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This country’s president was the
chief guest of our republic day this
Runner of FIFA 2014
Edward Snowden is here now
Country associated with
PM went to this country this
Well known for its secured bank
Facebook’s headquarters is here
Lamborghini's native country
This country fought a famous
war against America in which
Guerrilla warfare tactics were
Najeeb Jung is the chief minister of
this place, after its former CM created
a chaos in February
The world wonder related with
triangle is located here.
The country which has the
Tibetan Plateau
This country has Bangkok as its
After second world war this Asian
country was divided into two. The
south part became politically close
to America and the North part
became politically close to Russia.
This country has the currency
Does ____________ Airlines
guarantee safe landing?

I don’t think so….
Israel has a long time crisis with
this country.
Mother Teresa was born here.
This country has the highest per
capita income.
A country where people work
only for 4 days per week.
The Pirates of the ‘X’

This country has most of its island
provinces around the ‘X’ sea and its
well known for its living cricket

The Chinese city well known for
free trade.
This Indian state has Bhubaneswar
as its capital.

• Argentina
• Brazil
• China
• Delhi
• Egypt
• France
• Germany
• Hong Kong
• India
• Japan
• Korea
• Luxemburg
• Malaysia

• Nepal
• Orissa
• Palastine
• Q
• Russia
• Switzerland
• Thailand
• Vietnam
• West Indies
• X
• Yugoslavia
• Zimbabwe