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Classroom Environment
Julie Rollins
Saint Marys University of Minnesota
Scools of !raduate and "rofessional "rograms
"ortfolio Entry for Wisconsin Teacer Standard 3 and 5
E#UW $%& Classroom Environment
Caterine 'nderson
July 3() *+(&
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Selected Wisconsin Teacher Standard Descriptors
Wisconsin Teacher Standard (WTS) 3: Teacers understand tat cildren learn differently,
Knowledge, Te teacer understands and can provide adaptations for areas of
e-ceptionality in learning) including learning disa.ilities) visual and perceptual difficulties) and
special pysical or mental callenges,
Dispositions, Te teacer ma/es student feel valued for teir potential as people and
elps tem learn to value eac oter,
Performances, Te teacer ma/es appropriate provisions 0in terms of time and
circumstances for 1or/) tas/s assigned) communication and response modes2 for individual
students 1o ave particular learning differences or needs,
Wisconsin Teacher Standard (WTS) 5: Teacers /no1 o1 to manage a classroom,
Knowledge, Te teacer understands te principles of effective classroom management
and can use a range of strategies to promote positive relationsips) cooperation) and purposeful
learning in te classroom,
Dispositions, Te teacer is committed to te continuous development of individual
students a.ilities and considers o1 different motivational strategies are li/ely to encourage tis
development for eac student,
Performances, Te teacer creates a smootly functioning learning community in
1ic students assume responsi.ility for temselves and one anoter) participate in decision3
ma/ing) 1or/ colla.oratively and independently) and engage in purposeful learning activities,
Self"eflection !ssessment of #lassroom $n%ironment "elated to WTS 3 & 5
Te Scool #istrict of Marsfield offers pu.lic education for students from &4 troug
grade, My current teacing position is in te si-t grade at one of te five elementary
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scools in Marsfield, Tis scool is a four3trac/ scool 1it a.out (++ students in eac grade
level, 5ur si-t grade follo1s a middle scool format 1ere eac of te four teacers focuses on
teacing one su.6ect area, 7 teac Communication 'rts 1ic includes reading) 1riting) and
spelling, 's a teacer) 7 intend to provide students 1it academic and social s/ills, My goal is
tat students 1ill ave a positive e-perience in my classroom) as tey gain te /no1ledge tat
tey 1ill .uild on as tey progress in teir education,
My classroom environment creates a sense of a community of learners in my classroom, 7
ave ig e-pectations for my students, 7 1ant tem to al1ays do teir .est and .e proud of
teir success, My goal is tat students feel comforta.le and confident in my classroom, 7 1ant
students to /no1 tat my classroom is a positive place to as/ 8uestions) learn from mista/es) and
gro1 as a student and person,
My classroom is a 1ell3defined) organi9ed) and clean space tat promotes a positive
learning atmospere, "osters and oter 1all decorations are placed around te room to promote
positive .eavior) give students encouraging 1ords) and provide educational tid.its related to te
curriculum content, Tis is important .ecause students need to ave a positive surrounding, 'n
atmospere tat promotes good .eaviors and encouraging 1ords 1ill elp students as tey go
trougout teir scool day, Te d:cor of a classroom does affect te students attitude, Tere is
also a 1all space for student information; tis space includes information suc as .and lesson
times) upcoming events) and scedules for te student elpers, Tere are selves and dra1ers
tat contain supplies tat are easily accessed .y all students, 7f a student needs to .orro1 a
scissors or colored pencils for e-ample) tey /no1 1ere to go, Tey /no1 tat 7 allo1 tem to
.orro1 as long as supplies are returned to 1ere tey 1ere found, 7 provide tese supplies
.ecause 7 /no1 tat tere are students in my classroom 1o come to scool 1itout tese
WTS 3 and 5 page ' of 21
supplies, 7 1ant tese students to .e a.le to complete pro6ects and ome1or/; not aving te
proper supplies sould not reflect on teir a.ility and 1or/ completion, Rules are discussed in
my classroom) and 1e are continuously revie1ing tem,
Re1ards are used in my classroom as a positive reinforcement, Tere is a <7=!5 cart
in my classroom; students 1rite teir name on a s8uare 1en tey are >caugt .eing good?)
