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Organizations to help stop Bullying

There are organizations around the world that have stepped up to the plate and have been
trying to put an end to teenage bullying. The organization that has caught my attention the most
is called Stomp Out Bullying; this organization was created in 2005, birthed from the
organization Love Our Children USA. Love Our Children USA is an organization that has
been taking a stand for all our children with all types of neglect and abuse since 1999. When the
organization Love Our Children USA realized all the various types of bullying that were
taking place, they created Stomp Out Bullying. Stomp Out Bullying has gone to great lengths to
prevent all types of bullying as it is their primary objective. They have reached out to schools,
communities, different types of public groups, families, and the list goes on. Their goal is to
make themselves known so anyone being bullied, or someone that may know another that is
being bullied, has a place to turn to. (STOMP Out Bullying, 2007-2014)

The focus of Stomp Out Bullying
The main purpose of this organization is to get the word out to everyone about bullying.
Stomp Out Bullying wants to educate the world on the many different types of bullying that there
is in this world. They want to teach the signs to be aware of, the signs to look for in our teenagers
that they may be bullied. Stomp out bullying offers numerous resources to help a parent, an
educator, or anyone else that is dealing with a person that is being bullied. It teaches effective
ways to respond to all form of bullying; as well as educating kids on-line, providing help for
those in need and at risk of suicide, and peer monitoring programs in schools, public campaigns.
(STOMP Out Bullying, 2007-2014)

The ways we can come together and make a difference
According to Antibullyingprograms.org it is imperative that students know that when
they call in to report a potential issue that everything they say is kept in confidence; so they do
not feel afraid or discouraged nor be considered a tattle tale to a friend or loved one. This takes
training and education on everyones part, but it also costs money to provide all of the proper
training. Stomp Out Bullying offers 24 hour chat lines, websites, fundraisers, marketing, and
supplies such as pamphlets and videos that are given to schools and to anyone in need. Stomp
Out Bullying is a nonprofit organization which means that their reach is limited by the amount of
money they are able to raise. Your gift helps us to educate, raise awareness and help students
who are bullies and at-risk for suicide. (STOMP Out Bullying, 2007-2014) Several celebrities
have joined together to support this cause; Mario Lopez has even stepped up to be one of their
biggest supporters and even their spokesperson. The organization was created to help the public
learn about this issue. They want to get as many people around the world involved and lend a
hand in helping us learn how to monitor our children on-line, and how to talk to our children in
keeping all communication open.

Reason of the importance of this organization
Decades ago, teenage bullying was along the lines of a big boy putting the little boy in
the locker, a kid stealing lunch money from a defenseless peer, and swirlies (dunking kids head
in a toilet and flushing) for a good laugh. As the years passed, social media was created along
with a boost in technology, as did the demands from society on how one should look and what
one should wear. Bullying has transformed and increased in many ways. Bullyingstatistics.org
has helped me understand about a few types of bullying which are:
Physical bullying, this is when an initiator tries to take control of another teen with physical
violence, trying to enforce fear and obedience.
Verbal Bulling, this involves words to cause; humiliation, teasing, break down of your self
esteem, heart and soul.
Emotional, this type of bullying is very faint, hard to realize when its happening but can be one
of the most dangerous types of bullying. This is aimed at getting others to target one person and
banish them from groups or even society.
Cyber Bullying, this type of bullying has become a huge issue for teens. This is done through
cell phone, instant messaging, email, text, social media, etc. This can be devastating to a teen.
Giving them the feelings; of humiliation, mortification. Leaving them nowhere in the world to
turn or hide. (Bullying Statistics, 2013)
Teenage bullying is a very serious situation; the end result can lead to many different
things: suicide, drugs, murder, death, depression, eating disorders, or a person living the rest of
their lives with a sense of emptiness, and never gaining the skills to lead a normal life in society.
Stomp Out Bulling is loaded with all the resources to help us take a part in putting a stop to
bullying. They are here to help us help our children and teach them about: love, kindness and
respect that we need to have for everyone. Stomp Out Bullying can provide the needed skills for
dealing with a teenager that is being bullied or the actual bully. 1 out of 4 children are bullied,
up to 43% of students are cyber bullied, 9 out of 10 LGBT students experienced harassment at
school, and 8% of students stay home on any given day because they are afraid of being bullied.
(Love Our Children USA)

