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Sequencers and Drum machines

Music sequencers began being used around the

mid 20th century, and Tomita's albums in mid-
1970s being later examples.In 1978, Yellow Magic
Orchestra were using computer-based technology
in conjunction with a synthesiser to produce
popular music,making their early use of
the microprocessor-based Roland MC-8
Microcomposer sequencer.
Drum machines, also known as rhythm
machines, also began being used around the
late-1950s, with a later example being Osamu
Kitajima's progressive rock
album Benzaiten (1974), which used a rhythm
machine along with electronic drums and a
Birth of MIDI

In 1980, a group of musicians and music
merchants met to standardize an interface that
new instruments could use to communicate
control instructions with other instruments and
computers. This standard was dubbed Musical
Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and resulted
from a collaboration between leading
MIDI technology allows a single keystroke, control
wheel motion, pedal movement, or command
from a microcomputer to activate every device in
the studio remotely and in synchrony, with each
device responding according to conditions
predetermined by the composer.
Digital synthesis

The first commercial digital synthesizer to be
released would be the
Australian Fairlight company's Fairlight
CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) in 1979, as
the first practical polyphonic digital
synthesizer/sampler system.

The new availability of low-cost home computers in
the 80s and 90s led to the rise of chiptunes. Chiptunes,
chipmusic, or chip music is music written in sound
formats where many of the sound textures are
synthesized or sequenced in real time by
a computer or video game console sound chip,
sometimes including sample-based synthesis and low
bit sample playback.
Many chip music devices featured synthesizers in
tandem with low rate sample playback.The
characteristic lo-fi sound of chip music was initially
the result of early sound cards' technical
limitations; however, the sound has since become
sought after in its own right.