score 1ell on a test) return forms .y te deadline) etc, Every &3$ 1ee/s) letters and num.ers are
called to see 1o is a 1inner, Te 1inners coose a pri9e from te pri9e .o-, Te <7=!5
cart is erased and ten started again for te ne-t round, Te students li/e tis .ecause it gives
tem an incentive to do teir .est) elp out in te classroom in an >a.ove and .eyond? fasion)
or to meet deadlines, 7 find tat using a re1ard system li/e tis is effective .ecause it reinforces
te positive actions and .eaviors, Wen tese are reinforced) students are more li/ely to ta/e
responsi.ility for doing 1at is rigt) respectful) and responsi.le,
' 6o. cart is also part of my classroom routine, Students volunteer and ta/e turns 1it
te 6o.s descri.ed on te cart, ' couple of te 6o.s include secretary) 1o canges te date and
1rites any teacer messages on te .oard) environment careta/ers) 1o 1ater te plants and
empty te pencil sarpeners) and tec people) 1o sut do1n te computers at te end of te
Students are greeted in te morning 1it a >ello? and a .rief cat time of tings suc as
yesterdays .all game) te .and concert from te nigt .efore) or o1 studying for todays test
1ent last nigt, Tis is an important part of our classroom routine .ecause it so1s te students
tat 7 care and ta/e an interest in 1at tey do even .eyond te scool day, Students /no1 te
routine and e-pectations from te moment tey 1al/ into my classroom, Students li/e tis
routine and clear e-pectations .ecause it provides a guideline and e-pectation of 1at to do,
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Students recogni9e te importance of cec/ing in teir lunc card so tat tey are accounted for,
Te students feel tat tey are an important part of a successful start to te scool day,
Tey .egin 1it cec/ing in teir lunc card for te daily attendance, Students go to
teir des/) cec/ te .oard for any daily scedule canges or announcements) and ten put te
days date at te top of teir assignment note.oo/, Soon te principal 1ill .egin our day 1it
te daily announcements; students are e-pected to .e 8uiet and listen, Tis is 6ust one e-ample
of te routines and e-pectations of my classroom,
<eing tat 7 am te communication arts teacer for grade $) tere are many selves of
.oo/s) interactive .ulletin .oards pertaining to reading) and many resources for students to use
1en 1riting in my classroom, 7 li/e to ave many artifacts promoting reading .ecause students
learn from e-amples, "roviding tese resources so1s te students tat 7 feel tat reading and
1riting are important) and tat 7 1ill elp guide tem to .e good readers and 1riters in my
classroom, Tere are camp cairs and pillo1s for students to use to get comfy 1en silent
reading, Tese non3traditional seating arrangements are important .ecause tey provide a
feeling of comfort tat goes along 1it reading, 7 encourage students to find a 8uiet) comfy spot
so tat tey can en6oy teir reading, Students li/e to .e a.le to move around te room and not
ave to sit at teir des/s during tis time in my classroom, 7n te .ac/ of my classroom) tere
are .inder selves 1ic old te students 6ournals, Eac 1ee/ students are given a topic and
time to spend 1it creative 1riting, Tese 6ournals are important for my students .ecause tey
are a.le to 1rite a.out topics suc as teir favorite sport) going on an adventure to any place) or
o1 tey spent teir spring .rea/, Students li/e to sare stories and e-periences in teir
6ournals, Tey en6oy .eing a.le to read an entry 1it a partner or sometimes even to te class,
Tey are important to me .ecause tey allo1 me to learn a little more a.out eac one of my
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students, 7 1ill sometimes ave teacer3student conferences to tal/ a.out one of teir 6ournal
entries) or 7 1ill sometimes read teir entries and 1rite comments to te students a.out 1at tey
1rote, My communication arts class also incorporates a 1or/sop time, ' tas/ seet for te
1ee/ is given to te students) and tey are e-pected to 1or/ independently and@or cooperatively
to complete all tas/s, Tas/s include activities suc as a coice .oard for spelling 1or/) searcing
te internet for information a.out te autor of our current classroom novel) 1riting a story a.out
te focus topic from teir science@social science class) or completing an online grammar@reading
game, Te learning targets as 1ell as te daily assignments are clearly displayed for students to
see) and students /no1 1at to e-pect for class eac day, Tis is important .ecause students
need to /no1 e-actly 1at to e-pect for class) 1at o.6ectives tey are e-pected to understand
.y te end of class) and 1at ome1or/ tey must do for te ne-t day, Students 1ant to /no1
1at tey 1ill .e learning; tey are more confident 1en tey /no1 1at to e-pect, My class
