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Michelle Belanger

Competency 8: Reflection
SEI 650

The products I have chosen represent my competency and knowledge in
Professional and Ethical Practice.
The first product was completed in SEI 525 in the Fall of 2012. For this class
I completed an environmental evaluation of Youth and Family Outreach. I used the
ECERS-R to complete this evaluation. This shows my professional practice
competency because I was able to administer the evaluation in a non-biased, neutral
way. I was able to complete the evaluation, score the evaluation and make
appropriate recommendations based on the evaluation. I also feel that this is a well
written report that showcases my ability to communicate in a clear and professional
The second product that I choose to represent this competency was
completed in the Fall of 2013 in SEI 523. I choose the Resource List that I complied
for the RBEI. This is a list of recommendations that I created based on working with
the family and identifying what their needs were. In order to crate this list I needed
to research activities, organizations and resources that fit the needs of the family
and would be helpful to them. Professionally I needed to contact different
organizations to see if they were a good fit for the family (cost wise and time wise).
I then had to present these findings to the family so I needed to be well articulated
orally in order to do so. This activity took the skills of listening to the family and
being able to research resources that may help them and then reporting back to the
My third product was completed in the Spring of 2014 in SEI 513. It is a self-
reflection of my Individual Practicum Plan. It also was a reflection of all my skills
that I have had gained and polished throughout my graduate career. I feel the
reflection is very well articulate in describing my skills that I have used throughout
the course of the semester. It was a time for me to look back on all my professional
skills that I had used during the course of the semester. I was able to comment on
the growth and experience that I gained in using my skills in the class. This paper
represents my ability to self reflect and evaluate myself during the course of a
The final product that I included is the transcript from the professional
organization, Maine Roads to Quality. This is an organization I have been a member
of 2000. This organization provides a registry that keeps track of all my
professional development and education. They then determine where you are on
their career lattice. In the State of Maine it is required that all employees are a part
of the registry if they work at a center that is at a Quality Step 4 on the quality rating