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MGS33 Final Assessment

In order to demonstrate what you have learned in this course, you are going to complete a series of tasks. A grid comprised of these
tasks is on the attached chart.

Required Work
You must complete AT LEAST one assignment in each column (a total of 8 assignments) in other words, one assignment for
each unit in the Geometry curriculum.
The assignments you select must be approved by the teacher.
You may not complete more than one Level 1 assignment and you must complete at least one Level 5 assignment.
We will be working on this in class along with preparing for the Regents exam. YOU MUST COME TO CLASS TO
You will use the grids below to keep track of your work. You will also check in every week on your progress with your teacher.
All work is due completed by Friday, June 13.

Unit Assignment Level Approved Submitted/Date
(see note on how
you will be graded
on the next page)
Angle Pairs

Parallel Lines







Weekly Check-in
Week Progress Next Steps Teacher
Week of 5/12

Week of 5/19

Week of 5/26

Week of 6/2

Week of 6/13

How will you be graded?
1. Each assignment will be graded out of 100. The entire assessment is worth 800 points.
2. Each assignment will be graded for completion and accuracy. Assignments which include a presentation component (such as
a poster, video, or tutorial) will also be graded on clarity and effort.
3. If a level is missing, or you substitute a lower level for a higher level, the substituted assignment will be worth a maximum of 60
points. For example, if you do two Level 1 assignments, the second one would be graded out of 60 points rather than 100.