
&asan, )diyen
6 8 Narayanan
/. K.. Narayanan says#
March "0, ()"( at "#,/ pm
&ear 8ri Narayana &asan,
&asan, )diyen, Narayanan
" re#uest you to help by providin C 7J 8ahasranama 8totram, 2J 8ahasranamavali, 3J
)shtotara 8atanama 8totram, +J )shtotara 8atanamavali, ,J 6avacham, FJ Hrudayam, LJ
8u!tam, 8J Apanishad, MJ $rapatti, 7KJ *analam, 77J moola mantram, 72J mala
mantram, 73J samputi!arana mantram, 7+J ayatri, 7,J ashta!am, 7FJ dandaam ?
atyam, 7LJ yantra nava avarana poo%a padhdhati, 78J homa padhdhati, 7MJ avatara
vaibhavam, 2KJ details of upasa!as, 27J various forms, 22J temples, 23J vradha
padhdhati, 2+J parihara padhdhati, etc., and all details e2clusively on 8="
)8H()*A6H) G)N&) /HB=AN&) N)=)8"*H) which " wish to publish as a
boo! with moolam in 8ans!rit and translation in (amil for the benefit of thousands of
Narasimha devotees.
*y humble wish is that this proposed boo! should serve as an encyclopaedia on 8ri
)shtamu!ha Gandabherunda Narasimha. (his boo! can be offered both in printed and
e/oo! version. " can render my service in releasin the boo! in both versions. e/oo!
version has an advantae that it can be uploaded in your blo site so that Narasimha
devotees across the lobe can download it.
" am renderin astroloy Hfor the past 2, yearsJ and vastu uidance Hfor the past 72 yearsJ
as a D=BB 8B=5"1B, on 8AN&):8. " am also associated as a creative diital desiner
of an astroloy e/oo! by title 6$EB9ine. Hence creatin e/oo! on 8ri )shtamu!ha
Gandabherunda Narasimha is possible by his absolute race.
Hope my re#uest will be considered and will et all the assistance and uidance from you
as a divine wish of 8ri )shtamu!ha Gandabherunda Narasimha.
"f our ancient maharishis, acharyas, mahans are selfish, they would not have written the
scriptures in palm leaf as manuscriptG they did it for the benefit of millions of people. We
cannot even dream of what they have achieved and iven to the society but atleast as a
micro level dust of their padhatuli, " wish to do my best to the society in a humble
&asan, )diyen,
6 8 Narayanan
o satish says#
1&ly "., ()"( at .#)" pm
&ear sir namaste
)t NBB=) near $ANB H maharashtra J there ia one temple of 8hrinrusimha and
they had published one boo! w.r.t. 8hrinrusimha which miht have some
information. $lease purchase that boo!.
"). !"kul ranjan sarma says#
1&ne (), ()"( at (#(0 pm
sir . many salutations at your holy feet for ivin many valuable thins abt astamu!ha .
andabherundam, me frm andhra and !arnata!a border area. in !annada one boo!
published by one sriman u.ve. baladhanwi ranachar asthana vidwan for sri ahobila mutt
and sri para!ala mutt both . boo! name narasimha !ata!s%am. in that few storams were
there abt this for of narasimha. particularly mala mantra of astamu!ha anadabherunda
narasimha. very useful boo!. in some shops of banalore its available. sri ranachar
attained acharya tiruvadi F yrs bac!.
o K.. Narayanan says#
1&ne (), ()"( at -#,( pm
&ear 8ri Go!ul =an%an 8arma
Grateful than!s for sharin an information about the boo! Narasimha 6ata!shamG
" shall appreciate you to furnish the name, address, contact phone, email details of
the publisher of the boo! or the boo! store at /analore or at other places, from
where " can et a copyG O= if you can send me a 2ero2 copy of the boo!, " will
send money order to you for the 2ero2, bindin chares and for your !ind efforts.
Baerly awaitin your reply and help.
6 8 Narayanan
"". Naveen says#
1&ly "., ()"( at "(#". pm
6.8. Narayanan
"ts nice to see the information that you are construction the temple only the blessed will
have that option of buildin a (B*$'B..
)ll 'O=&8 G=)1B..
"f any more information i feel my GA=A H H 8=" 8="&H)= GA=A>" can help you out
please chec! %wala.or or %wala.in
"(. Naveen says#
1&ly "., ()"( at "(#() pm
$lease bless me with the (emples information of G)N&) /B=AN&) N=A8"*H)..
$lease mail me naveen.edp@mail.com i will be very than!ful
"*. n"lan st"#inski says#
2&&st ,, ()"( at '#(( am
W)( "8 (HB Narasimha )nushtup *antra
o Narayandasan - A Nrusimha Bhakta says#
2&&st ,, ()"( at /#*, am
"t is the moola mantra which tal!s about avatara tattva of Narasimha
n"lan st"#inski says#
2&&st ,, ()"( at /#,( am
by chance if you !now it could you email i(o me
"-. seshadri says#
2&&st "*, ()"( at '#), pm
dear sir to nolan
lifco boo!s contain both anustub mantra and dwatrimshat bi%amalastotrm
",. K.. Narayanan says#
2&&st "*, ()"( at /#*" pm
&ear 8ri 8eshadri,
'"D1O boo! contains printin mista!e in &watrimshat /i%amalastotram, i.e. the
Nrusimha bi%am is printed wronlyG do not follow thatG alternatively you can download
dvatrimsat bi%amala stotram in multilinual format from http4??www.prapatti.com
6 8 Narayanan