What age does bullying begin and who is the main target?
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words cant ever hurt me; I remember these
words being sung all over the play ground as far back as I can remember. Teasing can begin as
early as pre-school. Studies over the years show bullying peaks in middle school. There is no
age set to the start of negative behavior. No matter the age teasing may never be as innocent as it
may seem. Bullying can happen to anyone. The victims usually seem to be very shy, passive, or
socially inept. Some may say the weakest link. Stomp Out Bullying is an organization that
everyone needs to be involved with, one way or another. By supporting this organization, we are
giving back to our country and our children, doing our part in keeping them safe. Your donation
and support is going towards research and education; it is allowing Stomp Out Bullying to bring
in their resources and skills into our home and into our schools and communities. Your donation
and support may in fact save a childs life.

Teenage Suicide!, Teenage Overdose!, Teenager shoots up school; these are
newspaper headlines we have all read. We should all want to get to the bottom of this issue and
put a stop to this. Teen bullying is happening all over our country, it is in our homes, schools,
communities and even our places of employment. We can be taught the signs to look for in a
teen being bullied; we can take a part in putting a stop to this terrible act called bulling. Join the
organization Stomp Out Bullying today. Go to stompoutbullying.org and make your commitment

Teenage Bullying Can Be Deadly
Shannon Tomaskovic
A teenager, perhaps your own, could be getting bullied right under your nose as we
speak. You may walk by a teen on a daily basis that is contemplating, taking their own life,
living a life of seclusion, having emotions of fear, humiliation, and disgrace or even having the
feeling of hurting someone else. Stomp out bullying is an organization that can help us get the
word out about bulling and how to deal with it; they have the resources to teach us the skills to
help teenagers deal with the issue. Stomp out bullying can help us be able to recognize the signs
of someone being bullied. Donating to this organization, or spreading the word and allowing
stomp out bulling into your community may save a teenagers life, maybe more than one. Your
donations and support is a gift that will keep on giving.

My name is Shannon Tomaskovic; I was raised in the deep south of Georgia. In the south
people really tend to carry out their beliefs, morals and family values, but there is always that
crowd or bad apple. Over my teenage years I dealt with a few things considered to be bullying,
mainly over racism. Hispanic girl raised in the country raised a few eye brows but nothing
happened that left lifelong scars. I chose to write about teenage bullying because I have a teenage
daughter that in a way taught me a lesson and continues to every day. Her heart shines through
every person she meets and she leaves a smiling impression.
I became a mom very young, and I constantly worried about making sure I gave her the
same values, morals, teachings and love that I was given as a child. I knew my daughter Shelby
was different than a lot of other children on her 8
birthday. The door bell was constantly
dinging, parents dropping off their children for Shelbys birthday pool party. The last ding, I
opened the door to find a mother that was special needs, dropping off her daughter that was
extreme special needs. I instantly panicked and pulled Shelby to the side, and asked her what she
was thinking, inviting this special needs child that I was clueless on how to watch her or care for
her. I was a little furious and in shock. Shelby proceeds to look at me like Im crazy, and says,
Mom her name is Alexius, she is my friend, care for her as you do me and any of my other
friends here. Her eyes filled with tears and I asked her why she was about to cry Shelby said, I
cant believe you are acting the way you are, I am her only friend. She is different and I love
her. I hear those words in my head like it was yesterday, and it was almost 9 years ago. Over the
years Shelby and I have had many more heart to heart conversations just like the first. She tends
to bring home the children that you would least expect her to hang out with. Shelby is very
beautiful, from pure observance she could be categorized, as the blond airhead all girls want to
be. Shelby has made it clear, she is herself, and she joins no clicks, groups, or negative
associations. Her father and I were walking in the mall not too long ago, a less fortunate child
walked up to us and said, I just love your daughter; she is an inspiration to me and others.
Over the years I have watched, listened, and learned from Shelby, as she has gone out of her way
to help others deal with many types of bullying from her peers and even in one situation the
Childs parents. I have realized there is no excuse to sit back and watch anymore its time to act.


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