.egins 1it a 1arm3up tas/ and ends 1it a closure activity, My classroom environment
encourages student3centered learning 1ere students spend te ma6ority of class time engaged in
active learning, 7 ave designed my classroom environment tis 1ay to promote success, 7 1ant
students to .egin tin/ing a.out te days concepts 1it te 1arm3up) and ten 7 1ant tem to .e
a.le to assess temselves on o1 1ell tey met te learning targets for te day, Students 1ant to
/no1 if tey 1ere successful 1it meeting te goals for te day 6ust as muc as te teacer
1ants to /no1,
's 7 reflect on my classroom environment) 7 also recogni9e tree specific areas tat 7
1ould li/e to improve, Classroom rules are discussed) .ut tey are not posted, 7 plan to create a
poster of tese rules to ave displayed in my room, Tis is important .ecause te e-pectation of
.eaviors needs to .e very clear, Students need to /no1 te rules) and a visual reminder
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displayed in my classroom 1ill elp to reinforce tem, Wen students /no1 te e-pectations)
tey are more li/ely to ma/e good coices, 5ur .uilding as developed a motto and mantra)
and 7 need to .ring tose into my classroom as 1ell, Students are recogni9ed as !RRRRE'T
students A responsi.le) respectful) ready) and rigt, Tey are nominated .y te teacers and
recogni9ed .y te principal; o1ever) one of my goals is to recogni9e my students more in my
classroom, 7 plan to create a space 1ere te !RRRRE'T students in my omeroom) and 1at
tey did to earn te recognition) can .e displayed and ac/no1ledged, Binally) 7 also 1ant to
incorporate >Morning Meeting? into my 1ee/ly scedule, 7 ave .een researcing 6ust a little
a.out tis concept) yet 7 need to ta/e more time to .etter understand it, 7 1ould li/e to learn
more a.out tis concept from colleagues as 1ell as te 7nternet) so 7 am a.le to ave tese
meetings on a 1ee/ly .asis 1it my omeroom class, Tis concept 1ill elp create a social
connection .et1een students as 1ell as .et1een myself and my students, Tese are tree areas
tat 7 plan to spend some time 1it so tat 7 can ma/e improvements to my classroom
environment, Effective teacers are al1ays evaluating temselves and loo/ing for 1ays to ma/e
tem .e a .etter teacer,
$ssential *+estion to ,+ide -earning Process and ,rowth
Te overall in8uiry 8uestion to guide my E#UW $%& learning process is >Wat can 7 do
to effectively manage student .eavior in my classroom environment to successfully meet te
needs of a student 1it an emotional .eavior disorderC?
S.nthesis of "esearch
Te term emotional .eavior disorder 0E<#2 includes a 1ide range of different disorders
and conditions, Tese conditions include an-iety disorders) conduct disorders) eating disorders)
mood disorders) and psyciatric disorders, Tis disa.ility is caracteri9ed .y many factors suc
as consistent inappropriate .eaviors or feelings under normal day3to3day conditions, Moods of
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unappiness or depression) as 1ell as unreasona.le pains or fears are 8uite common, Tese
students typically find it difficult to start and maintain relationsips 1it peers and@or teacers)
and tey often ave lo1er functional s/ills and difficulties 1it learning, 5ur nation as a
special education la1) te 7ndividuals 1it #isa.ilities Education 'ct 07#E'2) 1ic guides o1
scools identify and elp students 1it emotional .eavior disorders, 'ccording to Concordia
University 0*+(&2) students 1o suffer from emotional .eavior disorders) very often find it
difficult to control teir .eavior and 1or/ as productive mem.ers of a classroom, E<# /ids
commonly lac/ te impulse control and te emotional .alance tat is necessary to andle social
interactions 1it oter students effectively, Te Wisconsin #epartment of "u.lic 7nstruction as
clearly defined evaluation as 1ell as program development and implementation guidelines,
Researc so1s tat students 1it tis e-ceptional condition can .e successful in te classroom
1it a management plan tat is specifically designed to meet te needs of te student 0Concordia
University) *+(&2,
' plan and strategies to use in te classroom to support students 1it an emotional
.eavior disorder .egin 1it simply learning more a.out te students specific needs, 4no1ing
o1 te condition specifically affects te student 1ill elp one .e more effective in coosing te
strategies to use 1it te student,
4upper 0n,d,2 empasi9es tat communication 1it te students parents is also an
important part in developing a plan to manage .eavior, "arents can provide insigtful
information a.out successful strategies) events and developments in teir cilds life) and te
medications or treatments tat are .eing used, Many times te parents also suffer from a similar
