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Welcome to English, Reading, & Writing ACT Prep

ACT Prep ~ One semester elective

The English, Reading, and Writing ACT Preparation course is designed for juniors and seniors who want
to improve specific test subject scores. This semester-long course utilizes multiple practice tests and the
subsequent data to determine course content relevant to individual students.

Students will:
Recognize and practice universal test-taking Strategies for the ACT.
o Estimate and modify pace to most efficiently complete each portion of the ACT.
o Utilize guessing strategies.
o Identify patterns, key words, and concepts from questions to assess passages.
Evaluate prose and nonfiction passages for content and style and assess information found in the
Reading section of the ACT.
o Infer and apply summarization strategies to identify an authors main idea and approach in prose and
nonfiction passages.
o Interpret the overall meaning of a passage in order to distinguish important details that support a
specific point or argument.
o Identify cause and effect patterns as well as sequential and comparative relationships to interpret prose
and nonfiction passages.
o Assess context to determine the meaning of words used in prose or nonfiction passages.
o Formulate conclusions and construct generalizations using supporting details from prose and
nonfiction passages.
Assess grammar, punctuation, and rhetorical mode as they contribute to the style, organization, and
focus of a given passage in the English section of the ACT.
o Distinguish an authors focus and purpose in order to add or delete phrases and/or sentences that
support a given topic.
o Interpret the organization, unity, and coherence of an essay and its syntax to determine the need for
o Assess and revise word choice to improve consistency in style, tone, and clarity, and to ensure economy
in a given passage.
o Critique sentence formation, maintaining consistent verb tense and avoiding faulty syntax in a given
o Assess and revise proper noun, pronoun, and verb usage in a selected passage.
o Assess and revise proper punctuation usage in a selected passage.
Apply written communication concepts to create a thesis-driven argument based upon a given prompt
from the Writing section of the ACT.
o Construct a framework for understanding a given prompt and expressing judgment concerning the
complex issue therein.
o Create a unified thesis which determines the focus of an argument in response to a given prompt.
o Analyze various perspectives on a given issue to create a unified position pertaining to a given prompt.
o Formulate an effective introduction and conclusion while citing evidence appropriate to the
organizational flow of a persuasive argument pertaining to the given prompt.
o Apply the concepts of written English conventions to effectively utilize language to communicate
arguments in response to a given prompt.
Class Rules


Be Kind
Do not call people names, belittle, bully, disrespect, etc. Dont test me on this one or
youll find yourself cleaning my classroom after school.

All Handbook Rules Apply
You must follow the rules of the Student Handbook in my classroom.

I will never accept late homework unless you have an excused absence from the office.
Your homework will be marked as a zero until you show me an excused pass. You must,
however, make up all practice tests during class time the day following an absence.
Unfortunately, this means you will likely miss the days scheduled activity/lesson. Make
every effort to be in class every day.

What to Do When Absent
If you are absent, please do not disturb the class by coming up and asking me for your
missed handouts. At the end of every day, I will place the handouts in a folder for your
class in a designated area. Look in the folder for the day you missed to find what you
need. In addition, I will not tell you that you missed anything; this includes tests,
quizzes, homework, project assignment sheets, or general papers. Look at the board to
see the weeks agenda and to see what you missed. You must make up missed activities
within the amount of time allotted by the Student Handbook. It is your responsibility to
make up what you missed.

No Cheating
Especially in an ACT prep class, youre only cheating yourself. If you dont want to do
the work to improve your score, ask to have your schedule changed so someone else can
have your spot.
Cell Phones
We all have phones, and we all are annoyed by people who are rude and disrespectful
with their phones. Dont be that person. Ill tell you when you can have your phones out.
If I dont tell you, explicitly, then you must have your phone off and put away. If your
phone disrupts class or you use it for any reason during any assessment, I will take it and
you will receive a zero for the assignment.

Ask for Help
I love English, which also means I am pretty good at it! Please ask for help if you find yourself struggling
at any time. I want to help! Unless I have a meeting to attend, I am available every day after school for
tutoring. You may also contact me via email TSchauwecker@lakeflyers.org BE SURE TO SPELL IT

You will have a variety of chances to keep your A in this class through the completion of homework,
discussions, quizzes, tests, papers / writing, and projects

Grade Scale
Papers / Projects 45%
Tests 25%
Classwork 15%
Quizzes 10%
Homework 5%

3 ring binder with dividers (can be the same one from English class.)
Colored pen (other than blue or black)
College ruled notebook paper
The Real ACT Prep Guide Available at Walmart, Meijer, Target or online
**You MUST have this book by the second week of class, or you will be removed and switched to
study hall!

We will use a variety of technology in this class, as it is an integral part of our society and workforce. If
you are already in one of my English classes, you will have additional assignments. Be sure to keep up
with the work.
www.NoRedInk.com Grammar practice for the ACT
www.Quizlet.com Vocabulary practice

Contact Information
Tonya Schauwecker
419-661-6640 ext. 3819