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November 2009

“In God’s hands”

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways,’ declares the Lord.” Prayer Requests:
Isa 55.8

his last month has shown us
and celebrating. It was also a time of
God has His way of doing reflection. In this brief history many
things and we humans have $36,000
have is still needed!
ours. As Ps. 25:10 says, “All the ways come and For a more perma-
of the Lord are loving . . . ” gone, nent servant for the

new cell group in
URKINA FASO: With the use of through Burkina Faso.
pastoral students from Côte death For the church in
d’Ivoire the dynamics of this cell others Tanzania as it faces
group has been interesting to watch. through rebellion. All we can do is certain challenges.
The para- trust the Lord and continue to work For KIST as it con-
ble of the for Him! It’s all in His hands any- tinues to work to-
sower is way! wards a more solid
indeed The church in Tanzania is at a future.
apt. Of the crossroads. Its future depends on
first group several issues that are critical and Praises:
of 38 who we need your prayers that God’s
had ac- will would be followed and accom- For the safe travels
cepted the Lord, none remain. While plished at all costs! We thank God the Lord gave Sher-
working with this first group new con- for the past but must trust Him for man in Kenya and
verts were added. Of those only a few the future! Tanzania.
remain but more were won to the Lord Completion of first 3
during the last church planting opera-
tion. It is with these that we pray we N ew and Old works! During
this celebration peoples from
year course at IBAO
Côte d’Ivoire!
will begin to see the increase. God’s the churches in Uganda, Rwanda, For faithful suppor-
timing and ways are perfect! Ours are Kenya, Sudan ters in spite of finan-
not! and the new cial difficulties.

T anzania’s 50th year Celebration:

Sherman and Dr. Bob Edwards
traveled together to Tanzania for
work in Bu-
rundi were
represented. Contact Candy Power:
this celebration of the Church of God in God is con- 800-848-2464 ext. 2129
E-mail CPower@chog.org
Tz. It was a great time of remembering tinuing to open doors in Africa! Or Go to
For more on this go to: www.chog.org/GiveNow
Sherman and Kay Critser http://rcforafrica.wordpress.com.
Regional Coordinator to Africa
Project Link #42.10045