condition) and tey 1ill need strategies to support te student as 1ell,
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7t is important to /eep te classroom guidelines and rules simple, Tere sould .e no
more tan 3 to 5 main rules, Some e-amples migt .eD .e on time) .e polite) .e respectful) and
do your .est, 7t is a good idea to ave tese rules 1ritten out and posted for te student, 5ne
plan 1ould .e to ave te rules 1ritten up on a laminated card and taped to te inside of te
students assignment note.oo/ or folder, Tis 1ould allo1 a teacer to ave te student refer to
te rules if tey 1ere not follo1ing one of tem,
"raise and re1ard is very effective for students 1it tis condition 0Concordia University)
*+(&2, 'n E<# student tends to ta/e discipline and punisment as a personal attac/, 'n
effective strategy is to give more positive feed.ac/ so tat te student 1it tis disorder .egins
to learn tat tere is re1ard for good .eavior, Te more positives tat one can give te student
1ill elp im or er recogni9e te .eaviors tat are accepta.le and e-pected in te classroom,
5ne strategy migt .e to mar/ a appy face in te students assignment note.oo/ at te end of
class to indicate good .eavior, 't te end of te 1ee/) if te student as a specified num.er of
smiley faces) tey 1ould ten earn a re1ard suc as free time on te computer or pic/ing from
te pri9e .o-, E<# students constantly need to .e reminded tat it is teir .eavior tat is
vie1ed as needing modification and tis is not a reflection on tem personally,
'noter effective plan 1ould .e to implement sort rest periods or mini3.rea/s for an
E<# student, Using .rain .rea/s or a time to 6ust get up and stretc is elpful for all students to
.e more productive during class, Using tese .rea/s 1ill allo1 te E#< student to get out
e-cess energy tat migt ave .uilt up from sitting for a long period of time, Sometimes an
E<# student migt need to 6ust ta/e a >calm3do1n? .rea/, ' student 1o fre8uently .ecomes
angry and argumentative migt need to .e taugt to 0(2 identify 1en e or se is .ecoming
upset and 0*2 ta/e a .rea/ a1ay from te situation .y going to get a drin/ of 1ater or 1al/ing to
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te office or special education classroom until e or se as calmed do1n and can return to class
07ntervention Central) *+(32,
5ffering coices is anoter effective strategy tat 1ould .e a part of an effective plan to
manage tis condition, Wen an E<# student is offered an opportunity to ma/e a coice) e or
se 1ill .e more li/ely to respond in a positive manner, 'n e-ample of tis 1ould .e to allo1
te student to coose to 1or/ in a cooperative group or independently on an assignment,
'ccording to 7ntervention Central 0*+(32) redirection is anoter effective strategy, 7f one
1ere to see a students .eavior escalating) te teacer migt as/ tat student to do someting or
ta/e someting some1ere for tem, Tis 1ill promote te student to cange teir focus and
removes tem from a situation tat 1as triggering teir .ad .eavior,
5ne final strategy is to al1ays remem.er to use a private approac 1it te students,
7ntervention Central 0*+(32 stresses te importance of 8uietly approacing te student to discuss
a pro.lem .eavior and e-plain o1 it is affecting te classroom, Te teacer 1ould remind te
student of te rule or guideline tat e or se migt not .e follo1ing or redirect im or er .ac/
to te tas/ te class is 1or/ing on, 5ne sould offer te student a cance to e-plain teir
.eavior and give tem a coice to improve te .eavior or face a conse8uence, Tis private
approac reduces te cances of an E<# student to .ecome argumentative and defensive,
Tese strategies 1ill elp to promote a positive and successful learning environment for
a student 1it an emotional .eavior disorder in te classroom, 'long 1it implementing tese
strategies) te classroom teacer sould plan to colla.orate more fre8uently 1it te special
education staff to .est meet te needs of an E<# student in teir classroom, Wor/ing togeter)
te goal is to ma/e te .est plan possi.le for te student so tat e@se as a positive learning
e-perience in te regular education classroom,
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Professional 2mplications of "esearch
Emotional .eavior disorder 0E<#2 is one e-ceptional condition tat todays learners are
facing, 7 cose tis condition .ecause over te past couple of years) 7 ave ad a fe1 students in
my classroom 1it tis disorder, 7n fact) tis past scool year) 7 ad one of my si-t grade
students diagnosed as E<#,
My elementary scool as adopted te >pus3in inclusion? model, Te special education
staff at our elementary scool is in te regular education classroom and team teacing in te
