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P. O. Box 423, Anahuac, TX 77514 (409) 277-0927 oslynnlewis@gmail.

Oslynn T. Lewis
Empowering others to achieve greatness!
08/2013 - Motivation Education & Training Inc. Anahuac, Texas
Family Educator
Provide child development, parent education, and family support on home visits with families.
Plan and facilitate parent-child interaction groups and parent support groups.
Provide developmentally appropriate and developed partnerships with families and individualized plans for
Coordinate successful completion of recruitment, screening, and assessments for families.
Advocated and trained families to advocate for themselves and their families.
Completed reports that identified progress of meeting program and families needs.
Implemented goals, policies, procedures, activities, and assisted families in obtaining health needs.

02/2011- 08/2013 Motivation Education & Training, Inc. Anahuac, Texas
Family Service Technician
Assisted families by building their strengths and develop plans to address areas of concern such job market
skills and resource identification.
Assisted in meeting agency non-federal share matching requirement (in-kinds).
Prepared and assisted in the preparation of written reports, development of program newsletters and
Community Resource Book.
Assisted in recruitment and enrollment of eligible families. Conducted regular home visits to develop family
partnerships and provided assistance as necessary.
Worked with local providers to provide appropriate medical and dental services for families.
Provided and supervised assistance in locating and maintaining professional relationships with service
providers and community partners.
Assisted families in receiving appropriate case management services as they relate to the familys
expressed needs, goals, and interests. Developed and implemented partnerships with families.

10/2002 09/2009 Anahuac ISD Anahuac, Texas
Special Education Aide, Bus Driver
Prepared and instructed students on lesson plans for special education students.
Entered confidential information in computer to maintain accurate records.
Supervised over seventy-six students and taught them the importance of bus safety.

10/2011 Associate of Arts/Elementary Education
University of Phoenix

09/2013 - Bachelor of Science/Human Service Management
University of Phoenix

4/2015 Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training
University of Phoenix
[City, ST]