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(c) C-DAC Hyderabad

Bharat Operating System Solutions

(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS GN!"inu#

$roduct %rom N&C'OSS

"inu# distribution de(eloped by C-DAC %or enhancing the use o% 'ree!Open

Source So%t)are in *ndia+

,ade speci%ically %or the *ndian en(ironment - it consists o% a pleasing

des.top en(ironment coupled )ith *ndian language support and other
pac.ages that are most rele(ant %or use in the go(ernment domain+

/he ultimate goal is to locali0e in all *ndian regional languages+ So this

bene%its non-1nglish spea.ers to reach technology that bridge digital di(ide
in *ndia+
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS D2D - Contents

All (ariants o% BOSS D2D contains belo) sections

"i(e session

"ets the user to boot BOSS OS %rom &A, and )or. on all the
applications in BOSS


"ets the user to install the OS in the harddis.


Consists o% add-on pac.ages that can be installed in BOSS %or

some speci%ic applications li.e )eb ser(er- education tools- open
o%%ice language pac.ages etc+
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS 2ariants

BOSS is deri(ed %rom Debian - a popular and in%luential

"inu# distribution+

BOSS GN!"inu# is a(ailable as

(a) Des.top (ersion
(b) 1ducation (ersion
(c) Ser(er (ersion
(d) Noteboo. (ersion
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS &eleases
Desktop Releases

BOSS3+4 (/arang) 5 released in 6anuary 7448

BOSS 7+4 (Anant) 5 released in September 7449

BOSS :+4 (/e;as) 5 released in September 744<

"atest stable (ersion 5 BOSS =+4 (Sa(ir) 5 released in April 7433

>ernel 5 7+8+:7 and 7+8+:?

GNO,1 7+:4 des.top

Openo%%ice :+7

Current De(elopment (ersion 5 BOSS @+4 (Ano.ha)

>ernel 5 :+7

GNO,1 Des.top :+=

"ibreo%%ice :+=
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS &eleases
Desktop Release for Schools - EduBOSS

BOSS "inu# customi0ed to School domain+

/his is aimed to)ards the education sector and )ould include popular educational tools+

*ncludes authoring tools- 1dutainment- Graphics- ,aths- Science- Social

Bundled )ith $roducti(e application suite 5 BharateeyaOO - comprising o% )ord processor-

spread sheet- Dra)- Database- $resentation+

'eatures enhanced presentation tool- ,igration tool- SC*,

1duBOSS 3+4 - released in 6une 7434

1duBOSS 7+4 released in Apr 7433

Current de(elopment (ersion 1duBOSS :+4 )ith

>ernel :+7

GNO,1 :+=

"ibreo%%ice :+=
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
Server release

BOSS (ariant %or *ntel #<8 and Amd machines consists o% all necessary
ser(ers including )eb ser(er - DNS ser(ers - DHC$ ser(ers - $ro#y

BOSS ser(er 3+4 released in 7434

BOSS Ad(anced Ser(er 5 current (ersion

Notebook Version - NetBOSS

"ight )eight BOSS designed speci%ically %or Noteboo.s ha(ing lo)er

BOSS &eleases
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS 'eatures

ser 'riendly Graphical *nstaller

*ndian (ersion o% OpenO%%ice 5 BharateeyaOO

1A"= recommended BOSS security 'eatures

:D Des.top

Auto detecting o% de(ices

Better usability %or digital cameras- printers- scanners- Bluetooth- /2 tuner+

Auto mount o% all Hard dis. partitions

"ocali0ation support %or des.top in 77 *ndian languages

Smart Common *nput ,ethod

,igration tool - Bul. document con(erter

*nternet tools 5 $idgin- *ce)easel- *cedo(e- A-chat

,ultimedia support

"SB certi%ied
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS Des.top 2ersion
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
1duBOSS Applications

Bords 5 a typing tutor

Alphabets 5 An application that helps .ids to learn alphabets

Childsplay- gcompris - Suite o% educational games %or young children

/u# $aint - a paint program %or young childern

gbrainy 5 brain teaser game+

$rogramming *D1s- compilers etc+-

Dr+Geo - an interacti(e geometry so%t)are

/u#math - math game %or .ids )ith /u#

(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
1duBOSS Applications

'ractions - $ro(ides e#ercises related to 'ractions

,ultiplication $u00le

1du.ator 5 $hysics - Contains animations that e#plains about optics- archimedes


>al0ium 5 Chemistry - >al0ium is a program )hich sho)s you the $eriodic /able o%

1asyChem C Adra)chem 5 Chemical Structures 1ditor

A(ogadro - ,olecular Graphics and ,odelling System

Stars - A graphical des.top planetarium+

(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
1duBOSS Screenshots
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
1duBOSS Des.top
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
,olecular Graphics and ,odelling System
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
An application that helps .ids to learn alphabets
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
Acti(ities %or Children aged 7 to 34
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
>al0ium 5 Chemistry
$eriodic /able o% 1lements
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
/u# $aint
A paint program %or young childern
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS pstream De(elopment Acti(ities

