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Project Report Template

Overall plan goal: Plan and prepare to implement a change related to technology
use in your classroom.

Rules to Follow:
1. You must use technology that is new to yousomething youve not used before
2. You must identify ONE issue or problem that the use of technology may help solve
3. You may select some technology tools to solve the one problem or issue that youve identified
4. You are expected to have a fully planned and developed product ready to be used with a class
sometime in the future

Respond to each of the following areas for your plan report.

Name Gala Algranati

I. Background
Who are the learners?

4th Elementary Students - 10 / 11 year old kids

What is the setting? Be sure to mention technology.

18 students in a 1.30hs class twice a week. In the classroom we have a TV (LCD), a DVD, and a
hi-fi system. Most of them have smartphones, tablets or computers at home.

What are the course goals?

We follow a book and the main goal is to cover all the grammar related topics in it. Still, we have
time and freedom to work on something else. This year, my goal is to help them write better.

Why are the students studying English?

In most of the cases it is because they are sent to the Institute by their parents. This makes some
of them reluctant to do extra work at home. Still, some of them really enjoy learning.

Describe anything else that is significant or relevant about the course that may potentially
relate to your plan.

For a private institute, it is a crowded course. They are very noisy and easily distracted. Some of
them are very naughty and bother their partners. Discipline is an issue but they are getting better.

II. Issue or problem to be addressed that technology can help with. Whats wrong?
The issue or problem must be explicitly and clearly stated and well focused into a single or
connected teaching issue. The problem is solvable with technology, and within the time frame of
the course.

The main issue is WRITING STORIES. We have practised but it has not improved much.

III. Specific technology solution
Describe what you think will happen. Make sure you explain how what you plan to try is
different from what you have done before.

What technology tool(s) did you consider using?
What technology tool will you use to address the problem (can be one or two tools only)?
If you are using websites, include the URLs.
What is your goal for this technology tool?
What do you want your students or the technology tool to do?
Is this technology new to you? How did you learn about it?
What do you think might happen when you try/use the technology with your students?
How will this be different from what youve done before?

I have decided to use The Underground Chronicles Creature Creator - because it is related to
what we are working with at the moment: creatures, fairy tales. I think I can get them involved.

Students are expected to write a short paragraph (40-60 words) using the vocabulary seen in
class and the following tenses:
*Simple Present
*Present Continuous
*Simple Past
*Past Continuous

I will show my students the Muraly I created on this tool in class and I wil write a note for the
parents asking them to allow their children to use their computers to work on a website for their
English class. I will provide them with the link so that they can access it and ask my students to
create a creature and print the final version. Then, I will provide my students with a sample story
and we will read it and share opinions with the whole class. If necessary, I will provide them
with a template for them to work on and ask them to write a story in class with this character, I
will monitor them while they are working. As they will have created the creature, I think they
will be more involved. Once this is finished, I will check their writings and we will have a class
to share the stories. Finally, we will post the printed description of the creature together with my
students' stories in our classroom.

I was thinking that if it works, I can ask students to record their stories using voicethread and
upload the picture of their creature so that they can share it with everyone else.

I wish I could ask them to use this tool in the classroom but we do not have a computer lab this
year, as we did before. I think it will take more than one attempt for them to complete their tasks
but I have faith that it will eventually work out fine.

This will be different from what we have done before because I have never asked this course to
do something related to technology at home before.

IV. Final Product
What have you made, what have you built or what you have created? Be sure to also include
your rubric or a description of your evaluation or assessment.

Be specific and complete! Include a description of where, when, and how you will use the
technology tool.

Hopefully, I will have enhanced their ability to write stories and raised their awareness of
http://www.scholastic.com/underlandchronicles/creaturecreator.htm - I will use this tool in the
classroom (to show them how to use it) and then they will use it at home (to create their own).
https://voicethread.com/ - I will use this tool in the classroom (to show them how to use it) and
then they will use it at home (to create their own).

I will assess their writing skills and creativity. However, the real aim is to encourage them to
improve and try new things.

Criteria of Assessment

Criteria Description
use of resources Appropriate use of online resources to carry out the
Writing skills Appropriate use of grammar, organization of ideas
and varied vocabulary.

V. Expected response
What you think will happen how you think learners will respond, possible response from
administrators, colleagues, parents, and others and why you think so.

Include possible problems you may encounter and how might deal with the problems?

I believe my coordinator and my collegues will be very happy with the results. I do not see the
parents being happy when they see they have to help their children on something like this, but I
feel there needs to be a change in their conception of teaching and learning.
Finally, I feel my students will like this activity and will profit from it.

VI. Resources
For every resource and article, you must explain why you have chosen it.

Articles that helped you come up with your plan or that support your ideas. Explain why
you have chosen it.

Name of article + URL (if applicable) How this article helps me or supports my ideas

Resources you plan to use in your class. Include URLs. Explain why you have chosen

Name of resource + URL (if applicable) Why I have chosen this resource
The Underland Creature Creator
because it is very user-friendly and it is
suitable for what we are workig with in class.
because it would be an excellent way for
everyone to share their story and parents can
be involved as well.