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Listen to Dans five voicemail messages. Write the number of the message next to its description
1. Dans dad calling to remind him to meet him at the airport
2. Beth calling to ask Dan to go out to dinner
3. Amy calling to apologize for not meeting Dan to go over his project
4. Peter calling to borrow a book

Listen again and choose True or False for each statement.
Message 1
1. Amy is sick.
2. Amy is going out tonight.
Message 2
1. Beth is going to a new Italian restaurant.
2. Her phone number is 555-1888.
Message 3
1. Peter wants to borrow a Spanish book.
2. Peter is coming by at six.
Message 4
1. Dan's parents are arriving tomorrow.
2. Dans mother and father are excited to see him.

Read each statement and decide if it is True or False based on the information in the dialog.
1. Lee wants to buy an answering machine.
2. Beth and Sue are friends.
3. Lee knows what Sue looks like.
4. Lee has to pick up the answering machine from Sue.

Fill in the blanks below with the vocabulary word or phrase that best completes each sentence.
wear glasses look forward to tall
expect someone guess miss a call
miss keep in touch Whats the matter
1. The thing I really _________ about home is my puppy
2. I need to buy a _________ so that I can call my parents in Mexico
3. You look so sad, _________ ?
4. If I dont _________ I cant read my computer screen.
5. You wont _________ who I saw today! My first grade teacher!
6. I need to keep my cell phone with me all of the time so I dont _________
7. When I saw my old roommate at the store, we exchanged phone numbers so that we could
8. My friend and I look nothing alike. I am short and have red hair, and she is _________ and has
brown hair.
9. I called the repair shop when my computer broke and they said that I could _________ to be over at
noon to fix it
10. I love sun and hot weather, so I _________ summer all winter long!