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Summary of MIGA multilitral investment gutantee agency

On April 12, 1988 an international convention established MIGA as the newest member of the
World Bank Group MIGA is a member of the World Bank Group and is headquartered in
Washington, D.C., United States. The agency opened for business as a legally separate and
financially independent entity. Membership was open to all IBRD members, and the agency
began with capital stock of $1 billion. Aim was to created to complement public and private
sources of investment insurance against non-commercial risks in developing countries. 1988
MIGA is established Mr. Yoshio Terasawa appointed the first Executive Vice President. Then
the progress period of this organization were carried on. Started to invest n developing countries,
like Afghanistan, Brazil, in the result of it 2008MIGA celebrates 20
anniversary Issued
guarantees reach historic $2.1 billion which it started with $ 1 billion.
Today MIGA reach the level of excellence to promote foreign direct investment into developing
countries to support economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve people's lives attracting
investors and private insurers into difficult operating environments through their team which
have extensive experience in political risk insurance, with backgrounds including banking and
capital markets, environmental and social sustainability, project finance
Now MIGA work hard for more better team players in this dynamic Environment , For this
purpose they started professional Programs for new staff to enhance the human resource in that
Today MIGA closely working with the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, and
other public and private organizations. This partnership involves sharing of knowledge and
expertise as well as jointly supporting investments through financing and risk-mitigation
Therefore the bottom line is MIGA coordinate with different sectors like Asian development
bank , and Islamic development bank , other European private investment companies to enhance
the foreign direct invest of the developing countries , Mission is to protect foreign direct
investments against political and non-commercial risks in developing countries through the
global concern organizations.