areas of reading and mat, 'ltoug tis is a great model and as many .enefits) it also creates
some callenges, Since te special education staff is in te classroom) tey are not readily
availa.le for teacers@students 1en tere is a .eavior issue, 7f an E<# student as a
.eavioral out.urst) te classroom teacer needs to ave te s/ills and strategies to deescalate
te situation, Sometimes tere may .e an assistant availa.le to elp 1it a situation; o1ever)
muc of te responsi.ility is put on te regular education classroom teacer, 7 dont ave te
necessary and most effective strategies to assist tese students so tat tey are successful in my
Tis past scool year) 7 felt tat 7 1as very unsuccessful in meeting te needs of tis
particular student) and te student sometimes .ecame very frustrated, Te student 1ould .ecome
very argumentative and defensive) and 7 did not ave te proper s/ills and strategies to manage
tese .eaviors effectively, 7 1anted to learn more a.out tis condition so tat 7 can .etter
understand tese students, ' .etter understanding of tis disorder 1ill also elp me to elp tem)
support teir learning) and promote successful social relations 1it teir peers in my classroom,
Eearning a.out tis condition and strategies to teac students 1it emotional .eaviors 1ill .e of
great .enefit for all students in my classroom, 7 recogni9e tat tis is a sensitive su.6ect and
WTS 3 and 5 page 12 of 21
reali9e tat 7 need to .ecome a more visi.le partner in managing teir disa.ility, 7t is my duty to
create an environment tat allo1s me to manage student .eavior effectively in a manner tat
promotes a positive atmospere and respect in my classroom, Te strategies tat 7 learned 1it
tis researc 1ill allo1 me to create te environment tat 1ill meet te needs of a student 1it
an emotional .eavior disorder,
"esearch3ased !ction Plan
!ction Plan
My plan 1ill .egin 1it learning te specifics a.out te student and teir disorder; eac
E<# student as teir o1n strengts and 1ea/ness, 7 1ill learn a.out te students .ac/ground)
family situation) teir .eavior triggers) and strategies tat 1or/ and dont 1or/ for tat
particular student, 7 plan to meet 1it te special education teacer to learn te details of any
.eavior plan in place for tat particular student, 7 learned tat it is important to .e proactive in
order for te student to .e successful in te classroom, 7 1ill develop 3 to 5 main rules tat 7
e-pect in my classroom) meet 1it te student to discuss tem) and ave tem accessi.le for te
student to use as a reference, "ositive feed.ac/) .rain .rea/s) and coice 1ill all .e a part of te
individual plan tat 7 implement for te student, 7 1ill use te strategy of redirection to remove
te student from a potentially .ad situation and cange teir focus, Binally) 7 1ill remem.er te
concept of private approac, 'n E<# student 1ill respond muc more positively if tey are
approaced 8uietly and given te cance to e-plain te situation from teir perspective, Tis
1ill reduce te argumentative and defensive tendencies, Tese are strategies tat are proven
successful in te regular education for a student 1it an emotion .eavior disorder,
!nticipated 2mplementation
Bor my E<# student) 7 1ould colla.orate 1it te special education teacer to create a
plan tat ma/es provisions and adaptations tat 1ill promote a positive learning environment,
Te plan 1ill include strategies tat 1ill ma/e provisions and adaptations for te student .ased
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on teir individual needs, Tis plan 1ill ten .e sared and discussed 1it te team of si-t
grade teacers so tat tere is consistency for te E<# student as e or se moves to eac of te
core classes, 'll teacers 1ould need to understand te e-pectations and procedures of te
.eavior plan, 's a team) 1e 1ill need to reflect on and evaluate te plan periodically
trougout te scool year,
Communication 1it parents 1ill also .e a /ey component of a successful plan for te
student 1it an emotional .eavior disorder, "arents 1ill .e a.le to provide .ac/ground and
insigt on te cild as 1ell as any ome situation tat migt trigger a .eavior out.urst at scool,
7t is 6ust as important to communicate 1it parents 1en teir cild as a >good? day as it is to
communicate 1en tere is an >off? day, "arents are a necessary part of a successful plan,
!nticipated 4+tcomes
My anticipated outcome 1ould .e tat te E<# student 1ill .e more successful in te
regular education classroom, Eearning te .ac/ground of te student and teir disorder)
colla.orating 1it te special education teacer) and implementing a .eavior plan 1ill allo1 me
to .e more a1are of te students a.ilities and needs, 7 1ill .e a.le to create an environment tat
promotes positive teacer interaction 1it students as 1ell as positive student interaction 1it
