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Morgan Elizabeth April

To secure an internship with a large company that encourages the growth of their employees.
Summary of Qualifications
Experience in managing online programs and business transactions through my leadership involvement
Strong interpersonal skills refined through years of group experience
Organization and time management proven through balancing education and numerous leadership positions
Adaptability and diversity proven through partaking in abroad trips and numerous organizations
onfidence in working with others and working independently in stressful environments
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies; Minor in Psychology
The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
Anticipated !raduation "ate# $ay %&'(
$a)or !*A# +.,-..&
umulative !*A# +..-..&
Related Coursework# /nterpersonal ommunications0 /ntercultural ommunication0 1usiness ommunication0
*roblem Solving in Teams and !roups and *ersuasive Speaking
Certifications# !lobal Awareness ertification2 April %&'+
Birthright Trip to Israel2 3anuary %&''
ultural diversity exposure
Awarded through competitive interview process
Professional Experience
Executive Intern, Target, Shanee!Mission, "S! Summer 2014
4ed logistics process for '& weeks
$anaged +&5 team members
ollaborated with other executives to achieve sales goals
#$lahoma State %ealth &e'artment Professional Counselor (icensing &ivision! #$lahoma City!Summer
$anaging online databases
6orking continually with excel programs
4ooking over resumes and helping assist counselors in the licensing process
)ice President of *amma Phi Beta, (arence "ansas! January 201!January 2014
$anaged '7& members and ensure attendance to chapter meetings
4ed business meetings through parliamentary procedure
$anaged online sites and appointed new positions
onfirmed that all forms meet deadlines
ollaborated with *resident and other executive positions
reated and implemented an officer shadowing program
$entored underclassmen that wanted the 8ice *resident office in the future
Administrated an officer transition workshop9 and trained positions
$otivated chapter members to fulfill chapter duties
:evised chapter by2laws0 standing rules0 and house rules
President and Co!Creator of Israeli Culture and (anguage Clu+! "u#ust 2012!January 201
/nitiated club through the ;niversity of <ansas
:ecruited '& new members
Organized organization meetings
=ocused on $embers receiving trip to /srael9 assisted members with application
Standards Chairoman Assistant! September 2011!September 2012
$ediated situations within the chapter
*artnered with other officer to promote accountability within the chapter0 regarding rules and regulations
:esponsible for weekly meetings and hearings involving the standards council
Enforced confidentiality in all standards council and other officers