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1.) A.

csoport angol 4 linguaphone

I am free, I go to work, I have dressed, I get the bus, I take a look, I feel cold
2.) 6h:it is 6 oclock, 6:it is quarter past 5, 5:54:it is 6 to 6 oclock,3/4 6-kor:at quarter to 6.
3.) At 7:30 I leave home, and go to work.I begin to work at eight and finish at five in the afternoon.
After work i meet m wife. 4.) !hat do o" after work#After work I usually watch the tv.
!hen do o" have $reakfa%t# I have breakfast at oclock. &ow do o" %'end the evening#
I spend my evenings with reading. (o o" like to drink )offe# !o, I dont like to drink coffe.
*"%t o" not go# "f course, I must go. 5.) *ikor kel fel#+,- At what time does he get up#
*it e%.el reggelire# $hat do you eat for brekfast# *ivel m/%. m"nk0$a# %y what do you go to
work# 1l t"d%. 23nni "ge# &an you come, cant you# 4.en valamit neki# 'oes he leave a
message for her# 6.-Itt a. ide2e felkelni. It is time to get up. 5el%.0ll"nk a. 5-3% $"%.ra.
$e take the !o. 5 bus. 63%.3n3m a megh7v0%t. (hank you for the invitation. 8in)% kedvem
kir0nd"lni menni. I dont feel like out hiking.
9.- :. csoport angol 4 linguaphone
I am right. I go shopping. I have dinner. I get dressed. I take a slower. I feel like doing.
2.) 4:00: it is ) o clock, ; 4: it is quarter to ), 3: it is quarter past *, < 4-kor: at half past )
+., I li%ten to the new%. I %tart m $reakfa%t with %ome 2"i)e. I 're'are for the le%%on%.I hel' m
mother in the kit)hen work.I )hange to the $"% n"m$er fo"rteen.
)., !hen do o" fini%h o"r work# I finish my work at 5 oclock. !hat do o" do on 5rida night#
I watch the tv.!here do o" have l"n)h# I have lunch in the restaurant. (o o" get "' late#
!o I never get up late. I% %he not )oming# !o she is not coming.
5., =i%.el magaddal ennival>t# 'o you take food along# &0n >r0t dolgo.ol na'onta# -ow much
hours do you work at day#*ikor e$/del%.#At what time do you have lunch#?0/rtek '/nteken d/l"t0n#
-ave you got time on .riday afternoon# Ad2ak neki orvo%%0got# /hould I give him medicine#
6., *o.galma% na'om van. I have a busy day. ?"galma% m"nkaid@$en dolgo.nak.
(hey work fle0time. A./' 0lmokatB /weet dreams1 CrDl3k hog hallom a hangodat.
Im glad to hear your voice. En ink0$$ itthon maradok. Id rather stay at home.