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as a Teaching Tool

Quick Reference Card


Account Login: _______________________
PLATO Name: _____________________
Password: ________________________
Sign in, Search, and Save Content!
1. Sign in at https://ple.platoweb.com.
2. Once on the PLATO home page, click on the
blue Content button on the top banner.
3. The Content page defaults to your favorites.
See #11 below for additional information on
creating favorites.
4. To get started, click on PLATO Content on the
left menu.
5. On the PLATO Content page, you will see an
alphabetical listing of all PLATO Courses.
6. Scroll through the course titles until you find
one you would like to explore. Click on the + to
the left of the title to open the course (high
school courses will be by semester) and reveal
the units of study.
7. Click on the + to the left of a particular unit to
see pre-tests, tutorials, application exercises,
off-line activities, and post-tests. Preview
modules by clicking on the blue hyperlinks.
8. Preview tutorials and other content. When you
launch a lesson (just open up a unit
folder/module and click on the lesson), take
time to look at all the tools available
notebook, calculator, graphing tool, etc.
9. To access additional PLATO content, use the
drop-down menu above the course titles to
find, PLATO Titles or Test Packs.
10. To search for a specific standard or GLE, go to
the Content page. Click on Search by
Standards button (top left under banner).
Choose the type of standard (common core,
GLE, etc.), then follow prompts to choose grade
levels, subjects, and open folders (+) to view
resources associated with particular standards.
11. You may want to set up favorite modules for
quick access once you find a unit or a specific
unit that you would like to use with your
classes. Just click on the circle to the left of the
course OR unit title, then click Add to
Favorites from the banner above the course

Use PLATO as a Teaching Tool!
1. Sign in using the steps outlined at left.
2. Navigate to the content you wish to use with
your class. If youve saved the modules to your
favorites, they will appear on the first page you
see after clicking the Content button.
3. Launch the content (tutorial, application
activity, etc.) by clicking on the hyperlink.
4. When the PLATO mini-viewer pops up, hit the
F11 function key to make application fill your
5. To exit full-screen mode, click the X in the
bottom left corner of the screen.
6. Note: If you are using one of the pre- or post-
tests as a tool for review with your classes,
open the test. After the summary of test
content you will see a button labeled, Print
Test View. Click on this to show the test
without the answers!

Explore More
1. On your PLATO home page, click on the
Support link in the top right corner.
2. Once you are on the PLATO Support Center
homepage, look for the link to Teacher
Materials (there are twoeither one will
direct you to the right spot).
3. Click on any course title to explore the materials
4. Once on the specific course title page, look
around. Also note that there are some links on
the left, including Student Materials.
5. Resources for individual courses may include
but are not limited to PLATO Course Maps,
teacher guides, course projects (if applicable),
answer keys, related resources and extensions,
offline and web-based activities answer sheets
and keys.

Use PLATO in Creative Ways!
Use for whole-group instruction.
Show tutorials to introduce or re-teach a
Use pre-tests, mastery tests, post-tests, end-of-
semester tests.
Review basic foundational skills.
Differentiate instruction.