students .y implementing a plan of action tat 1ill manage te students .eavior, Te
strategies 7 1ould implement as part of a .eavior plan 1ould so1 te E<# student tat 7
respect tem as an individual and elp tem feel valued in my classroom, Te .enefit 1ould .e
a stronger connection .et1een teacer and student as 1ell as a deeper level of community in my
Post!ssessment: "eflection
What Wor5ed (or anticipate what will wor5) and Wh.6
17 Meeting 1it te special education teacer and learning te specifics of te disorder as
1ell as te .ac/ground of te individual student in my classroom 1ill allo1 me to .e more
effective 1it my interactions 1it te E<# student,
27 Communicating 1it te parents 1ill assist in te success of an effective plan,
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37 7mplementing a variety of strategies 1ill allo1 me to find 1at 1or/s .est for te
individual E<# student in my classroom,
'7 Managing te students .eavior 1ill allo1 tem to .e more successful in te
classroom and 1ill promote more positive peer interactions,
57 Te .eavior plan clearly defines te .eaviors e-pected in te classroom) and te
E<# student 1ill .e a.le to successfully meet te e-pectations 1it te implemented strategies,
What Did 8ot Wor5 (or anticipate what will not wor5) and Wh.6
17 ' .eavior plan tat 1or/ed in te past migt not al1ays 1or/ for te present,
Students .eave and react differently in different situations and environments, 7t migt ta/e a
fe1 trials .efore finding te plan tat 1or/s .est for te E<# student in te current situation,
27 Te strategies implemented migt 1or/ one time .ut not te ne-t, 'gain) a student
1it an emotional .eavior disorder migt not al1ays .eave and react te same every time,
2nsights -earned from the !ction Plan9
as it relates to the co+rse content9 presentations9 and e:ercises
Tere 1ere many insigtful and useful teacing strategies and tools tat 7 learned a.out
>Classroom Environment? tat 1ill elp engage all students in my classroom including te
students 1it an emotional .eavior disorder, Tere are many .rain3.ased learning and teacing
strategies tat 7 1ill implement in my classroom, Energi9ers or .rain .rea/s is one strategy tat
1ill elp all students so tat tey can ta/e a .rea/) /eep te o-ygen flo1ing) and re3energi9e
teir focus, 'ir 8uality) .ac/ground music) decoration) aromas) ligting) and seating
arrangements can all affect student learning, Suc a small detail can ma/e a .ig difference for a
student, "roviding positive feed.ac/) creating a learning community) .uilding relationsips) and
promoting a sense of security are all critical for an effective classroom environment, !etting to
/no1 my students and o1 tey learn .est is an important component to a successful classroom,
Wat 7 say and o1 7 say it to my students can ma/e all te difference for te rapport in our
classroom, 'fter reflecting on te specifics of my classroom) 7 learned many effective strategies
in E#UW $%& tat 7 1ill implement to improve te environment of my classroom, Tese
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strategies 1ill elp me to esta.lis a culture for learning and an environment of respect as 1ell as
to manage classroom procedures and student .eavior, Morning meeting) attention gra..ers)
sensory a1areness) and meeting te needs of a student 1it a disorder using a correct and
appropriate plan are 6ust a fe1 of te concepts tat 7 am muc more a1are of after ta/ing tis
course, >Classroom environment? is so muc more tan 6ust teacing curriculum; te classroom
of an effective educator ta/es into consideration te entire person tat 1al/s into te classroom
door as a student,
;. 8e:t Steps
17 My teacing situation involves team teacing 1it tree oter si-t grade teacers,
My plan is to sare te strategies and tools tat 7 learned to elp tem ma/e teir classroom more
effective, 7 1ill sare 1it tem te concepts suc as .rain .rea/) attention gra..ers) and
morning meeting, We 1ill discuss sensory a1areness and meeting individual students needs
1it an accurate and appropriate plan of action,
27 My goal is to create a .an/ of .rain .rea/s to .e a.le to use in my classroom, 7 plan
to decorate a can@cup and 1rite eac of te .rain .rea/s on a "opsicle stic/, Te can@cup 1ill
old te stic/s 1ic 1ill ma/e te .rain .rea/s easily accessi.le for using, Students 1ill
coose a stic/) and te class 1ill participate in te energi9er activity, Tis resource of ideas 1ill
encourage me to regularly use te .rain .rea/s in my classroom,
37 Morning meeting is a concept tat 7 plan to develop and use in my classroom,
Realistically) 7 see myself aving a morning meeting 1it my omeroom class t1ice a 1ee/,
