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Oral Topics for Level 15

1- Body Language:
a) Detecting personality types and characteristics through body language and face reading.
b) Body language as an important part of communication.
c) How to know when a person is lying through body language?
d) Importance of body language in job interviews.
2- Street attacks
a) hat to do to avoid being attacked in the streets?
b) !artial arts as a way of self defense in street attacks.
c) "auses of street attacks.

3- The Olypics:
a) #ositive and $egative aspects of the %lympic &ames.
b) 'he %lympics( %rigin and History.
c) )ports that should be included or e*cluded from the %lympic &ames.
d) +se of drugs at the %lympics.
e) #olitics and the %lympics.
!-"ultiple intelligences and #$% Tests:
a) hat are the different types of intelligence or learning styles and how can they make learning more effective?
b) 'he multiple intelligence approach vs the tradicional approach.
c) ,dvantages of using different learning styles in the classroom.
d) -eliabilty of I. tests.
5- Life &'pectancy:
a) /actors that can increase life e*pectancy.
b) 0ife e*pectancy in men and women.
c) "hanges to make in your life style to increase life e*pectancy.
(- Beauty and the "edia:
a) +nhealthy conse1uences on women caused by the obssession with beauty perfection and the media. .
b) +nrealistic beauty perception imposed by the media.
c) 'he beauty industries and their manipulation to buy their products.
d) $egative influence of the media on people2s self3esteem.
e) -elevance of beauty contests in our society.
)- *o+ intervie,s:
a) 'ips and strategies for winning a job interview.
b) How to dress for a job interview?
c) Being honest or dishonest during job interviews.