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Name: Date: Period: Faction: A Foray into Historical Fiction

Welcome all storytellers! This is your chance to make history, or at least record it in your voice. First
we will e readin! lots and lots o" local history stories. These tales are recorded y local authors#
many o" whom still live in our area. $nce you%ve read several, you will choose one story that you think
would make a !reat story. &ou will e!in collectin! all the details you have availale to use in your
story. The ne't ste( will e to interview one o" our local historians. These (eo(le are !reat resources
"or details o" time and (lace. The more you know, the more elievale your story will e. $ur "inal
ste( will e to write a narrative that is rich with authentic details. $nce the stories are revised,
edited, and ready "or (ulication, we will link them to a ma( that is linked to our local museum%s
wesite. &ou will e tellin! our local stories. Now let%s !et started.
)te( *: +ead, +ead, +ead
+ecord the stories that you%ve read ,at least ten-. Fill out a (lot chart "or at least one o" the stories.
.e sure to note the details you don%t have or would like to know more aout. We can ask our e'(erts
when they visit.
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