BOSS $resentation tool

BOSS Bul. Document con(erter

GNO,1 and Openo%%ice "ocali0ation in 77 *ndian languages

BOSS Security %eature to harden the des.top

Onscreen .eyboard )ith *ndian languages support

SC*, .eyboard inter%ace %or 33 *ndian languages )ith di%%erent


Se(eral other bug %i#es in di%%erent applications

(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
Features BOSS Commercial Euivalents
$rinter Dri(ers Support Des Des
Scanner Dri(ers Support Des No
Des Des
1diting Still $icture Des Des
Bluetooth Support Des DesE
/2 /uner Support Des DesE
$resentation /ool Des No
Bul. Document Con(erter Des No
Digital Camera Dri(ers
!BOSS Vs Commercial Euivalents
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
Comparison of BOSS "ith other #inu$ Distributions
Features BOSS %&' (Savir) *buntu +&'%(,ard- ,eron) .sianu$ /&'
Ori0in *ndia A%rica SA
Cost %ree %ree Non %ree Non %ree
One D2D One CD /)o CD 'i(e CD
Versions :+4 <+4= Asianu# 7+4
Office suit OpenO%%ice 7+: OpenO%%ice 7+4 OpenO%%ice 7+4
#an0ua0e support *nternational "anguages
Red ,at(Desktop Version
No& of CD2DVDs for
&ed Hat Des.top 2ersion
BharateeyaOO 7+7 )ith
Gu;arati- Hindi- >annada-
,alayalam- ,arathi-
Oriya- $un;abi- /amil-
/elugu and rdu
4acka0e 5ana0ement
Debian $ac.age
,anagement System
Debian $ac.age
,anagement system
&ed Hat $ac.age
,anagement System
&ed Hat $ac.age
,anagement System
Assamese- Bengali-
Gu;arati- Hindi- >annada-
,alayalam- ,arathi-
Oriya- $un;abi- Sans.rit-
/amil- /elugu- Bodo- rdu-
>ashmiri- ,aithili-
>on.ani- ,anipuri
Supports Asian languages
li.e Chinese- 6apanese-
3? languages including
international languages
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
Comparison of BOSS "ith other #inu$ Distributions
Features BOSS %&' (Savir) .sianu$ /&'
No No No
No No No
No No No
No No No
*buntu +&'%(,ard-
Version 1)
Onscreen 6e-board
3) Supports /amil-
Hindi- ,alayalam-
Bengali- >annada-
$un;abi- Gu;arathi-
/elugu 7)
ser can change the
.eyboard layout+
BOSS 4resentation
Supports the display o%
pd%-ppt-pps- odp-
directory containing
images as
BOSS Bulk Document
,igration tool %or
con(erting a set o%
documents %rom one
%ormat to another+
5essa0e Sendin0
.annel 5 An application
to send S,S
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
Features BOSS %&' (Savir) .sianu$ /&'
*ntel #<8-A,D
No Con(erter No Con(erter No Con(erter
Bro"ser 'ire%o# :+4 'ire%o# :+4 Beta 'ire%o# ,o0illa 'ire%o# 3+@
*buntu +&'%(,ard-
Version 1)
Support and
Since BOSS is
de(eloped in *ndia- the
maintenance and
support cost drastically
Since de(eloped
outside *ndia- the
maintenance and
support cost is too
high+ buntu *ndia is
the o%%icial *ndian local
community team
Since de(eloped
outside *ndia- the
maintenance and
support cost is too
Since de(eloped
outside *ndia- the
maintenance and
support cost is too
*ntel #<8(including *ntel
pentium-Celeron and
A,D Athlon)
*ntel #<8F:7-
*ntel #<8(:7 bit)-*ntel
#<8(8= bit)- A,D8=
Detection of e$istin0
BOSS detects Bindo)s
and other e#isting "inu#
Detects Bindo)s and
other e#isting "inu#
Detects e#isting
Bindo)s partition
Detects e#isting
Bindo)s partitions
Document Converter
BOSS Bul. Document
Comparison of BOSS "ith other #inu$ Distributions
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS ,eghdooth
BOSS ,eghdooth
Cloud stac. that %acilitates %ully automated deployment o% cloud
en(ironment )ith %eatures li.e resource pro(isioning-auto scaling
through elasticity-application hosting-A$* support- Beb inter%ace-
Con%iguration management- Storage integration+
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
,eghdooth ,odules
O%%ers *aaS-SaaS-$aaS
1nhaced open source
cloud middle)are
1nd to end Security Solutions
'or establishing cloud-
De(elop and deploy
Applications in cloud
Certi%icate $rograms in
Cloud Computing
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
'eatures o% ,eghdooth
Open source
So%t)are based on
Open Standards
and open data %ormats
Create and deploy
$ri(ate- $ublic or
hybrid cloud
1ase o% management
and maintainance
Security and Guality
o% Ser(ice
$ro(iding inter%aces
and %unctionalities
Control on resources
distribution o% ser(ices
,a#imum abstraction
2endor loc. in can
be a(oided
Compatible )ith most
plat%orms to pro(ide
,a#imum %reedom to users
And de(elopers
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
BOSS Cloud Stac.
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
Cloud Stac. 'eatures

Base OS )ith (irtuali0ation technology enabled and &emus installed on node

machines %or High A(ailability

Cloud middle)are )ith se(eral enhancements that supports On-the %ly demand
%or the in%rastructure resources- application hosting- storage+

,onitoring o% resources using Hyperic

"oad balancing )ith HA$ro#y

Security tools li.e A'-console and H*DS- consoles

Support %or third party tools li.e Hybrid %o#-Cloud=7-/ypica

(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
*nterested to get BOSS D2D or /rainings
&each s H
/oll 'ree Number %or Support I 3<44 =7@4 =@@
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
Des.top JJ
Ser(er JJ
Noteboo.s ! "aptops JJ
Cloud JJ
School "earning JJ
/hus BOSS GN!"inu# Ser(es all your needs++++
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad
Thank You