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Questions for interview (Congresswomen Ros Lehtinen) -

Political Aspect:

a) After many years representing the 27th district of Miami, what is your political standpoint on
the ongoing problem occurring in the southern borders?

b) As an intern, most of the phone calls I was answering were regarding on the issue of
immigration reform. I felt that this issue is a strong concern and priority in your district. What are
your thoughts on the current issue or solutions proposed to solve the issue?

bi) Have you been working on a solution or an idea with other politicians to solve the issue?

c) In recent news, some politicians have proposed the idea of granting amnesty to the illegal
immigrants in the US. Some stated it would improve the US economy, however others stated it
would bring higher costs to the American people (taxes). What is your political opinion regarding
granting amnesty?

d) At this moment thousands of illegal children have migrated to the US with no specified
destination. What is your political opinion or solution to the current problem?

e) Is it realistic to detain illegal immigrants by implementing a 12-houndred mile fence
throughout the southern borders?

f) To what extent has the presidents executive order of The Dream Act help or hinder
immigration reform in the US?

Human Aspect:

a) Given your background as a Cuban American, how has this shaped your view on immigration

b) As a Cuban American how can you connect with the thousands of children that are migrating
to the US? Are the current US policies the cause of this problem?


a) In conclusion, what has our government learned from this problem? How can we avoid it for
the next generation?