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Answer the CAE Writing Question

Aim: to encourage accurate interpretation of questions

Target Audience: students
Relevance to CAE: Writing paper
Organisation: pairs or small groups
Materials needed: writing task
It is useful to help students interpret the various components of the questions. Here
we look at two stages in the accurate interpretation of a task - identification of task
type, and answer planning.
1. Firstly, distriute a sample question from a past paper to each group or pair.
2. !hen ask each group initially to identify the task type, and make short notes
on what features typify the task type. "ou could do the activity #Identify It $
types of writing% first.
&. 'fter checking this work as a group, get the groups to identify
( the numer of parts the answer must contain
( the key words
). *ach part of the answer and its key words could then e made into a
+spidergram+ or +mindmap+ to enale the groups to e,pand their ideas into a
rief ut clear answer plan. -.ee the task elow and the pdf accompanying
this document called #'nswer the task $ sample spidergram/.
0. .tudents then write up their answers in full.
Task: Article
"ou see the following announcement in an international maga1ine.
Have you en2oyed taking part in an e,citing or dangerous outdoor
leisure activity - for e,ample, surfing, rock-climing, hang-gliding3 If
so, write and tell us aout the activity, e,plaining its attraction. We are
looking for articles which will allow our readers to share your thrilling
Write your article.
-.ee accompanying pdf $ #'nswer the task $ sample spidergram/