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NDP Monthly Journal

June 2014

Name: Walag, Ivy P. Municipality/Province: El Salvador
Area of Assignment: ( x ) Rural Health Unit

( ) Hospital
I. Activities:

In the RHU, there were lots of activities done. One of the highlighted activities was the preparation
for the Good Housekeeping Evaluation done by the DILG and positive results came out for the city as
well as the health office. We also participated in the Independence Day and the Charter Day
Celebration. As for the BHWs and CHT Navigators, the highlighted activities were the CHT
Refresher Training and the Health Spot Map Orientation TOT.

We went to Barangay San Francisco de Asis to do the Outbreak Response Immunization as per
national protocol because of the recent outbreak of the Barangay. The most highlighted activity this
month was the Philhealth Alaga ka - MDR Distribution and MOA Signing wherein the Philhealth get
the chance to thoroughly explain to the public the importance of Philhealth and the use of MDRs.
They endorsed to the city health office the 8,266 MDRs to be distributed to the Pinoy Philhealth
enrolled members.

In the BHS, together with the health team, routine activities were done such as consultations, referrals,
EPI, pre and post natal care. Both my assigned barangays, Taytay and Himaya really prepared for the
Good Housekeeping Evaluation. The barangay worked hand in hand in order to come up with a
positive outcome.

I was able to attend the 3
PHT meeting in the Provincial Health Office last June 13, 2014. I echoed
the output of the meeting, the Monday during the weekly meeting.

II. Learning/Insights:

From all the activities done this month, one learning outstands and it is the importance of cooperation
and unity. I learned that positive results would be achieve when everyone work hand in hand in
reaching the goal.

III. Issues/Concerns:

One concern encountered was the difficulty of the road going to Barangay San Francisco de Asis
since it was rainy when we went there and it took almost an hour to get there and the road was

IV. Recommendations

I would like to recommend that LGU should work on road maintenance a little faster to make the road
safe in going to barangays especially that rainy days are around.