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Emma Weidenhamer

Academic English 9

Miss Yobe

6 May 2009

The Name Game

Maddi is a beautiful flower,

T.R. is the blossom in my heart;

Dani is a butterfly who changes many times,

M.L. is a donkey, strong but not so wise.

Jordan is a dove, shy and very patient,

K.G. is a painter, a very talented artist;

Sami is a lioness, wild, free, and independent,

K.D. is a dog, but just not too loyal or friendly.

Erica is a dreamer, strong-willed and secure in her world,

D.B. is a hyena, always making fun;

B.E. is just a toad, like a stick in the mud,

Megan is the petal on a flower, very delicate and gentle.

E.K. was the devil, cunning and very sly,

Autumn is the leaves falling off trees, light but also dark;

And I am just a person, sometimes all of the above.