Monday 1ill .e a day to get te 1ee/ started and sare a.out te 1ee/end) and Briday 1ill .e a
day to reflect on te 1ee/ and sare te ups and do1ns of te 1ee/, !reeting) group activity)
morning message) and saring are all important components to te morning meeting, 7 1ill
gater ideas to develop an effective and meaningful meeting time for my students so tat it sets
te tone for respect and esta.lises a climate of trust in my classroom,
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$:amples of !rtifacts
!rtifact !: ;. Plan for ;anaging an $motional <eha%ior Disorder St+dent
Strategy (D
the Disorder
Eearn te specifics of te disorder
!et .ac/ground information from parents) special ed) past teacers
Communicate 1it parents
Bind out 1at strategies 1or/ and dont 1or/ for te student
Strategy *D
"+les and
3 to 5 main rules
<e on time) <e polite) <e respectful) #o your .est
Fave tem posted 1ere te teacer@student can easily access tem
Tape tem into student assignment note.oo/@folder
Strategy 3D
Praise and
"rovide positive feed.ac/
Reinforce good .eavior
Cart or system to trac/ good .eavior 0sort term2
Smiley faces in assignment note.oo/ is one e-ample
Re1ard or pri9e for a 1ee/ of good .eavior 0long term2
Strategy &D
;ini <rea5s or
<rain .rea/s
!etting up to stretc
Relieves e-tra energy
Teac student to recogni9e 1en tey need to calm do1n
!et a drin/) 1al/ to office or special ed classroom
Strategy 5D
4ffer #hoices
Coice promotes positive .eaviors
Coose to 1or/ 1it a group or independently on an assignment
Strategy $D
's/ a student a 8uestion or to do a tas/ to redirect teir focus
Removes te student from a .ad situation
Strategy GD
Huietly approac student to discuss te .ad .eavior
'llo1 student to e-plain
!ive a reminder of te rules
5ffer coice to cange .eavior or face conse8uence
Reduces argumentative and defensive tendencies
Tis artifact is a cart tat so1s strategies tat 7 1ould implement 1it an E<# student to ma/e
adaptations in my classroom,
!rtifact <: <rain <rea5s 2deas
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8+m3er Spots !ddition (3rain3rea5s73logspot7com)
MaterialsD students paired 1it students
TimeD (3* minutes 0it may ta/e a .it longer te first time2
!rade EevelsD grades &3G
"urposeD tin/ing from anoter persons perspective 1ile getting students up out of teir seat
(, Stand up and find a partner,
*, Fere are te spot valuesD rigt soulder I () rigt ear I *) nose I 3) left ear I &) and left
soulder I 5,
3, Witout tal/ing) one person 1ill touc t1o of teir o1n num.er spots and te oter person
1ill ave to say te num.ers out loud and ten add tem togeter,
&, 5nce one person as done a fe1 pro.lems) s1itc roles,
Tis .rain .rea/ is great .ecause it forces you to read your partners num.er spots, Jou ave to
tin/ of te spots in teir perspective, Students migt need to turn teir .ac/ to >tin/? in terms
of teir partners perspective,
@inger !ero3ics (3rain3rea5s73logspot7com)
MaterialsD ttpD@@111,youtu.e,com@1atcCvI+oeW65c1"m' 0only to demonstrate2 and
students paired 1it students
TimeD (3* minutes
!rade EevelsD grades &3K
"urposeD engage .ot sides of te .rain 1ile getting students up out of teir seats to ta/e a .rea/
(, Stand up,
*, Eift .ot ands 1it four fingers up on eac and,
3, Move te pointer on one and and te pin/ie on te oter,
&, Move te tall finger on one and and te ring finger on te oter,
5, =e-t move te ring finger on one and and te tall finger on te oter,
$, =o1 move te pin/ie on one and and te pointer on te oter,
4eep doing tis over and over to ma/e a rippling effect, Tis forces .ot sides of your .rain to
1or/ togeter,
4ne other idea to share for an. grade le%elAA
Tis 1e.site sares a creative 1ay of /eeping and coosing te .rain .rea/s to use in your
classroom, Write te names of te activities on decorated popsicle stic/s, 4eep te stic/s in a
mug@cup@container, Students can ten randomly coose a stic/ for te .rain .rea/ activity to use,
Tis artifact so1s a fe1 e-amples of .rain .rea/s tat 7 1ould include in te can@cup of .rain
.rea/ activities and use in a si-t grade classroom,
!rtifact #: ;orning ;eeting
#omponent B1A7,reeting
sets a positive tone
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provides a sense of .elonging L importance
elps students@teacer learn names
gives practice in friendly L respectful greeting
allo1s te teacer to o.serve te group tat day
one e-ample A Sno1.all !reeting A Eac student 1rites is@er name on a seet of paper)
crum.les it up) and tosses it into te center of te circle, Students pic/ up a sno1.all
near tem and open te paper, Te first student 1al/s to te person named on teir paper
and greets tem 1it a >!ood Morning? and a andsa/e) ig five) fist .ump) etc and so
on until everyone as .een greeted,
#omponent B2A7,ro+p !cti%it.
