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Esel Jay Student

13850 Eastern Parkway, Apt. 2

Brooklyn, NY, 11233

January 31, 2006

Dear Bestever Summer Program,

Thank you for reviewing my application to participate in the

Bestever Summer Program. I hope that you will consider me for one of
your many generous scholarships. Below is the rationale for why I will
need financial assistance in order to participate in the summer

As I noted in my personal statement, my family immigrated to

the United States from Transylvania in 2004. Both of my parents had
jobs for the first year we lived here. My mom used to work as a
housekeeper and my father was a construction worker. Last year, they
made $6,400. Currently my parents are unemployed but are actively
seeking employment. Each week, my mom prints out flyers and
posters them all across our neighborhood, advertising her
housecleaning services. My dad is taking classes at Brooklyn College
so that he can become a court reporter.

I live with my parents and my 22 year-old sister, her two

children, and my 15 year old cousin in a small three bedroom
apartment. Cramming so many people in the apartment is really hard
for all of us. My sister supports my parents and me. My sister works at
a bakery. The reason I need a scholarship is because I don’t have any
money at all. My parents have $2,000 left in their saving accounts and
my sister is unable to pay for the internship in any way because she
has her own children to support.

This program is a wonderful opportunity from which I hope to

gain a lot of knowledge. Despite my situation, I still want to try and
accomplish something in life beginning with this amazing summer
program. I hope that by reading this you’ll give me an opportunity of a
lifetime to explore the wonders of the world by helping me fiscally.


S. El Jay