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Hey, where have you been

Were you here, right all along
In my dreams

What is this emotion I feel
That grips my chest and
I really cant breathe
Can you please save me?

You stand before me
Your eyes shining like the Sun
I reach out to hold you
And you then disappear

(Please come back)
And hold me like how you did before
(J ust come back)
Tonight, yeah

(These nights)
Make me tear up
And I dont know how I would live
Without you
Please come back
And say that you love me

(rap part that I cant write)

Tears start falling down
My heart breaks
Every time I see you smile
It really does hurt, oh yeah

Bits and pieces of our past
Hunt me every time I close my eyes
And it really kills me

Italicized long note
Underline high note
(parentheses) all

Doovie Daimer Enrico
Myla Andi Wills
Angelica Aimee Pat

I really tried to forget
Everything from the way you smiled and
your laugh
That lifts me up and lets my spirit soar

(Please come back)
And be the person I loved before
(Well paint the skies)
Tonight, yeah,yeah

(These days)
I stare up and wonder
What if it was still us
And Im not crying here
All alone

Look at how the moon and stars
Smile at us
Cant you hear the birds singing
Bout our broken love
Cant you see that
We were made for each other

I lost and didnt find you until now
This emptiness cant be replaced
My smile might be up, one might be the
But its really still you

(Please come back)
Oh, and be the person wholl save me
(Return to my arms)

Wont be the same without you, my love
How can I live
When youre not beside me
Just come back, yeah