sort) fast3paced activity involving everyone in te class
.uilds a sense of community
improves te classs sense of group identity
encourages cooperation L inclusion
te class 1or/s togeter to produce an outcome
allo1s students to see eac oters strengts
provides e-perience in aving fun togeter as a group
allo1s for integration and practice of curriculum content
use a variety of activitiesD pysical) intellectual) L artistic
select non3competitive activities
students sould ave fun 1itout .eing sillyMstop te activity and redirect if not going
students must follo1 te rules of te activity
one e-ample A Encore A Tis activity is 8uic/ and .uilds team1or/, Students divide into
several teams, Te teacer calls out a 1ord or topic 0e-amplesD rain) dancing) river) farm)
summer) reading) cars) etc,2 and 1itin 335 minutes) eac team tries to come up 1it as
many songs as it can tat use tat 1ord or topic
one e-ample A !uess te =um.er A Tis activity elps cildren develop 8uestioning s/ills
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along 1it practicing mat, Teacer tin/s of a num.er and 1rites it do1n on a piece of
paper, Eet student /no1 tat you ave cosen a num.er .et1een ( L NNNN, !oing
around te circle) students ta/e turns as/ing a yes3or3no 8uestion to try to determine te
num.er, 0e-amplesD 7s te num.er an even num.erC #oes te num.er end 1it a +C 7s
te num.er a multiple of 5C etc,2 Te student 1o guesses te num.er correctly pic/s te
ne-t num.er,
#omponent B3A7;orning ;essage
1ritten message .y te teacer to 1elcome L greet students; tell of someting tey 1ill .e
learning tat day; and give announcements a.out scedule canges) specials for te day)
or anyting appening tat is out of te ordinary
students read te message as tey enter te room
content L format of te message cange as students get older
format of a >letter to te class? 1or/s 1ell
/eep te message simple
.uilds community troug sared 1ritten information
could .e used as a 8uic/ >1arm3up? activity as students enter te classroom in te
include ne1s from te local ne1spaper pertaining to te students if possi.le
teacer needs to prepare te message cart .efore students arrive) model good printing or
cursive 1riting) incorporate ongoing curriculum into te message) vary te s/ills featured
te message activity
students need to read te message) follo1 any directions in te message) and participate
in te activities of te message
#omponent B'A7Sharing
gives students te opportunity to present ne1s appropriate to sare 1it te class
elps develop s/ills of caring communication and involvement 1it one anoter
6o. of te sarer is to use a strong) clear voice to sare ne1s tat is .rief L focused
responding involves understanding anoter persons situation) feelings) and motives
allo1s students to learn a.out eac oter
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sometimes teacer may need to redirect students to focus teir saring
encourages audience mem.ers to listen carefully L respond 1it respectful) caring
8uestions and comments
good 8uestions so1 a genuine interest) as/ a.out te factual or emotional content)
are open3ended
good comments notice and appreciate te saring and /eep te focus on te sarer
teac students te difference .et1een ne1s appropriate for classroom saring and ne1s to
.e sared 6ust 1it te teacer
carefully filter any serious ne1s te cildren .ring for saring
saring can .e structured .y a particular topic suc as tere is a test today on ancient
EgyptMgive one fact tat you studied or 1e are reading .iograpies tis montMsare
someting interesting a.out te person you are reading a.out
Tis artifact so1s te details and some suggested ideas for eac of te four components of
Morning Meeting,
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